Let’s discuss a fantastic and mystical game. We are talking about Civilization; be mindful it is not history; it is a video game. When you play Civilization, an incredible thing happens. You are still you, but you are also something more, something extraordinary. You become one of the immortal leaders of the world, the chosen ones whose names echo through the ages. So we have compiled a list of games like Civilization so you can continue to be legendary.


Whether you have been playing Civilization for 30 years or three months, your deeds are legendary, and across the world, everyone shall hear of you throughout the internet. You no longer follow the course of history; bend it to your will. You can tell the Vikings to fly, let the mines to the moon, give Babylon a part of the bay, discover every technology from the wheel to the laser. Shape the world as per your choice. An excellent game, isn’t it? Let us spiral down a list that consists of strategy games like Civilization. 

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders is very much similar to games like Civilization. It has been around for a long time now, and there are several versions of it. Planetfall is the version where we get to experience the Civilization of an alien planet.

age of wonders planetfall
age of wonders planetfall

You had the opportunity to build everything from the start on this fantastic planet. If you are looking for games like Civilization for PS4, then this is the best choice. 

Download: Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Endless Legend

We need to build an ideal plan on space in the war. A perfect strategy can either restore everything or destroy everything. Endless Legend is based on this exact principle. It is a game that is accessible on PC, especially Windows.

endless legend
endless legend

Download: Endless Legend

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

A simple yet not so simple game like Civilization is Sigma Theory: Global Cold War. You get to develop a strategy that will save your nation. But it’s not easy; you need to use the advanced and upcoming technological weapons to defeat the enemy nations fighting armies while defending your country diplomatically on the other end. This game is also accessible through PC.

sigma theory global cold war
sigma theory global cold war

Download: Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

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Europa Universalis 4

Like the game Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, we need an ideal strategy that can either stop the war or alleviate it further.

europa universalis 4
europa universalis 4

There are several versions of this game, and the latest is Europa Universalis 4. Europa Universalis 4 falls under games like Civilization which will take us on to a whole new world.

Download: Europa Universalis 4

Total War: Three Kingdoms

An empire, long divided, must unite. Significant dynasty burns, and tyrants rule over the ashes. As the light dims, shadows grow ever darker; ambition corrupts the future and harmony shutters in the flame of turmoil. Yet, from the cinders, the powerful and the righteous emerge. We must plan a strategy that will either unite or divide the three kingdoms. Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of the games like Civilization, which will blow our minds.

total war three kingdoms
total war three kingdoms

Download: Total War: Three Kingdoms

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In the list of the most sought out games like Civilization, Freeciv will always have its place. An ancient game that dates back to 1999, and yet, it is very relevant to the contemporary strategy gaming world. It is free to play and can be accessed through any platform. It has a multiplayer mode as well.


Download: Freeciv

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

Control the future of humankind; this is the aim of the game Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. Apply an ideal strategy that will control the future of us. Every step we take, every move we make will decide the upcoming fate of humans. It is also a franchise of the developers of Civilization similar to games like civ6.

sid meier's alpha centauri
sid meier’s alpha centauri

Download: Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

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If we are searching for ps4 games like Civilization, Stellaris is the best find. We can play this game on multiple platforms like Mac, Xbox One, Linux, PS4, etc. You get to experience significant visual effects and high-end graphics in this game. It is one of the best strategy games.


Download: Stellaris 

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Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion

Grab the opportunity to become a Rome leader and take part in changing the landscape of the city. Use the power of religions, war, preachings that can either build the city or wreak haven. We need to use the best possible strategy that can change the dynamics of the entire Rome.

rome total war barbarian invasion
rome total war barbarian invasion

Download: Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion


This is not as significant as strategy games like Civilization, but its visual effects are pretty impressive.


We can find this game on Steam. We will have an army of dangerous creatures using which we can create a new world. But the world we have is a gloomy and ancient one. 

Download: Gloomhaven

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Strategy games?

Strategy games use our mind skills that can either build or destroy the situation. It will be entirely upon the player to decide on the course of play that will determine our victory. 


In this TechWhoop article, we looked at the top ten games, which are very much in line with the legendary and epic Civilization. Put your best strategic skills to deal with the situations that you come across. Be assured that these games will put your skills to the test and provide you with lots of fun. All the games mentioned above are fun to play and very exciting. You can share it with your friends and enjoy unlimited entertainment. 

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