3 Best Free Online Android Emulators You Can Use


Android emulators mimic the performance of an Android device on your PC. This might help companies or even developers to see how their app would function on an Android device without actually running it on one. Emulation also helps the apps to use the powerful hardware of the PC for tests under demanding tasks. They can be used for other applications like development, training and customer support. Thus, you must know about the best Online Android Emulators out there.

However, offline android emulators often suffer hardware support problems. The Android emulators are designed for particular platforms only. This might be an issue for newer developers and is where online android emulators find their use. An online android emulation tool looks only for supported web plugins. The essential plugins required are HTML 5 and JavaScript. If you have a web browser with full support for these plugins, you can use the online android emulator on any device. We have listed some of the best online Android emulators that can run online:

List of Best Online Android Emulators


Appetize is an online android emulator tool that allows you to run native mobile apps in your browser. The method to get your android app up and running on Appetize.io is reasonably straightforward. To run an app online using this tool, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the app you want to be emulated on the website directly or via API.
  2. The app becomes available in a short amount of time.
  3. Once the above two steps are completed, the app can be embedded anywhere. This app can be run in any browser now.

You will be mailed the generated links which you can use to access the online simulation of your app. Appetize.io allows you to select from a wide variety of devices and versions. This online android emulator also enables you to change the controls and permissions for the app. You can also correct the errors or problems that might occur remotely. Appetize.io is a simple yet powerful online android emulation tool.


You can try the free trial that allows up to two concurrent users but is limited to hundred minutes. For better options, you can subscribe to one of its paid plans.


Run That App is another online android emulator that allows you to stream the mobile apps in your browser. It is a software tool that will enable users to test and promote their apps. These apps are available online without relocating any code lines or adding any additional libraries. You and other users can quickly try the app without having to go through the trouble of installing it – online.


Run That App makes use of device emulation, reducing costs. The platform is special as it supports every device and every modern browser. As you keep the apps on the server, there are no risks of others saving a copy of your app before the final release. You can contact them via email for any information.

The apps that run online are actual apps that you upload and are thus fully functional. You will have to pay only for the resources that get used for your app. Run That app is a cheap to use and useful online android emulation tool and supports easy sharing. Even though it is a relatively new startup, Run That App promises to quickly reach the initial roll out in a short amount of time.


GenyMotion is yet another online android emulator with powerful collaborative and testing features. The Genymotion cloud features android with automation capabilities. The online tool allows you to carry out instrumented tests using any testing framework of your preference. The users can even perform ADB commands using the ADB tunnel to the cloud.


There is also a Gradle plugin that allows developers to make the testing and building process quicker and more comfortable. However, the GenyMotion online android emulation tool makes use of the Java API, so it is a prerequisite for accessing the online simulation of your app. The Genymotion platform supports app sharing and virtual device sharing.

This enables developers to share customized configurations of devices remotely. GenyMotion is one of the most premium online tools on this list. It also has the most extensive variety of features available out of all the other tools mentioned in the list.

The premium plans are available only on a yearly basis, and the costs differ on the nature of your use of the tool. GenyMotion also provides other cloud services.

Final Words

All in All, as android emulation is a difficult task to implement online, it is not easy to find many online android emulators. Most of these tools are premium. If you are looking for android emulators that you can use all times, you can consider offline android emulators like YouWave and BlueStacks. However, since they need to run offline using your hardware resources, the performance varies from machine to machine.

Also, you need to copy the files to other systems which must have the same offline android emulator to run it on another system.

Also, an online android emulator eliminates these problems by hosting the app on a powerful central server, which you can access from anywhere.


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