Do you know how to connect xbox controller to ps4? Well, you shouldn’t stress over it. We do, however, have your back. The Xbox Controller has many features, and utilizing it with your PS4 is entertaining, but the real issue is how you can connect the Xbox controller to the PS4.

Connecting an Xbox controller to a PS4 can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, there are multiple methods available to help you accomplish this task. Let’s explore the four straightforward ways to connect an Xbox controller to a PS4:

  1. Micro USB cable: Connect the Xbox controller to the PS4 using a micro USB cable.
  2. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Adapter: Get an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Adapter to connect your Xbox 360 controller to the PS4 wirelessly. Configure the controller in the PS4 settings.
  3. Bluetooth: If both your Xbox controller and PS4 support Bluetooth, pair them by pressing the PS and Share buttons on the PS4 controller and the Xbox button on the Xbox controller.
  4. Remote Play feature: Use the Remote Play feature on your PS4 to enable compatibility with Xbox controllers on iOS and Windows devices.

This article will give a comprehensive guide on how to connect xbox controller to ps4. So keep reading this to get the info about the Xbox controller for ps4.

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4 ways To Connect Xbox Controller to PS4

It can be perplexing to connect an Xbox controller to PS4, particularly if you have tried it for the first time. Multiple techniques can be used to solve your trouble- “Can the Xbox controller connect to PS4″. Also, check this out to watch Showbox on Xbox.

ps4 and xbox controller

Let’s learn about how to connect xbox controller to ps4. So, let’s have a glance!

Through a Micro USB cable

Just attach the cable to your controller and connect it to the PS4’s USB port.

ps4 controller connect through usb

Let us explain the process- 

  1. If you have Xbox control, you can connect it to PS4. 
  2. By paying for an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Adapter, you can utilize your Xbox 360 controller with a PS4. With the assistance of this adapter, you can wirelessly connect your Xbox 360 controller to your PS4 system.
  3. You will have to configure it in the PS4 setting once you have done with the controller connection. To perform this process, go to Setting>Device>External Device and tap the Configure button next to your Xbox controller
  4. Select the “Gamepad” in the Configuration menu and then the controller setting. 
  5. You can alter the switch mapping and distinct controller settings from this point. Once you are accomplished, click “OK” to save your modifications
  6. Now you can play ps4 with Xbox one controller.

By Utilizing Bluetooth 

The second method to do it is by utilizing Bluetooth. You must keep a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controller and a PS4 that backs Bluetooth connections to perform this task. Accordingly, when you are done with those things, click and press the PS and Share switch on your PS4 controller til the flash on the front of the controller turns on blinking.

xbox controller to ps4

Therefore, get on to your Xbox controller and click and press hold the “Xbox” switch til the flash/light on the controller begins winking. Later, connect both devices, and you will be capable of utilizing your Xbox controller with your PS4. By this, you can connect your Xbox controller to the PS4.

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By using Remote Play Feature on Your PS4

Are you also questioning that “will an Xbox controller work on PS4″? Here we have another method to connect the Xbox controller to the PS4 using the remote play feature. 

This fantastic feature lets users enable the Xbox controller on several iOS and Windows operating systems. 

Your paired device will be ready to build the connection between PlayStation consoles and Xbox controllers by configuring the Remote Play Feature on the gaming console. When asked if can you connect a Xbox controller to a ps4, you can take place on some steps to configure the remote play feature:

  1. Go to Settings on your PlayStation Gaming Console and turn on the access remote play feature.
  2. Once more, look at the Enable setting in Remote Play from Settings. Open Accounts Management by going to Settings on the console.
  3. Click Confirm after selecting Activate As Your Primary PS4 controller connection
  4. Install the Remote Play App on your PC after downloading it.
  5. Create a PlayStation account on the computer.
  6. Look for PS4 consoles that are prepared, then pair your PS4 with a PC. (If the PC stops automatically connecting, use the Pair Through and Device option.)

The procedure can be twisted for individuals who need to learn about arranging a wireless connection. Nonetheless, if you thoroughly proceed with each point, there will be no crucial problems during the procedure.

By using a Wireless or Wired Connection

For connecting the Xbox controller to ps4, Utilizing an adapter that gives wireless and wired connectivity choices is the simplest means to pair the Xbox controller to PS4. MayFlash Magic S-pro is one of the incredible adapters for both wired and wireless connection choices. The device brings about it highly straightforward for the user to pair. The adapter’s updated firmware utilizes Bluetooth to create the wireless connection. 

The user is nonetheless limited to a particular range from the adaptor. The adapter will unconnected the controller and console if you move beyond the pair set. You can also Check out Why Is My PS4 Controller Blinking Blue | Complete Guide.

Here are a few steps to pair the adapter with a wireless connection.

  1. Open the gaming set-up and pair the Magic S Pro with the pro.
  2. Click and press the X button on the console to enable it to pair with the adapter. connecting xbox to ps4
  3. Then hold on to the button till you find the blinking LED light. When the light turns on, it means the connection is confirmed.

Both the adapter and Internet connection adapter function similarly. Follow these steps just right away to create a sustainable connection

  • Occasionally, you may encounter problems while getting the adapter on the gaming console.
  • If you face this problem, the straightforward manner is to reset the adapter and press long on the control buttons for a long while. 
  • A similar adapter can connect with wires. 
  • The wires set a better safe, and strong connection, enabling you to keep a fun gaming experience.
  • The motion capacity is greatly more limited when attached to the wire. 

Now, you answer: can Xbox controller connect to ps4?

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Why is my Xbox controller not working properly with my adapter, and what is the cause?

Have you checked to see which Xbox controllers the purchased adaptor works with? Many people either don't offer wifi assistance or, if they do, they do it very poorly. Most adapters do not support third-party controllers. Others refuse to acknowledge either too old or too contemporary controllers. In any case, carefully review the adapter's website before purchasing. Please test your controller once more to ensure proper operation.

Why does my Xbox controller have poor functionality?

Having a wireless controller. You'll have to research this. It resolves the firmware issue and eliminates its source. Consequently, there is a firmware issue. If you wire the controller, there might be an issue with the adapter. There is a crack in your adapter, in addition to quality control issues that have nothing to do with the product.

What to do to reduce input lag?

The best method for dealing with input lag is undoubtedly acceptable. Examining your adapter's customer reviews and carefully examining what other users say about it are fantastic ways to do so. Positive evaluations come from those who mention the specific controller they are using. Do your homework to choose the best adapter because each differs from the others.

Is connecting an Xbox Controller to a PS4 easy?

You can comprehend how to link an Xbox controller to a PlayStation 4. Pair it with ease and accuracy.


This was a simple guide where you can see how to connect xbox controller to ps4. With the help of an adapter or Remote Play feature, you can utilize an Xbox controller on PS4. However, by promptly pairing to the PS4, you would need more time to be ready to access the Xbox controller.

Among the pairing alternatives mentioned above, attaching the controller through a wired and wireless connection is the most excellent option. The adapter gets to at a reasonable cost, and the pairing procedure is more manageable than all the additional techniques.

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