Conan Exiles, launched in 2018 and developed by Funcom, is a rough game that has gained popularity among fight-lover gamers. This game is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC and provides the players with a real-world War experience with survival attempts and exploration.

Get the answer to the question: Is Conan Exiles cross-platform? Also, know about its features, cross-play status, community discussions, potential workarounds, and updated notifications. 

To be extremely precise, Conan Exiles does not support cross-platform play features. Moreover, no official statements have been issued by the officials regarding its updates to cross-platform.

Still, the gamers are discussing the potential benefits and workarounds for enabling cross-play in the future.

Let’s explore why Canon Exiles doesn’t have cross-play features and how players can enhance their gaming experience. Know more about community guidelines, gaming potential, and the evolution of the Canon Exiles. 

Conan Exiles: An Overview

It is necessary to dig deeper into the extreme features of the Conan Exiles to understand whether Conan Exiles cross-play Or not:

Survival is the key:

Conan Exiles is a sandbox survival game. It gives gamers a platform full of brutal and unforgiving people. The real challenge is to survive the barbarian universe. This game enhances the players’ feelings of power, struggle, and wilderness.

Available On:

Conan Exiles is available on multiple platforms :multiple platforms

PC: Conan Exiles is accessible across various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. 

PlayStation: The game is compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles.

XBox: It runs smoothly on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

A famous question floats among gamers: “Is Conan exiles cross-platform between Xbox and PS5?”. The answer is a definite NO.


Now let us get familiar with the brilliant features of the game:

  • Worldly presentation:

Conan Exile consists of well-detailed graphics from all over the world. From deserts to forests, this game gives the players a dynamic experience. 

  • Surviving tricks:

Players have to find their way to survive in the game. They can hunt for food, manage thirst, or kill dangerous creatures. The creativity of the game is endless. 

  • Building hands:

Conan Exiles does not only prefer battle actions but is also a creative game where players can build their own homes and shape personal domains to be safe. 

To know more about building homes in Conan Exile, visit House Building Games You Should Play This Winter Vacation.

  • Weapon creations:

Conan Exiles also allows players to create weapons, tools, and armor. They can also unseal the secrets of ancient technologies in the game. 

The Cross-Platform Debate: Bridging Gaming Divides

The developer of Conan Exiles, Funcom, faced the dilemma of creating a cross-platform. Their top priority was to balance inclusivity and competition among players in the gaming arena.conan exiles platform

Additionally, the Conan Exiles update as cross-platform play can bring the players a new zone of excitement. They will be more united across the platform in the game’s brutal open-world environment. 

Technical and other major hurdles restrict this engaging game from getting updates as cross-platform. 

Benefits of Cross-Platform Gaming in Conan Exiles:

It’s essential to know the benefits of cross-platform features on games and the need for an affirmative answer: Is Conan exiles cross-platform? Understand how such feature can give gamers a realistic approach: cross app development benefits

Including players:

The cross-platform feature allows players from different gaming platforms to join a team or opponents and play in a single lobby. Players from PC, Xbox, or PlayStation can join the server and play along with their friends regardless of their chosen platform. 

Wider Player coverage:

With the cross-platform, Conan Exile will allow players from different parts of the world at the ordinary level based on their performance. It will provide more dynamic and populated servers. 

Community Building: 

Cross-platform play can foster a stronger sense of community as players from various platforms can interact and collaborate within the game’s world.

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Challenges with Cross-Platforms

Now let’s understand the hurdles that negatively conclude the question, “Is Conan Exiles cross-platform?”:  challenges with cross platforms

Imbalance in competition:

Cross-platform might lead to an imbalance in competitive gaming as players over computers can have better feasibility than players with fewer hardware updates. It will show the lower gamer to suffer more in the competition. 

Controlling imbalances:

Players with consoles might need help operating compared to PC players who already have mouse and keyboard controls. Some games are limited in performance based on the playing platform. 

Technical issues:

Cross-platform can lead to technical and logical issues like synchronization of updates, hardware incapabilities, and other compatibility issues. 

Business issues:

Enabling cross-platform play often necessitates intricate negotiations among platform providers, game developers, and various stakeholders. These discussions can be complex, and there’s no guarantee that all parties will ultimately agree to support cross-platform functionality.

Official Statements on Cross-Platform Support

Here are some official statements to clear the confusion regarding “Is Conan exiles cross-play”: is conan exiles cross platform between xbox and ps4

  • Funcome, the game Conan Exiles developer, has restricted itself from giving statements or clarification regarding the cross-platform update in the game.
  • A tweet from 2019 discloses that officials have yet to make plans for updating Conan exiles to cross-platform. 
  • Whether Funcom will follow the lead of other survival and shooting games supporting cross-platform games like Rust and Final Fantasy XIV is still uncertain. 
  • Gamers who are desperately waiting for such updates must monitor official channels to check upcoming announcements from Funcom, as the gaming industry is subject to changes and updates.

Community Discussions on Cross Platforms

The Conan Exile Fanclub and gaming community admire the game so much that they have determined the absolute need for cross-platform over such games, as these updates could lead to unexplainable experiences. Let’s know why cross-platform is much needed:

Uplifting unity:

Gamers have realized that cross-platform can unite them as they share the same victories and failures. It will enhance the competition and trust level among them. It is the best way to make friends and have a good time together. 

Wider playing capacity:

Cross-platform games are engaging, and with themes of battle and survival, the fun received by the gamers will be fascinating. Such a platform will create a diverse pool and reduce waiting time in the lobbies. 

Competitive skills development:

Gamers will encounter other players, and a sense of competition and dedication will arise. They’ll acknowledge the challenges and hurdles and try to control the disparities. 

Optimistic approach:

Gamers still have high hopes from the developers to update Conan Exile. They hope developers will address the complexities and bring cross-platform functionality to more games.

Community-Driven Solutions: 

In the absence of official support, certain players advocate for community-driven solutions and third-party tools as a means to facilitate cross-platform play. It highlights the gaming community’s strong commitment to the concept.

Workarounds for Cross-Platform Play: Exploring Possibilities

Have you ever heard about workarounds? A method to overcome certain limitations, especially when no straightforward answer is available. Gamers have been following such procedures on different games for so long.

Now, can you play Conan Exiles cross-platform through workarounds? Read further to know more:

Cloud Streaming Services: 

Following cloud gaming services like Google Stadia NVIDIA GeForce NOW is a great idea to enable cross-platform play. These platforms have varieties of the latest games and can fill the gap between different gaming ecosystems.

Third-party tools:

Third-party tools or games can also enable cross-platform play efficiently. These tools help the gamer to connect to different platforms even when it’s not officially supported. 

Input-Based Matchmaking:

Input-based matchmaking is used by gamers who match themselves with others with the same controller. It means that a keyboard user will match with another keyboard user. It is not an actual cross-platform play, but it still manages to help levelling up in the lobbies.

Community Servers: 

Cross-platforms are also provided in some community servers. Community members themselves host these servers, providing an avenue for gamers to experience cross-play within specific communities.

Developer Initiatives: 

Developers may introduce cross-play events or modes, even if the feature is not permanently integrated into the game. These events can provide players with a taste of cross-platform play.

Pros and Cons of Using Workarounds for Cross-Platform Play:

Workarounds do help gamers achieve cross-platform features in an alternative way. Let’s understand the benefits and losses of such workarounds: pros and cons of cross platform play


  • Workarounds broaden the interface to indulge players from different platforms altogether. It increases the pool of potential players. 
  • Such workarounds form sincere gaming communities. They excel in gaming and showcase their talent to the real world. 
  • Workarounds can provide a relatively quick solution to enjoying cross-platform gaming without waiting for official developer support.


  • Workarounds are majorly unofficial, meaning the source might need to be more credible. They need official statements, which further lead to instability, compatibility issues, and a risk of bans.
  • Workarounds may sometimes lag and need help to work properly. As an unofficial feature, they may need to be more reliable or require technical expertise to set up.
  • Workarounds don’t provide a fair interface to play. The different hardware controls in the gaming experience often create an imbalance between players. 
  • Using third-party tools or unofficial solutions can pose security risks, potentially exposing personal information or compromising the integrity of your gaming experience.

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The Future of Cross-Platform Play in “Conan Exiles”

Conan Exile, the favourite of every gamer, is still tangled in the thread of hopes regarding its development as a cross-platform. Here are the rumours and statements regarding it:cross platform

  • Rumors: Rumours have spread that Conan Exile might support cross-platform. These rumors often originate from players’ aspirations for a more interconnected gaming experience.
  • Official statement: The question remains: Will Conan Exiles be cross-platform? Funcom, in response, is still silent over the rising demand of players to switch to cross-platform. 
  • A tweet from 2019 by the officials stated that none of such updates would come across over Conan Exile.
  • Community discussions: The community constantly focuses on potential benefits and improvements in Conan Exile. Players hope for a more inclusive multiplayer experience.


Is Conan Exiles cross-platform between xbox and PS4

Conan Exiles did not support cross-platform play between Xbox and PS4.

Can I play Conan Exiles on Steam and Xbox?

You can't play Conan Exiles on Steam and Xbox as a cross-platform.

Can you Cross-play GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) does not officially support cross-platform play. The game's online multiplayer modes are typically separated by platform, with no direct cross-play functionality between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players.

Is Conan exile free?

Conan exiles are free on Steam stores. Conan Exiles is not accessible for free over other platforms. The paid version is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.


To summarize, giving a straightforward answer to the question “Is Conan exiles cross-platform?” concludes that the most adventurous survival game of all time does not support the cross-platform play feature.

The rising demand in the gaming industry for such a feature still needs to bring an official statement from Funcom, the developers. The game status, workarounds, and community efforts can still stay the same. 

The verdict remains that “Conan Exiles” lacked cross-platform capabilities. Nonetheless, the ever-changing nature of the gaming industry implies that circumstances could transform over time.

Therefore, Players interested in the latest developments regarding cross-platform support in the game should continue monitoring official channels and Funcom announcements for any potential updates.

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