If you are unaware of Discord, you should change your taste in choosing applications. Discord is considered one of the most popular international platforms for connecting digitally with everyone. Users can easily communicate with their friends via video calls, voice messages, private chats, etc. Moreover, some users don’t even know the full potential of Discord, and they stick to the app’s basic features.

In Discord, you have the option to strike through text using markdown language. Simply insert two tilde symbols (~) at both the beginning and end of the text you wish to have a line through.

Also, there are some other text formatting options available that you can use as per the situation. Thus, go through this complete guide to get the information about the same.

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How to Strike Out Text in Discord

The feature of text formatting allows you to make your message look more appealing and original. Your reader would be able to understand the feelings hidden behind the message. Moreover, it makes your intention clear about the text in the chatbox.

strikethorugh discord

If you are wondering how to cross out text in Discord, the following steps will take you through. Discord is available on desktop and as a mobile application for the user’s convenience. Therefore we will cover both systems as most things are quite similar.

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How to Cross out Text in Discord- Mobile Application

Follow the given steps to send the text after formatting it with the strike-thought option:

Step 1
First, you must install the Discord mobile application on your phone or tablet. It is available on Android (download Discord) and iOS (download Discord) devices.

install discord app

Step 2
Open the chat section in which you wish to send the desired text. You can view all the added chaos in the section present in the left column.

discord chat

You can always search for the desired name if you don’t find it. Ensure you are already connected with the chat thread before sending the message.

Step 3
Next, you must use the tilde sign (~) to make the text look like “Your text.” You have to put (~~) double tilde signs followed by entering the text in the message box. For instance, your text should look like “~~Text aabbcc~~.” Therefore, it will print on the screen as :

strike-through using tilde

Step 4
Finally, hit enter for the changes to apply to your text. Some users often complain as the text will look original while typing. However, the changes will be confirmed and seen on the screen as soon as you send it.

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How to Strike Out Text in Discord- Desktop Version

There are quite a few ways that allow you to use Discord on your PC or desktop windows. Users can download the Discord web application on their systems or directly go to their official website.

However, it would help if you prefer downloading the software as it is more convenient. It will even help you to enable custom notifications when you receive a message in your inbox.

The steps for the same are:

Step 1
First, you must download the Discord software and install it on the system. This also works if you use it on an internet browser through their official website.

discord web

Step 2
Open the application and go to the chat to send the message. Enter the text generally without any extra characters.

discord chatting

Step 3
Like the mobile version, you must use the tilde sign (~) to achieve the cross-out text. The key for the same is located below the Esc button on your keyboard. Press and hold the Shift button as you press the tilde sign key. For example, “~~Your Text is here~~.” The outcome will be:

cross out text using tilde

Step 4
Finally, you can view the editing after you press Enter to send the message on the other side of the chat. This method will only word to cross out in Discord-based applications or software.

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Combining Crossout Discord Text with Other Formattings

Users can also combine their cross-out text in Discord with another available formatting in the system. Various other types include Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.
The syntax for the respective formats is as follows:

Bold and Cross Out

Input- “**~~This is the text section~~**

bold strike-through

Italic and Cross Out

Input-“*~~ This is the text section~~*.”

italics cross-out

Underline and Cross Out

Input- “__~~This is the text section~~__

underlined cross-out

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How to cross out text in discord?

Crossing text in Discord is a straightforward task. You must put an approximation mark before and after the sentence; you must cross out; it is also known as the tilde key.

What is the shortcut for Strikethrough?

The shortcut key for strikethrough is Alt+D; you have to select the lines that you need to strike through and press the keys at once.

What are the other features that can be used with a strikethrough?

You can bold, underline and make the text italic using Asterix, underscores, and multiple underscores.

Where can I use a strikethrough application in Discord?

You can use a strikethrough method on a desktop and a mobile device, and the methods are almost the same everywhere.


Hence, this was everything you require to know to cross out text in Discord. This feature amazes your friends and makes the chats more appealing and innovative.

Try to be creative in using these formatting techniques!

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