Have you ever wondered about having a cool username? Be it for any gaming activity or cool social media handles, it becomes pretty dull to use common names in this world of technology.

Simplify and make it memorable. Passwords are tricky enough, so aim for an uncomplicated and straightforward username. You can add a favourite number or underscore for distinction, but avoid unnecessary symbols, letters, or numbers.

But the main problem lies in the fact that most of the time, we cannot come out with a kickass and extraordinary character, especially when billions of users surf the internet. Thankfully, some username-generator websites do the task for us. This article presents the 14 good username generator websites.

List Of Good Username Generators

Here are some of the best Generators for usernames that you can use for yourself.


This website comes on the list of favourites for users out there. Jimpix is the first choice of maximum users across the Globe. It just uses a random word or name describing our Personality, individuality, or particular taste in some areas.

jimpixIt gives you a good range of names. Jimpix is a user-friendly platform with a straightforward interface. This website provides additional amenities such as names for specific social media platforms and a one-word username.

Visit: Jimpix

Best Username Generator

As the name suggests, Best Username Generator is an excellent website for creating a random username. But its interface confuses the users. Still, it has proven to be a good username generator. The site offers other significant and excellent tools for social media platforms, such as Instagram name generators, Snapchat usernames, and much more.

bestusernamegeneratorIt provides a wide range of options for creating a username. The best username generator is viral among Gamers, as it gives some kickass usernames.

Visit: Best Username Generator


SpinXO is a very reliable website that gives you a username based on the information you provide. It considers your name, nickname, hobbies, and other stuff.spinxo .com After that, you can choose the username among the given options. It also provides very user-friendly tools such as gamer tags.

Visit: SpinXO

Screen Name Generator

The Screen name generator considers the adjectives you choose to generate a very reliable username of interest.

namegenerator.bizThe best part of this website is that you can choose your username and modify it by selecting the adjectives to form a perfect username for your social media handle. It is also possible to add titles like Mr. and Mrs. to give a more professional look to your name.

Visit the Screen name generator.

Speedy Password

Speedy Password is a different username generator website. It generates a username based on your interest and creates a secure password for this specific username. This is an excellent username-generator website.speedy-username-and-password-generator Besides its security, it also provides the option to customize the username using various characters, numeric values, symbols, etc. The above features enable a very user-friendly interface for smooth functioning.

Rum & Monkey

Rum & Monkey is especially useful for gamers. Nowadays, gamers find getting a kickass username for their handles quite challenging. Some of them are pretty common. Rum & Monkey fulfils this purpose. It provides a wide range of new usernames. Rum & Monkey provides the option of choosing from over 5000+ names.rum and monkey It also creates usernames from various genres, such as the Minion Game generator, Korean game generator, Monster game generator, etc. This is considered an excellent username-generator website.

Visit: Rum & Monkey

Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator is another excellent username Generator website, which allows you to choose a different username for purposes such as Gaming and other activities meant for a Social Media platform. This site generates about ten usernames at once, from where you can choose your username based on your liking.

fantasynamegeneratorThis limited number of options is provided because this website prevents the generation of thrash usernames such as” Warlord” or” xxxLegoxx” for some obvious reasons. This site offers some new and humorous usernames that the audience has well-liked.

Visit: Fantasy Name Generator


Genr8 is exclusively for gaming purposes. It helps to create hundreds of usernames, enabling Gamers to choose from various options. Be it a PSN username or Gamertag, this website has the best username generator for this purpose.genr8rs.com Moreover, this site enables the users to customize the generated username for games such as Arcade games, Strategy, Combat, Action, RPG, RTS, Adventure, or FPS games. This website is counted as one of the best username Generator Websites because of its ability to create a memorable and kickass username.

Visit: Genr8


The Kparser name generator website is dedicated to YouTubers. It is essential to sound very good and professional for a YouTuber, especially with the growing number of YouTube channels. Thus, creating a unique brand name in the YouTube community is indispensable.

krapserThis website helps to generate a very calm and professional username for a YouTube channel. It is considered one of the best username generators for a YouTube channel to give it a unique and Professional tag.

Visit: Kparser 


LingoJam is yet another website to create a good username Generator. This site is dedicated mainly to all Instagram users. Some websites often provide usernames of the same structure twice. This is not the case for this website. The site offers various usernames the user can choose based on their preference.lingojam .com

It consists of a seed word, which could be the user’s actual name, after which the website provides hundreds of ideas for the username, about one-fifth of which consist of the seed word. This site offers unique and cool usernames, which enable the user to sound fantastic in the online community.

Visit: LingoJam

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Turbo Future

Choosing a perfect username for websites is required. It’s the primary impression somebody will notice, so pick carefully to give a reasonable opinion.

Sadly, getting up with a great username can be troublesome—it can appear like all the great ones are used, particularly on great social media places like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, wherever there are billions of users.

turbofutureYou’ll get a few creative to decide on a different username for specific sites. Any site/app needs a slightly unusual road when designing a username, a method that I will work over as well.

Visit: Turbo Future


Many personalities use an identical online username around multiple principles and websites, from Gmail to bank websites. Exposure to a person’s username can open up to name theft.

lastpassRetain Snapchat’s 2014 data breach? It penetrated 4.6 million usernames and telephone numbers. No passwords or email addresses were out; Snapchat helped users create new usernames and passwords.

Practising a casual username is like having two passwords for an account because it makes it more difficult for someone to pick and disclose your username.

Visit: LastPass


As mysterious as it seems, NameNami is a legit online YouTube generator. It takes an (arbitrary) prefix and a suffix as acceptable, though you can make names outdoors them. But I noticed that the representations made without your option’s prefix or suffix are just crap.

It outputs simple words from the implication for you externally any prefixes or suffixes. I’ve even got advice as essential as “hostile.” But combine that with a suffix, making a rather great name.

namenamiSo, I suggest you move the prefix area blank but add a suffix for your sound. Something like “TV” or “Gamer” will do. But related to the different ones on this list, this one is a little heavier to give results. But the effects are good enough to be held; take my word for it and settle for a suffix.

Name Generator 2

You know it’s real stuff when the generator has a series! The name generator is open at namagenrator2 and is related to the Screen name generator tool, which you read about earlier.

It is just titled as Username generator and has the corresponding selectable areas as on the screen name generator. You can choose your favoured prefix and suffix to be set into your name and agree on the Generate Usernames key.

name generator2It will provide offbeat titles with original and last words identical to your choice. Namegenerator2 stocks all the usernames created each time you hit the generate usernames button, and you can add the names to your preferences list by agreeing on them. It does tell you to copy your words before you go back. 

Visit: Name Generator 2

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How do I create a unique username?

Creating a unique username involves combining interests, being memorable, and avoiding personal info. Use wordplay and check availability on platforms. Stay consistent and positive, considering future use. Test with friends and ensure safety. A unique username helps you stand out online while maintaining a professional image.

What is a really good username?

A great username is catchy, reflects your personality or interests, and is easy to remember. Avoid personal information, use creativity, and consider using your name with a twist. Ensure it's available across platforms. A strong username resonates with you and leaves a positive impression on others.

What is a username generator?

A username generator is an online program that creates creative usernames depending on input criteria like the user's name, pursuits, or keywords. It helps users find creative and original usernames for various platforms. These generators often suggest combinations of words, numbers, and symbols to create memorable and distinctive usernames.

How do I create a non-cringy username?

Creating a non-cringy username involves combining elements that reflect your personality or interests without trying too hard. Pick phrases or words that relate to you individually, avoiding excessive symbols or numbers. Keeping it simple, authentic, and aligned with your style will help you craft a genuine and appealing username.


The username generator websites are becoming a new trend, especially in the Internet age, where most people like to sound cool. The username generator is undoubtedly an asset.

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