If you are an enthusiastic gamer and looking for a decent username for your Steam account, Snapchat account or for other social media platforms, then you should not settle for an average joe name.

Good usernames can get you attention of people and help to grow the number of your followers. Good players live forever, and more importantly, their usernames live forever. This article is all about some of the best hand-picked steam name generator tools out there.

Here are the top 9 websites that offer free Steam names. The sites mentioned here will provide you with Steam names for free, and the names will be 100% unique. Check if Steam is not opening.

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Top 9 Steam Name Generator Tools

Here are the 9 best steam name generator tools on the net you should start using pretty soon.


This is one of the best sites that can let you generate random steam names for free. It allows users to know about trending names. They can upvote if they like the name or downvote if they don’t like it. Thus, saving your time as well as energy.


You can browse and go through the top steam names to find an apt name that best suits your taste. The interface of this site looks modern, yet users find difficulty in operating.

Most of the time, users get confused while searching. But once you know the drill, you will end up getting the best results.

Visit: Nickfinder

Name Generator

Are you in search of amusing steam names that are 100% unique, then, Kudos, your quest has come to an end. This is a perfect app for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing. All sorts of useful steam names are categorized here. You have to type the keyword and put in filters to generate a random name.

name generator

Moreover, this site allows the users to filter out names by gender, nationality, and other factors like birth year. The interface of this site is modern yet easy to operate. It can generate funny steam name as well as usernames for you in a jiffy!

Visit: Name Generator

Steam Alias Name Generator

It is undoubtedly one of the promising sites present in cyberspace to create steam names. You can combine words from all the desired categories to choose an apt steam name. The popularity, as well as ratings for this site, are pretty high.

steam alias name generator

You can choose the period you belong to once you reach the homepage. It renders a selection to choose if you are a boomer or a millennial, based on your birth year. Just a few more clicks here and there, and you’re all set to create names not just for steam. But, also generate usernames for other social media platforms like Tumblr.

Visit: Steam Alias Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

This yet another steam name generator site offers many amazing features to generate cool steam names. It provides a plethora of customization features if the original one doesn’t fancy you.

fantasy name generator

From generating funny names to clever steam names, this site has covered it all. The interface of this site convenient, and newbie won’t find any difficulty in selecting the right steam name. Check out the link below to uncover more new features.

Visit: Fantasy Name Generator

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If you have been browsing for a cool Steam name generator, you will find the genr8rs website to be in the top search results. This is an indication of the effectiveness of the website.


The site has a tool that generates a unique and sensible username at random for several game types, such as First Person Shooter games, action games, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Science fiction based cool steam names settings or any general game. You can find some of the funniest steam names on this website.

The genre influences the cool steam names as the tool can tailor the feel and alliteration of the name to suit the genre. For example, action results in names like Old Dollah, which sounds like a code name for a famous soldier.

The First player shooter option results in names like Darth StaBBer, indicating that the tool knows that alternative use of capitals and puns are in style.

Visit : Genr8rs

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Best Username Generator

If you have a vague sense of what kind of name you want for your Steam username, for example, regarding themes, celebrities or mythical creatures and you do not want your tool to generate a username randomly, then the best username generator website is the tool for you.

This random Steam name generator lets you type in a name or thing that you happen to like so that it can include it in your resultant username. It also enables you to type in your desired length of username.


It goes on to list some themes for you to type in and a few sample usernames. You could use their suggested names for your Steam account or even for various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Instagram, as the site gives you quirky names that suit your theme. The website also lists other username categories, such as music usernames.

Visit : Best username generator

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Spinxo is an easy-to-use Steam name generator with a friendly user interface. The website lets you type in a time, name or keyword, and does its best to generate a name that is both sensible and random.


One beautiful thing about this Steam name generator tool is that it lists around 20 recently generated usernames, to give you an idea of the kind of quirkiness you can expect. The cool steam names website also lets you start a Name Contest on the site so that you can talk to people with some good steam name ideas.

This is a unique feature as it is convenient and unique to get personally generated names from actual people, who will probably understand your tastes better than an online tool.

Spin XO lets you choose usernames for a variety of social media appropriate situations, and also has categories such as Funny steam names, Good steam names, Cool Usernames, Good Usernames, Creative Usernames, Unique Usernames and Cute Usernames.

Visit : Spinxo

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If you are looking for cool steam names with “organized randomness“, then Jimpix is definitely the site for you.

The website allows you to generate a username using four tabs. The first tab is the type of figure of speech for the first component of your username. (this could be brands, adjectives, collective nouns, countries, emojis. Creatures, food, Jobs, pet names. And even bizarre things like silly words, insults and noisy words).


The second tab has the same options as the first tab. So that you can choose a category to complement the first tab. The third tab is a letter of your choice. And the fourth tab is for the order of your username- reverse, standard or random.

However, you will want not to take some of the cool steam names suggestions too seriously, as the thoroughly organized Steam name generator often creates hilarious usernames that are more comical than cool. Of course, if quirky is your style, you will love this website.

You should avoid setting the first and second tabs to the same category. As the steam name generator sometimes sets up the same word twice. As a result, you might get a username like “moistmoist“.

Visit : Jimpix

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Fantasy Name Generators

Regardless of the type of games you play, you can never get tired of fantasy themes in usernames. They suggest an air of culture, and gaming experience, and have any of us started gaming without starting with fantasy? If you are open minded about fantasy themes, the Fantasy Name Generator website will give you a majestic and mysterious name.

fantasy name generators

This steam name generator website, as the name would indicate, gives you suggestions that are not only meant for Steam. But also for any gaming or social media platform. The site offers two “radio” buttons, constituting the first part and second part of your fantasy username.

You can tick one of the radio buttons. And type in a word that you wish to include in that component (first or last) of your Steam username. When you click on the generate button, you will receive a list of 10 random names.

Visit : Fantasy Name Generators

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What is a steam name generator?

A Steam name generator is an online tool that helps users create creative and unique usernames for their Steam accounts. It generates various name suggestions based on different themes, words, or combinations, making it easier for users to find an appealing and personalized name that suits their gaming identity.

How do I choose a Steam name?

Choosing a Steam name involves creativity, individuality, and appropriateness. Craft a name that reflects your personality, interests, or gaming style. Keep it unique, easy to remember, and free from offensive or inappropriate content. A creative and meaningful name might let you stand apart and establish connections with other gamers.

Which name is my Steam name?

Your Steam name is the identity you use on the Steam gaming platform. It's how others recognize you in games, chats, and discussions. It's usually displayed on your profile and in games. You can customize it to be unique and reflective of your gaming persona, interests, or real name.

Are Steam usernames unique?

Yes, Steam usernames are intended to be unique identifiers for each user. While there can be similarities or variations, each username corresponds to a specific Steam account. It's advisable to choose a distinctive name to avoid confusion and make it easier for friends and other players to find and interact with you.


You should just keep in mind that the cool Steam names suggestions are random. And besides the inclusion of one word of your choice, you don’t get to customize much. The website also displays recently generated fantasy names. And some of them are cool like SpottedWalker, while others are deliberately humorous, like PhonyPony. Also, you might like to learn about How To Fix The “Windows Can’t Find Steam.Exe” Error.

These are some of the Steam name generator tools. You should only use Steam name generators if prepared for a specific degree of randomness. After the name is generated and the account is opened you should also know how to fix the issue where the Steam game won’t close, click here.

Most of these cool steam name generator tools do not assign random numbers to the username suggestions, so there is also some degree of genuine creativity in their opinions. You should even consider using these tools to generate your other gaming platform usernames or social media usernames.

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