If you are a core PS4 player, you might have trouble connecting a PS4 to a Chromebook. But do you know how to connect ps4 to Chromebook? Look no further; this blog can help you with the right steps.

To connect your PS4 to a Chromebook, make sure both are on the same Wi-Fi. Then, open Chrome and go to Settings > Link Devices > Add Device > Playstation. Enter the code on your PS4 and wait a moment. Done!


This blog will cover how to connect ps4 to Chromebook, some straightforward steps, some quick FAQs, etc. Don’t forget to check out some PS4 Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

Bring Your PS4 Gaming Experience to Your Chromebook

With the Remote Play feature, you can stream your favorite ps4 remote play on Chromebook, allowing you to play games wherever you go with a Wi-Fi connection. This guide will find the simple steps that require connecting your PS4 to your Chromebook for an uninterrupted gaming experience. ps4To connect a PS4 to a Chromebook, you need an HDMI cable and a TV with an HDMI input. Connect the Chromebook to the other end of the HDMI cable and the PS4 to the other end. Change the TV input to the HDMI port, which attaches to the PS4. From your Chromebook, control the PS4 with the DualShock controller or a different controller. Enjoy using your Chromebook’s screen to play PS4 games.

Easy Steps To How To Connect PS4 To Chromebook?

It only takes a few simple steps to connect a Chromebook and a PS4. Ensure your Chromebook can output HDMI before you begin, and turn on and connect your PS4 to your TV.


To connect your PS4 to an HDMI cable,ps4 hdmi

you must first insert the cable into the HDMI Out connector on the back of the console.

HDMI Cable

The HDMI port on your Chromebook inserts once the other end of the HDMI cable has a link to the other end of your HDMI cable.chromebook hdmi If your Chromebook lacks an HDMI port, you should purchase an adaptor.

Change The Input On Your TV

Your TV’s input should now be set to the HDMI port your PS4 links to.selecting hdmi Finally, The ps remote play Chromebook screen should now be visible on your TV.

Set Up Audio

If you have a sound system linked to your TV, you should be able to hear the audio from your PS4 through your speakers.speakers If not, you may need to connect the audio output from your TV to your sound system.

Control Your PS4 With Your Chromebook

Use the DualShock 4 controller with your PS4 to operate it. You can pair the controller with your Chromebook if that Chromebook has Bluetooth capabilities.dualshock4 Also, you can purchase a third-party controller that supports USB connectivity.

Play PS4 On Chromebook

Once you successfully link your PS4 to your Chromebook and set up audio,chromebook gaming

you can start playing your PS4 games. Also, check out our guide if your PS4 Controller Keeps Disconnecting From PC.

Connect Your PS4 In Minutes With These Simple Steps

For Chromebook ps4 remote play Connecting your PS4 and Chromebook to the same Wi-Fi network is crucial in using Remote Play to stream your PS4 games on your Chromebook.

This way, both devices can communicate and stream the video and audio from your PS4 to your Chromebook. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for joining your Chromebook and PS4 to the same Wi-Fi network:

Connect Your Chromebook To Wi-Fi

Click the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom right corner of the taskbar and choose your Wi-Fi network from the available networks to connect your Chromebook to a Wi-Fi network. After providing the network password, press the Connect button.chromebook wifi Finally, Your Chromebook should link to the Wi-Fi network.

Connect Your PS4 To Wi-Fi

To create a wireless connection on your PS4, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection. After selecting Wi-Fi as the connection method, select your Wi-Fi network from the list of accessible networks. Be sure to enter the network password before clicking the Connect button.ps4 wifi

Your PS4 should now be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Verify That Both Devices Are Linked To The Same Network

To verify that your Chromebook and PS4 link to the same Wi-Fi network, go to Settings > Network on your PS4 and check the network status. Check which Wi-Fi network connects with your Chromebook by clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar’s lower right corner.network ps4

If both devices are connected to the same network, you are ready to move on to the following step.

Test The Network Connection

To test the network connection between your Chromebook and PS4, go to Settings > Network on your PS4 and click on the Test Internet Connection option. This will test your PS4’s internet connection and show you the results.test internet ps4

If the test is successful, your Chromebook and PS4 are linked to the same Wi-Fi network and ready to use Remote Play.


If you encounter any issues while connecting your Chromebook and PS4 to the same Wi-Fi network, try restarting both devices and trying again.chromebook restart Furthermore, Chromebook uses the Remote Play feature. Follow the on-screen directions to connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromebook on your PS4 by going to Settings > Network and following the instructions. Finally, Your Chromebook will be able to play PS4 games if you are successful.

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What is PS4 Remote Play on Chromebook?

PS4 Remote Play allows you to stream and play your PS4 games on a different device, including a Chromebook.

Can you play ps4 on a chromebook?

Yes, playing PS4 games on a Chromebook through the PS4 Remote Play feature is possible. Both devices must use an identical Wi-Fi network.

Do I require an HDMI cable to connect my PS4 to my Chromebook?

No, an HDMI cable is not necessary. PS4 Remote Play streams games from your PS4 to your Chromebook over a Wi-Fi connection.

Can I use a third-party controller for PS4 Remote Play on my Chromebook?

Yes, using a third-party controller or the DualShock 4 controller with your Chromebook is possible when utilizing PS4 Remote Play.

What are the games to play with a controller on chromebook?

Any PS4 game compatible with PS4 Remote Play can be played using a controller on your Chromebook.


In conclusion, we now hope you can connect ps4 to your Chromebook! It is now possible to play PS4 games on a Chromebook using ps4 remote play Chromebook over Wi-Fi without an HDMI cable.

Finally, You can use a third-party or DualShock 4 controller with your Chromebook to play games.

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