Cell phones are essential to daily life and can no longer be avoided. From making calls to playing games, our cell phones are utilized for various tasks. But what happens when most people need to be taught how to play PC games on iPhone?

Want to play your PC games on your iOS device? You can use your touchscreen or an iOS-compatible gamepad for a seamless experience. If your gaming PC has an NVIDIA GPU, download NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE) and enable GameStream on GFE’s SHIELD settings page. With these simple steps, you can stream your favorite games. iphone games

On iOS, there are several different game-playing options. Although there are a ton of games available, there are instances when we wish to stream pc games to iPhone. The methods like Using the Moonlight app, Using Stream Link, Streaming beyond the stream, and more below are some best ways to know how to play pc games on iPhone. Although we must use third-party apps, playing games on an iPhone is possible. To play your favorite PC games on iOS, we have revealed some of the best techniques in this article. Find out below how to play PC games on iPhone.

Ways How To Play PC Games On An iPhone

The following ways to be aware of how to play pc games on an iPhone are: 

Remotr App

  1. Download and install the Remotr app on an iOS device and a computer.remotr app
  2. To register with your email address.remotr credentials
  3. Use the credentials you used to access the streamer to log in to the client application (iPhone app) (Computer App).

All done! Now you are ready to play computer games on your iPhone. Comparable to how Android works, the installation process is similar. Your iPhone does not require jailbreaking. Install the app, then have fun.

Visit: Remotr

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Moonlight app

The settings on your iPhone don’t need any adjustment, but while pairing Moonlight with your PC, you must follow the directions below. This is for you!

  1. Install the Moonlight App on your iOS device.moonlight
  2. Next, start up your computer.
  3. Moonlight may view the PC setup, including the name, and identify the symbol.moonlight setup
  4. Choose that icon and connect it to your iPhone using a four-digit code.moonlight pin
  5. After it pairs, you may see a list of all the games on your iPhone.list of games

Enable all games now to locate the streaming service and other options and swipe left on the game menu.

Mobile devices with Android operating systems can also use Moonlight Streaming. Except for significant variations like storage and configuration speed, it works similarly on iPhone and iPad. You may also access games easily by using an iOS-based telescopic joystick controller.

Visit: Moonlight

Rainway app 

You can download the Rainway app from the App Store and start streaming PC games from services like Steam to play PC games on your iPhone or iPad. The company offers the service for free because it is peer-to-peer technology-based rather than cloud-based.rainway logo

For those curious about how the app functions, launching a game through Rainway on your gaming PC at home takes a real-time screenshot and streams it. The linked device that renders the images receives this feed via low-latency networking.

According to Rainway, the iPad Pro can run PC games up to 120 frames per second.rainway

The app aims to give PC players everywhere the ability to enjoy their preferred gaming experience on any screen. The first of many new features and products that will be developed during this skillful endeavor is Rainway for iOS. This app is dedicated to removing obstacles that have prevented gamers from enjoying the freedom and choice they deserve to enjoy their games.

Download: Rainway 

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Steam Link 

Steam Link On iOS and Android, installing the Steam Link(Opens in a new window) app is relatively simple as long as your mobile device is linked to the same network as your PC. When first launched, it will search your web for Steam-running PCs and provide a list.steam link

You’ll receive a 4-digit PIN on your phone after tapping your PC. To begin the connection, enter this PIN into the Steam pop-up window on your PC. The network will be tested for internet speed before dropping you on the main page.steamlink pin

Click Start Playing from your PC to begin streaming in Big Picture Mode. Then, start playing a game you’ve chosen from your library. When that happens, anything that appears on Steam on your computer will also appear on your phone. The Remote Play Together features even lets you invite friends to join you in multiplayer gaming.

The Steam Link homepage has a link to enter the settings. If your network is choppy, look into the Streaming section, where you can adjust some complex parameters and change the video quality to Fast or Beautiful, depending on your resources. steam link library

Other choices are available if you select the More button at the bottom, including which screen to display when Steam is launched, what resolution you want to play at, and other options. This app provides you to play PC games for ios

Please pay special attention to the control pop-ups Steam provides; for example, many iOS controllers don’t typically have clickable thumbsticks, so you’ll need to press Menu + X and Menu + Y. Though clumsy, it nevertheless functions.

Visit: Steam Link

Streaming Beyond Stream

You have options if you don’t need to broadcast PC or Steam games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers may also access Xbox Cloud Gaming, which lets you stream Xbox games directly to your mobile device.streaming beyond stream

Remote Play options are also available for Xbox and PlayStation systems, enabling you to connect your mobile device directly to your gaming console. Then, similar to the options outlined above, you may use the touchscreen controls on your phone to play Xbox and PlayStation games.


Can an iPhone be used to play Steam games?

To begin with, you need the Steam Link app on your smartphone. From the Apple Store, it is free. The iPad, iPhone, and Mac all work together. You can use these devices to play Steam games from a PC.

Is there a PC emulation for the iPhone?

Emulators are computer programs that simulate hardware, such as video game consoles. Even without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you may play some of the most well-known video games by installing emulators.

Does Apple support Steam?

The Steam Link app for Android was made available by Valve in May 2018. A year later, Valve and Apple agreed. Apple rejected Valve's attempt to deploy the Steam Link app on iOS due to 'commercial issues.' Apple rejected Valve's appeal.

On Apple, how do I play Steam?

Using the Steam Link on Mac OS From the macOS App Store, download Steam Link. On your PC, launch Steam. Ensure that your Mac and PC are logged onto the same local network. Click Get Started after opening the Link on your Mac.


This article has made it much more straightforward to understand how to play PC games on an iPhone. To complete this exercise, you have several options at your disposal. Still, to save you valuable time, we have created this post to inform you about the most excellent program you can use to play PC games on an iPhone without any problems. Also, earn money by playing games; click here to know more.

The finest applications allow iOS and Android users to play their favorite games online alone or with other players, making the programs mentioned above excellent.

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