If you are a gamer or even an everyday tech nerd like me, you will be familiar with a famous gaming console developed by Nintendo. It is the Wii U. It is a gamepad with a display in between, but unlike the more recent Nintendo Switch, it is not modular by any stretch of the imagination. Thus, you must know the sites to download Wii U Roms or Wii U ISO. The Wii U is completely equipped with all the dope sensors that a great gamepad should have, such as a gyroscope and an accelerometer, and rubberized analog knobs.

If you are wondering about using Cemu as an emulator, rest assured that it is completely safe as long as you obtain the game legally. We recommend checking out our guide at https://cemu.cfw.guide if you want to use Cemu. Based on other users’ experiences, Cemu has a good reputation, and many people successfully play games.

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It became popular because it got along just fine with the existing Wii controllers, as you could use it as a standalone controller when playing with multiple other players on a console hooked to a TV or something. Nintendo knows its stuff!

What to Know Before You Download Wii U Roms for Cemu

Even though the Wii U is the official gig for running the commercial games designed for it, it can’t stop the market from coughing up emulators that can seamlessly mimic its functionality. (well, more or less!) One such well-built emulator is Cemu; you have probably heard of it. It allows you to emulate games originally meant for Cemu to run on your PC.

This emulator can run all commercial games meant to be executed on the Nintendo Wii U gaming console. This emulator software is still a bit of a work in progress. But the developers behind it are working extra hard to make it as impressive as possible for us, the users.

You can, of course, use their services for free. But it is tough to maintain it on their end, considering all the sweat they put in to improve it daily. So it would be flipping awesome of you to donate a little to them over at their Patreon page. Here is the website link.

They have been bringing some fantastic things to Cemu recently. Stuff like enabling 60 FPS gaming on the thing! They have used some miraculous compiler software to handle such high frame rates.

Anyway, now that even multiplayer support is added, you should be looking for ways to install Wii U ROMs on Cemu, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t want a taste of Mario Kart 8 at 60 frames per second? So here are the four best websites to find and download Wii U ROMs for Cemu.

PortalromsIt is a great place to get some ISOs to enjoy on your Cemu emulator.
DarkUmbra their tagline reads "Your source for custom gaming awesomeness!"
ChaosGames at Discordyou have to create an account at discord to be a part of all their custom gaming action.

The Best Sites to Download Wii U Roms

If you find it difficult to read the article, then here’s a video explanation of Wii U Roms mentioned in the content:


Visit Portalroms; if you are looking for a fast website to install Wii U ROMs for the same, you should be heading over to PortalRoms. The website seems responsive; more importantly, you can easily download the ROMs.

You can download ISOs for Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Bros, Xenoblade, Super Mario Maker, etc. You can find some more ponderous titles like the legend of Zelda and also Bayonetta over there!


But they no longer have specific games like super smash bros. I mean, the last upload dates were there from 2016. This is to say; older titles have not been refreshed if they have formerly got any updates. But it is a great place to get some ISOs to enjoy on your Cemu emulator.


DarkUmbra is the place for all your custom gaming needs. A very nerdy combination of a computer graphics term there! Their tagline on their website reads, “Your source for custom gaming awesomeness!”.

They have a forum and a leaderboard to see the most active uploaders. You can search for almost any game you want in the search box, and I can guarantee that you will get instant results.


There have not been any instances where a fellow gamer who is looking for some dope ISOs for their Cemu emulator has returned gone back empty-handed. You can find all the major titles here and easily download them, but you must register as a member.

More About DarkUmbra

One can browse the content and see details about the games and the ROMs as a guest, but the download links and other specifics will hide but unmistakable. You can use your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts to sign up, just like any other website, so no sweat there.

Under the “more” option, there even seems to be a donate button. So that you can support your favorite member over at DarkUmbra, it shows error messages when people access it, but then again, I am not a registered member.

That could be why I got the error message that read, “Could not locate the item you are trying to view.”

But overall, I am digging what they have going on at DarkUmbra. Worth taking a look at if you are after some great Wii U ROMs, i.e., ISOs.

ChaosGames at Discord

Although ChaosGames had its forum community, it was shut down on November 26th, 2017. Discord is like a free voice mail and a chat app designed for gamers if you don’t know. Pretty cool. The public forum is now dead. And you will find the same notice over at what otherwise would’ve been their official Site.

You can, however, direct yourself to join the gamers’ social media, known as Discord. They have their groups and chats as usual over there. But you will have to create an account for yourself at Discord. To be a part of all their custom gaming action.


To write this paragraph, I registered with a dummy account. Without a legit email id or username for my budget, something like 12344321. I’ll have to say, the verification process they have over there is pretty legit.

About Discord

It did not ask me for anything secure or check my email validity during my joining. So going in, I initially thought this place hosts most of the spam and bot-generated accounts. And eventually would close down again.

But I got a message from the ChaosGames group, or “server” as they call it at Discord, that I will have to go through the rules page and answer two questions. Them being “How did you find us” and “Why are you here.”

Suppose I don’t answer them within an hour. And if they cannot reliably confirm my authenticity as a real user. They will remove my account within the next hour of my joining. That is cool if you ask me.

All chat services should do that before allowing new members to access and crawl over their content. So I am trying to tell you that you don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the existing members. Or the files that you are about to download from there.

Visit: ChaosGames


Trust this website to get Wii U roms for Cemu and find some great games to play on your PC. This Site offers you more than 1000+ games that give you excellent results. Your download will be super smooth as all its servers work perfectly fine.


They also have a chat room for gamers, where you can find ROMS and games that are 100% working and verified by the gamers. The signup for this Site is free, and you can enjoy the games available here.


Is it illegal to mod Wii U?

Modding a Wii U can be legally complex. While modifying the hardware itself isn't necessarily illegal, installing pirated games or using mods to infringe on copyrighted content is against the law. Ensure you understand and respect copyright and intellectual property rights when modding your Wii U.

Is Wii U outdated?

Yes, the gaming industry considers Wii U outdated. It was published in 2012 but is no longer maintained. Nintendo has since moved on to newer consoles like the Nintendo Switch, which offers more advanced features and a broader game library, making the Wii U less relevant in comparison.

Can Wii U play Wii ROMs?

The Wii U has limited compatibility with Wii ROMs. It can play Wii games through its backward compatibility feature, but you need the original game disc to do so. Downloading and playing Wii ROMs on the Wii U is not officially legal and may involve modding. This can void warranties and raise legal issues.

Is it legal to emulate Wii U games?

Emulating Wii U games can be a legal gray area. While gamers consider emulating games they own as fair use, it's illegal to download and play copyrighted games without obtaining permission. Always ensure you have the legal right to emulate a game.


So, this was all about the Wii U Roms websites, where you can download them. And there is a lot of it. You can find the most popular gaming titles made for Wii Roms and download their ISOs for your Cemu emulator.

Just follow the staff rules when you’re there, and you should have easy access to all the shared links over at their discord server.

So join the gamers’ chat room, chat with automated bots and authentic players, download your favorite Wii U ROMs or Wii U ISOs, and have fun!

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