If you want to be a famous Instagram celebrity and dream of having thousands or millions of followers, you must selectively choose your Instagram name. A name speaks volumes about you and gives a rough idea of what your Instagram account is all about. You might see that most of the famous names have already been taken. Thus, you must know about the best Instagram Name Generator tools.

Here are some of the best Instagram name ideas:
  • Create a username that includes a word that rhymes with your first name, such as “LizDoesBiz” or “JoGlows”.
  • Incorporate your business name into your username, such as “MacdonaldsMarket” or “JamiesHotSauce“.
  • Include your first name and something you love in your username, such as “EmilyLovesDance” or “GraceLovesLace“.

Don’t worry, you might be late on to the Instagram bandwagon, but there are a couple of nifty Instagram name generator websites that will help you choose some genuinely cool and unique names.

Best Instagram Name Generator

Here is the list of the best Instagram name generators you could use.

Lingo Jam

The basic premise of LingoJam is pretty simplistic. There are two columns on the landing page, one on the left side where you input the primary name that you want to use for your Insta account; the right column is where the website suggests ideas based on your name. You don’t necessarily have to use your name; it can be anything you want to be associated with.

lingojam .com


You will get hundreds of possible options for each word, but few are just out of context, and you would wonder why those names are there. So, carefully sort out the names, and you will find some gems among them.

Visit: LingoJam


Gramlike is purely built for Instagram lovers. The website is dedicated to excellent and funny Instagram usernames. This Instagram name generator has different categories of funny Instagram names and cool boy and girl usernames.


The best part is that other users have submitted these, and if you like any, you add a little of your customization, like your favorite number or nickname, and you have your unique username.

Not to forget, you can also recommend funny username ideas, and if it’s good enough to make a list, you will get 200 free followers. Sweet, right?

Visit: Gramlike

Best Username Generator

BestUsernameGenerator is a resourceful website where you can easily find your favorite Instagram name. All you need is to enter the name of a thing or creature you like, select the length of your name, typically between 10-18 letters, and hit generate for the creative usernames.


You will get hundreds of choices; if you like any choice, click on it. And a separate page will open that will check for the availability of the name. This is across different social media handles to make sure that it is not in use by someone else.

Visit: BestUsernameGenerator

Pro Pops Quiz Maker

This Instagram name generator is unique because it uses a quiz to determine your personality and suggest the best matching name. The quiz has 8 questions and tests what kind of images you post on Instagram, the number of followers your account is private or public, the things you like, your opinion about filters, etc.


Once done, you will get a truly unique and funny username. You can also share your result across your social media handles. By the way, I got “The Foodie.” Go check it out here.

Visit: Pro Pops Quiz Maker

Screen Name Generator

Screenname generator will work perfectly as your Instagram name generator. It has two columns: prefix and suffix. You may enter the combination of your first and last name and the names of your favorite pets; it’s all your choice. The choices are limited, but those are unique names someone else hasn’t taken.


Visit: Screennamegenerator


RumMonkey is the big daddy of random name generators available online. Not just as an Instagram name generator, you can choose all sorts of names you want, be it best vampire names, best minion names, etc.

rum monkey

Whether you are an artist, a writer, a foodie, a photographer, or a travel enthusiast – RumMonkey has got you. There are dozens of name generators on the website; choose one which closely resembles your Instagram account. Happy hunting.

Visit: RumMonkey


The interface of SpinXO is quite interesting as you get multiple choices to base your name. You can choose your nickname, favorite words, numbers, hobbies, and the things you like, and hit SPIN.


You will get a list of 30 usernames. If you are unhappy with those usernames, hit the SPIN button again. Before proceeding, click on the name and check whether it is already in use.

Visit: SpinXO


The working principle of JimPix is pretty simple compared to other Instagram name-generator websites. You head to the website, which presents several random Instagram names. If you want more – go and press the refresh option.


One can also sort the results according to letters or numerals, ascending or descending. Remember that each name should be less than 30 characters and made up of only letters, numbers, or underscores.

Visit: JimPix 

Username Generator

Username Generator has the basic functionality of entering your desired name and the number of names you want, anywhere from 10-100. The names that the website generates are pretty crazy, some sound realistic, and some of them are just outlandish.


The possible number of names is unlimited. But check before making that your Instagram name, as it might already be in use.

Cool Name Generator

The interface of Cool Name Generator is similar to other Instagram name generator websites, but it is bolder, in a pink accent. It’s ideal if you want some punk-style or emo-style name for your Instagram.

cool name generator

You can choose your name or some random one, then pick out your gender, and voila, you have your Instagram name ready. It’s as simple as that.

Visit: Cool Name Generator

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What are good Instagram names?

Good Instagram names are unique, catchy, and reflective of your personality or niche. Consider using your hobbies, interests, or a combination of your name with a creative twist. Keep it brief and catchy for easy retention. Avoid numbers or symbols that can be confusing. Research similar accounts for inspiration.

How do I find a unique Insta name?

To find a unique Instagram name, start by brainstorming keywords that describe your interests, personality, or content theme. Combine these words creatively, add numbers or symbols if needed, and check their availability. You can use online name generators or tweak your real name for a personal touch.

How do I style my insta name?

Styling your Instagram name involves the creative use of fonts and symbols. To alter the look of your name, utilize any of the available online font generators. Experiment with various styles and symbols that reflect your personality or content theme, ensuring it's easy to read and visually appealing.

What is the Instagram name finder AI?

The Instagram name finder AI is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest unique and relevant usernames for your Instagram account. It analyzes keywords, preferences, and trends to generate name options that align with your brand or personal identity, simplifying the process of finding an engaging and distinctive username.

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