The season of Winter is here so are the Winter Vacations. Everyone will be going home together, and one should play some games to ensure bonding and fun among the family members. And what can be better than playing some house-building games?

house building games

In this post, we’ll discuss 16 crazy house-building games you should play this winter vacation to keep boredom away and to have crazy, unlimited fun to make your winter vacations memorable. In the end, I will answer some of your doubts related to the house-building games that might pop up in your head after reading this article.

Besides, when you want to stay at home and enjoy games, a house-building game can also be a tremendous creative pursuit. Though many use these house-building games to entertain themselves, these games can significantly help increase one’s creativity and architectural knowledge and allow everyone to develop a deeper bond on an emotional level with each.

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Crazy House Building Games

Let’s read about the 16 crazy house-building games you should play this Winter Vacation:

Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a build-a-home game. In Don’t Starve, besides making a house from scratch, you are allowed to create a lovely home for the character by erecting walls around the house to protect the inhabitants of the house.

don't starve

It has features like applying flooring to keep unwanted visitors to the house at bay and increasing character movements like speed and precision.

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7 Days to Die

It is one of the most famous house-building games for PC; contrary to its title, it is all about survival. Along with your co-players, you will find yourself in the most dangerous and unexpected situations, like being caught up among the zombies and all things.

7 days to die

The only way you’ll be able to survive is by building a house that will also act as your base in later stages. This game is giving Amazon safari vibes, yo! You can use anything available out there in the way you like to build a structure called a house.

Conan Exiles

It is an online multiplayer house-building simulator game. It has the backdrop of Conan’s cruel and brutal universe: The Barbarian. Here, not just beasts and monsters are stopping you from building your house and threatening your life, but the other online players will also be a challenge you have to solve.

conan exiles

You must make a house from scratch from the available material to protect yourself and your family. Survival is not easy in this game, but thanks, there are procedures so that zombies and your other co-players couldn’t destroy the house you built after putting in so much hard work.

Check out this article to know more about Conan Exiles.

My Time at Portia (House Building Games)

It’s another fantastic housebuilder game. The storyline is that you’re a builder who is reopening the old workshop of his father’s in the town of Portia. And you have to do and plan out all types of construction that builder dos and make money from it. Along with building other houses, you can also rebuild your workshop, as it’s in a dilapidated state due to years of closure.

my time at portia

As you make money, you can also update the interiors of the workshop time-to-time. This game is perfect f you’re looking forward to playing a house-building game with children below ten years.

Lego Bricks

Much like Lego bricks in real life, it’s a build your own houses game. Just like in real life, we have a lot of Lego bricks, and we can build an infinite number of structures using these bricks.

lego bricks

This game gives its players creative freedom and one just game that enhances their architectural knowledge. Besides creating the house of your dreams, players have recreated famous architectural structures worldwide and are now pricing them with NFTs!


This game doesn’t follow a linear storyline like most house-building games, making it stand out among the crowd. Be it a thief, a builder, a farmer, or an enslaved person, you can be given any character, and you have to train them to build their house and prepare them to be a warrior.


This game provides a lot of freedom to its players to do whatever they like, but you must be ready to face the unexpected. It’s a simulator-based game.

Minecraft (House Building Games)

This game is made for PC devices, but given its high demand, its android and ios versions have been released recently, but the PC version is equipped with better features to enhance your house-building experience. Just build anything from a simple house to luxurious villas using the small blocks.


You will provide all the tools needed to start with the construction of your home, but you have to do it all by yourself. You have to find the appropriate piece of land to level it, and you must also protect yourself from the baddies.

The Sims

This game offers you an opportunity to design every feature of your house in detail giving you an experience of building a house in real-time.

the sims

Playing in a group with your family is more attractive as you will be discussing and figuring out what color of tiles you should opt for flooring and what should be roofing. This game also has many architectural structures, from rural houses to luxurious castles built and designed in great detail. So, whenever you want to develop, tune in to this game.

House Flipper (House Building Games)

As the name suggests, flip the house. Players are provided with tools and homes that are in dilapidated states.

house flipper

You must remodel, restructure and redesign these houses using the provided tools, so the house can again become inhabitable. Players can earn money in the game after selling these newly remodeled houses.


It is an open game with a large popularity base. You have to buy a piece of land and build your house over that land bit by bit while protecting and fighting against the dragons and demons who are there to threaten your life.


It’s an open game, so don’t expect your co-players to be much supportive of your vision to survive in this deadly game.

Prison Architect

The central theme of the game is based on a prison. As the name suggests, you have to build a prison from scratch, including everything in prison, like a cafeteria, workshop, and cells.

prison architect

It would be best if you always keep in mind that you’re building a prison that houses some dangerous criminals all over the country. It’s not as easy as it looks. The surprise and horror elements of the game make it more interesting. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance-From the Ashes

This game is set in the medieval period. You will play the role of a peasant in a war-trodden land. You have to begin rebuilding your life there.

kingdom come

Also, you must fight against the enemies who will destroy your house and threaten your existence in the game. It seems like an exciting game to play.

Cities: Skylines

Are you bored of house-building games? Then this game is for you! Build and design entire cities in this exciting game, Cities: Skyline.

cities skylines

You can play solo and in a group, and it’s one of the games you should play in a group. It’s amusing when you be discussing what to build and where. It’s an open-end game with no end, so the scores in-game depend upon residents who will reside in your city. So, go ahead and build your city of dreams! 

Fallout 4

This series is all focused on survival in a post-apocalyptic world. But the difficult task here is not creating houses and cities but protecting these against the cruel attackers.


fallout 4

You can build your home. You can also create entire cities with an economy to defend against the attackers.


This game is here to satiate your hunger for architecture quest. The backdrop of RimWorld is on a distant planet.


You have to begin from scratch to build a colony and house to have people survive. But watch out for the attacks from aliens and unprecedented challenges on the planet. The game offers many customization options and other exciting elements to make the game enthralling.


The game combines all the elements of thrill and excitement and takes you down inside the ocean’s depths.


The main storyline of Subnautica is that your ship drowned, and now you are in the sea, and you have to begin from scratch. Besides building underwater houses, you can also develop submarines and attack ships to fight against the demons of the water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are my device's requirements to play these house-building games?

Not much; your device should have a good RAM capacity and processor to play these games. You might need a simulator in the form of PlayStation if you're playing a simulator-based house building game.

Where can I get these house-building games for PC?

You can download these games online on your PC, and some of the games are available online. You need to go to that particular site to play that game. Microsoft Windows, Mac Os, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 are some platforms from which you can download these games.

What do you mean by an open game? Are we going to fight with other co-players in person?

No, open games mean you will play against different persons or groups of persons sitting in different corners of the world; you need not meet them in person for this. Your identity will be kept private in the game, and neither is theirs to you. You are provided with a pseudo name to play as a player in these games.

Conclusion (House Building Games)

I have discussed some of the crazy and exciting house buildings that will make your winter vacations more exciting and provide a surreal experience with gaming. So, I hope you find this article about “build your own houses games” helpful. Also, a very Happy Winter Vacations to you all from my side.

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