Games are for relaxation, and some of them increase your concentration levels. But video games are played for relaxation and enjoyment. Various games have evolved generation by generation to satisfy customers. Japan is one of the world’s leading game developers. A few years ago, Japan developed the Gameboy Advance, a 32-bit video game console and a successor to the Game Boy Color, which was marketed and manufactured by Nintendo. Now you can play that on your desktop; go through our list of Top GBA Emulators for PC.

RetroArchIt is able to play PlayStation 1 and older games as well.
DolphinThe only emulator that can emulate a console of the 7th generation.
mGBAmGBA has multiplayer, multi-window support. It also has a solar sensor support .
Visual Boy AdvanceVisual Boy Advance is made compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1 for all variants.
No$GBA, You can also play NDS games in this emulator, so basically, it is an 2 in 1 emulator.
Higan GBAIt supports Nintendo Famicom, Super Famicom, game boy colour and also game boy advance.
Boycott AdvanceBoycott Advance has good sound quality.
BAT GBAIt is a lightweight GBA and also doesn’t have any lagging and is also hassle free.
Dream GBAIf you are looking for a simple GBA emulator then you may go for Dream GBA.
RascalBoy Advance You can connect to maximum four players online and play multiplayer games.

The Top GBA Emulators For PC emulators come with joystick support or gamepads. It is also one of the best retro gaming consoles, and you can play many games such as Pokemon Red, Super Mario, etc. You can easily find some of the best Gameboy advance emulators in this guide. Also, don’t forget to check out our guide on downloading GBA roms without hassle!

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Specifications of Gameboy Advance

It was released in Japan, North America, Australia, Europe, and China. It sold 81 million units worldwide. As it was released in 2001, it was suitable for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other older versions using Gameboy emulators.gameboy Emulators are software that enables one software system to like another software system. Many emulators don’t support the newer version of Windows but are compatible with older versions. Let’s see its specifications.

  • Length:14.4 cm Power:2 AA batteries.
  • Width:2.45cm Mass:140gm.
  • Screen:2.9 inches TFT coated LCD screen.
  • Battery life: 15 hours of average playing GBA games.
  • CPU:16.8 MHz 32-bit ARM7TDMI with embedded memory .8 or 4 MHz 8-bit Z80 coprocessor for Game Boy Backward compatibility.

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List of Top GBA Emulators for PC

Now, talking about the emulators, as mentioned earlier, not all emulators support the newer versions of Windows. They only support the older versions, but there are some of the emulators that support the more recent versions. They are:


It is one of the Top GBA Emulators for PC and also for other retro games. RetroArch is compatible with Windows, MAC OS, and Linux. It is also able to play PlayStation 1 and older games as well. RetroArch is an all-in-one emulator compatible with playing games older than GBA.

retro arch

It is also available on mobile devices.

Here’s a video overview of all the emulators if you find it difficult to read the article:


It is a Gamecube and the only emulator that can emulate a console of the 7th generation. Dolphin would also run your game on an HD screen even if it doesn’t support it. It is also under development to provide Nintendo WiFi development, and some updates are going on to give an excellent experience to the users.

dolphin emulator

It also has a high compatible rating that helps you play your favorite games without interference.


It is also user-friendly and one of the best lag-free Top GBA Emulators for PC. mGBA is developed for Windows.

mgba emulator

mGBA has multiplayer, multi-window support. It also has solar sensor support but requires a game ROM for playing games. You can also use cheat codes for playing the games.

Visual Boy Advance

It is also one of the best GBA emulators for PCs for playing GBA. Visual Boy Advance is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 for all variants. It is also in use widely because of its uniqueness. Some of its features are:

  • Visual Boy Advance has Joypad support.
  • It can take screenshots and videos of the gameplay.
  • Visual Bouy Advance can also load, save gameplay, and play on other emulators.
  • It also has cheat code support.
  • You can also boost your gameplay by pressing a button.

visualboy advance

You can also play the games in full-screen mode and pixelate your graphics.


It is called a No$GBA emulator designed for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, etc. You can also play NDS games in this emulator, so it is a 2 in 1 emulator. You need to have ROM to play the NDS game. It also supports a Joystick or gamepad.


It is also possible to connect with other NO$GBA to play multiplayer games. You can click through the Internet and trade Pokemon. They also play with Pokemon trainers and utilize the connectivity for other games.

Higan GBA

It supports Nintendo, Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. Besides gaming consoles, you can also specify custom BIOS for running other games such as Sega Master System, Mega Drive, and Game Gear.


Higan GBA also has good color reproduction and sound but lags a bit. We can consider it one of the top GBA emulators for PC through all the reviews and ratings.

Boycott Advance

This one of the Top GBA Emulators for PCs was for Windows XP and Windows Vista and was incompatible with the newer versions. It was played when the compatibility settings were changed but frozen when some games were played, so this emulator was unimportant.

Boycott Advance has good sound quality; this would be a better option if you want to experience a GBA system on your PC. You can also save your game anywhere and never lose your progress in any game.

boycott advance

The interesting fact is it is a JAVA app so that you can play your GBA games online; thus, you need not download the emulator.


It is a lightweight GBA, has no lagging, and is hassle-free. batgba

You need a BIOS file to play games, but it is readily available on the Internet, so one can get them quickly and start playing their favorite games through BAT GBA.

Dream GBA

It is also a lightweight GBA that doesn’t have any extra features involved in it. dreamgba

If you are looking for a simple GBA emulator, you may go for Dream GBA, but if you are looking for a decent, supportive GBA, you may opt for some other emulators mentioned above.

RascalBoy Advance

Unlike the Top GBA Emulators for PCs mentioned above, RascalBoy Advance is also one of the simple emulators, but after its update, it has pretty good features. You can connect to a maximum of four players online and play multiplayer games. Also, if you opt for playing multiplayer games, this one is the best emulator you must look for.

rascalboy advance

Some of these were best emulators are compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, MC OS, LINUX, etc. Some other emulators are TGB, KIGB, and BGB. You may also look out for these emulators.

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Is mGBA an effective emulator?

mGBA is generally regarded as a top Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator. It includes precise emulation, is compatible with many GBA games, and has extra features like save-state support and cheat support. Due to its easy availability, it also frequently gets updates and enhancements from the community.

What GBA game has the best graphics?

The GBA game Metroid Fusion is famous for its stunning visuals. Hence, its intricate graphics, fluid animations, and atmospheric backgrounds demonstrated the GBA's capabilities. Other notable games on the GBA's limited hardware include Advance Wars and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, which have received recognition for their visual quality.

Which is the accessible GBA emulator for PC?

VisualBoyAdvance (VBA) is among the most user-friendly GBA emulators for the PC. It is easy to use, offers simple installation, and has a plain layout. Another well-liked modified version is VBA-M. Both GBA games on your PC offer superb compatibility and features.

Which GBA emulator has cheats?

Several GBA emulators support cheats support cheats, such as VisualBoyAdvance (VBA) and its variants, including VBA-M, mGBA, and My Boy! for Android. By allowing you to enter and apply codes to alter GBA game gameplay, these emulators improve your gaming experience.

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