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As we all know that Discords are very useful for a gamer. It not only helps in enhancing and managing the server but also helps in communicating in a more faster and reliable way. In other words, it boosts your gaming experience and makes your server more strong and powerful. There are many Discord Bots available online that help you reduce your effort and time, but along with that there are also some Bots those you can use to give a little kick to your dose of entertainment, they are known as Dumb Discord Bots or Funny Discord bots.

The users widely use These Bots for entertainment purpose, but along with that they also include all the necessary features and perform all the essential tasks that an average Discord Bot would do.

We have listed out five best and cool, funny Discord Bots which will enhance your server along with which you will also not get bored of using them.

Top 5 Funny Discord Bots

Dank Memer

The app is loaded with fun features. You can control anything on this app. It offers you to manipulate an image, create some unusual or silly sound effects, etc. Before every command, you will have to add ‘pls’as a prefix.

It guarantees you to produce the soggiest meme you have ever come across. You might find the commands of Dank Memer stupid and annoying, but once you get used to it, they will seem to be interesting. Not all of its commands you will gain access to. But if you are a Patreon user, you can enjoy all of them.


MatBot has a variety of commands starting from the elementary and essential commands to the cheekiest ones. Along with ensuring you with entertainment, it also helps in moderation and managing your server along with other features in it.

Being a user, you can also retrieve data from the server which allows you in controlling and continuing your game further. If you are looking for a moderate Bot, you can go for this app with no doubt.

The app has got too much of data in details that would inevitably reduce your workload and save your time. It has got over 90 commands in it, and the fun part is, around half of its commands are dumb and the rest you can use to enhance the utility of the server.


The Gnar Bot has a theme of the League of Legends. The app has got its specific commands for creating funny memes, but it is mainly focused on the music bots with lots of essential features related to it.

The dumbest command you can find in this app is the ‘poop command.’ The command generates an animated graphic of a person pooping out. It has maintained an excellent reputation in entertaining the servers.

If you are using this fun Bot, people in your server will not be bored because there are lots of funny and entertaining features stuffed in it which includes; a number of comics, toys, etc.


Bonfire is a complete package of all the funny Discord Bots, stuffed with all the essential and fun features in it. Once you get into the app, you will find 21 pages of commands. You can use these commands for making any change to the Bot; moderation, music playback, games, memes, etc.

Aah! There’s one thing you should be well aware of is, the app has a built-in game named, Roulette, if you play the game make sure that you win or else you will be thrown out of the server, and the Bot does it by itself, you can’t control that, it will methodically analyze your performance and kick you out if found to be a loser.

Along with being a dumb Bot, it can also be used for performing some essential tasks to enhance your server.

Guilded Bot

Guilded Bot does not offer you with a lot of commands. So, if you are expecting a wide range of commands, then might find yourself upset, but to let you know, it is one of the utmost Bots that you can add to your server.

It has got only five commands within which you have to perform all your tasks. There is a command “doge” that produces a dog’s face, but the most exciting thing about this command is, there unlock each of its faces with each of some continuous activity on your server.

For example: if you receive too much of calls in a row, it will produce an angry dog face. Similarly, with different activities going on on your server, it will unlock a new facial expression of the dog, and you will be able to discover the change, and sometimes you might find the dog looking at your eyes.

Therefore, use the app and keep collecting all the stickers so that you can use them later.


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