Usually, PC storage becomes low after downloading files, images, videos, or more. Getting games under 4GB for low-storage PCs is a great deal. Let’s learn about some best 4 GB RAM PC games via this article. 

Games like PUBG lite, Witcher 2, Outlast 2, and more are some famous 4 gigabytes RAM PC. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Far Cry (2004), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are examples of without graphic cards with 4 GB RAM PC games. Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant are free PC games. 

To gain in-depth knowledge about 4 GB RAM PC games, learn through this article thoroughly. Let’s grasp ideas about some such interesting games without delay. 

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5 Best Games For 4 GB RAM PC- An Overview

Usually, most games require a lot of space to download. You can also download some PC games with 4GB RAM. They work smoothly even in this space; let’s learn about some best games explained here as follows. 


An available internet fighting game for portable devices developed by PUBG Organization, particularly for less expensive Android phones, is entitled PUBG Mobile Lite. The “rounded” variation of the well-known battle royale simulation is called PUBG Mobile Lite, and it becomes playable on Windows, Android, iOS, plus Mac. Among the best games for a 4GB RAM PC is PUBG Lite. You will be required to go through it step by step for installation. pubg lite

  • Visit the Gameloop website.
  • Get the most recent version.
  • On your computer, launch Gameloop.
  • Look for PUBG Mobile Lite in the store of the emulator.
  • To add PUBG Mobile Lite to your digital collection, click Download.
  • Hold off while the game downloads.

Download: PUBG Lite

Witcher 2

Apart from the extra features exclusive to this game edition, the overall game sequence shares many features. The following are some of the characteristics of this game version: witcher2

  • The story is immersive, mature, and nonlinear.
  • It is now possible to indulge in the vast, nonlinear, emotionally-charged plot, which is situated in a fantasy-filled universe unlike any other. You may attempt setting out on a difficult, protracted expedition where each choice could have dire repercussions. Playing continuously for over 40 hours with 4 origins and 16 conclusions has become a thrilling experience.
  • Combat that is ruthless, magnificent, and decisive
  • You may use a combat system that synergistically combines rapid action and highly sophisticated RPG tactics.

Any platform is usable to play the game, and there are no additional costs. You only need to download and install the game file to enjoy the game across any gadget you choose. Let’s try to learn more about 4GB RAM games. 

For those seeking thrilling tactical gameplay, delve into popular titles like PUBG Lite, Witcher 2, and Valorant download for an immersive gaming experience.

Download: Witcher 2

Outlast 2

Red Barrels created and released Outlast 2, a 2017 first-person gothic horror surviving computer game. The two are professional journalists ready to take chances and sift through information to find stories nobody else would dare approach. Overall, the Requirements essential for installing Outlast 2 are here as follows.outlast2

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 64-bit OS.
  • Intel Core i3-530 processor.
  • RAM size: 4 GB.
  • 1GB VRAM graphics from an ATI Radeon HD 4870 or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260.
  • 10th version of DirectX.
  • 30 GB of storage is available.
  • DirectX-compatible sound card
  • Targeting 720p at 30 frames per second.

Download: Outlast 2

Borderlands 3

The fourth primary instalment and sixth overall in Gearbox Device’s Borderlands game franchise is Borderlands 3. The classic shooter-looter is back with many new weapons and a mayhem-filled adventure! Once acquired, the game will always be accessible to download via the Epic Games Center account. Do you know the steps to play this game? Come on, let’s try to go through these steps to achieve our objective.borderlands 3 game

  • Firstly, Click the button below to get the Borderlands 3 PC Installer.rar file.
  • Utilising WinRAR, extract a document onto your desktop.
  • Following the download button click, run the.exe file.
  • Wait for the game installer to download before following the instructions.
  • After completing the installation, click SETTINGS to modify the game’s settings.
  • Play the game.

Download: Borderlands 3

Prince of Persia

 Access the 2008 video game Prince of Persia for the Windows PC from the Ubisoft website. Among the 4Gb RAM PC games list is the Prince of Persia. Overall,  Prince of Persia elevates the franchise to high levels with a brand-new Prince story, captivating environments, engaging combat, and the addition of Elika, a dangerous new ally. Having just started this game, your assistance is below. pop warriors

  1. Use Winrar to retrieve your file. (Obtain Winrar)winrar
  2. Quintuple “Configure” in the “Prince Of Persia 2 – Warrior Within” directory to launch the installation process.pop2 winrar
  3. Navigate to the game’s configuration folder only after you install the application.pop2 application Access the folder by double-clicking the “POP2” symbol to play the game. 

Download: Prince of Persia

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4 GB RAM PC Games List- Without Graphic Card

You can play some games without graphics cards smoothly. Playing games without graphic cards is usually rare but is not impossible. Moreover, Below is a list of some of the best 4 GB RAM PC games you can play without using a graphics card. 

Assassin Creed: Revelations

Online gaming Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, released in 2011, was created by Ubisoft Montreal, a division of Ubisoft. The fourth key game in the sequence, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, is a worthy successor to and joined Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood in revelations

Desmond Miles’ journey is continued in Revelations after the actions of such earlier games caused him to become comatose. Desmond needs to experience the final critical recollections of his predecessor, the Assassin Instructor Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who searched for Altar Ibn-hidden La’Ahad’s library in 1511 for him to reawaken.

Download: Assassins Creed: Revelations

Far Cry (2004)

Created by Crytek and Ubisoft, the 1st shooter game, Far Cry‘s release was in 2004. The game, situated inside a remote tropical archipelago, centres on legendary American special forces agent Jack Carver’s search for Valerie Constantine, a female reporter who travelled with him to the beaches and then vanished when a mercenary sank their boat.far cry

It acts as the first chapter of the Far Cry series. 

Download: Far Cry (2004)

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 

Vice City represents the finest diversified, fully, and vibrant virtual city. It consists of a gigantic metropolitan expanse that spans from the seashore to marshes and the glam of the ghetto.gta vc

Basically, You are offered the chance to assume charge of a community filled with pleasures and depravity in this nonlinear game that combines gaming with a protagonist story.

Download: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1st shooting computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a component of the Response franchise. It must have been released to the general public on August 12, 2011, and was created by Hidden Path Entertainment with Valve Corporation.csgo

Subsequently, on August 21, 2012, the game was eventually made available as a downloadable for something like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and, afterwards, Linux.

Download: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Free Games For 4GB RAM Computer To Download

Some best 4 GB RAM PC games also make themselves freely downloadable. To gain more about such games, read further thoroughly. 

Dota 2

You’ll already be able to study under the greatest while not moving to the next level. The Dota Pro Circuit often streams Super duper-grade Dota 2 tournaments via Twitch and Steam.TV, and also the game client.dota 2

Finally, The International Professional Dota 2 tournament, which culminates with the biggest e-sports champions league in history, is an occasion that should be noticed.

Download: Dota 2

League of Legends

The tournament’s inclusion with Game Pass is not really a big issue on its own, nor are Riot Games’ existing games, notably Valorant and Legends of Runeterra.league of legends

You can play League of Legends for complimentary; purchasing a Game Pass will only spare you cash. If you are facing an error while opening League of Legends, check out this article!

Download: League of Legends


You may explore and install Valorant for nothing on a PC. Users must first load the original installer, which is roughly 100 megabytes in size, to set up the game on one’s computer.valorant

The League of Legends and other Riot games share the same installer.

Download: Valorant

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Can you work your best 4 GB ram pc games?

Although you can run games on a 4GB ram PC, it won’t give you the best quality performance.

What more do you require with a 4GB ram PC?

Users will require a 2GB graphics card and an i3 processor for gaming with the best experience.

Can you run games under 4GB ram PC?

Yes, running some games under a 4GB ram PC is possible smoothly.

What results do ram have on gaming?

The processing speed and effect quality improve when you have more ram.


There are numerous best 4 GB RAM PC games that you can also play on low-storage desktops. You can download some games for free, while some are at low to high prices. Some games will need graphics, while some do not require them. You can play smoothly with 4GB RAM games like Valorant, Prince of Persia, League of Legends, and more.

Deleting unnecessary files is also important for maintaining the productivity of your RAM, which can help your PC work fast and enjoy the games seamlessly. So, it is a pro tip that you should use the best RAM cleaners to delete all useless files.

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