The information that a brand-new Fable might be part of the upcoming Xbox series video games line-up has us longing for a long time. There’s no comparison with Fable’s right blend of slight portraying, real-time fight, and fascinating myth settings. But, we can find tremendous titles that are equally enjoyable. We’ll list some video games like Fable so that you can have a fun-filled 2021. We are hoping we get to revel in Fable’s medieval antics all yet again.


We have quite a few games with us right here for their magical worlds, which can take us on a fun-filled ride. Also, we have few others that entertain us with satire. Most provide you with the same revel in portrayal and decision-making skills that help us excel. You’ll discover the RPG staples that Fable helped popularise, collectively with a real-time fight, sprinkled in the course of this list, too. Without any further ado, let’s dive into games like Fable in their order of ranking.

#1 The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls is one of the games like Fable on Steam. Dive into an ever-expanding virtual world with millions of gamers and games in thousands. Customize your Armor, your role, and your surroundings according to your imagination. Grab the chance to tame mythical creatures of the game such as Flying dragons, giants and use them to fight your enemies. 

the elder scrolls game
The Elder Scrolls Game

Don’t let go of the opportunity to explore the planet of “Tamriel- A mystical land.” Dive into the thrilling experience with friends and enjoy the Elder Scrolls. You can buy this game from Steam. Windows and Mac support it but need a 64- bit processor with good internet connectivity.

#2 World of Warcraft

Let’s look at a few more games similar to Fable. World of Warcraft: An antique game that tried to stay relevant with the trend of RPG. The hype around this game reached a fevered pitch within the weeks of its release. Though World of Warcraft couldn’t reinvent the mystical world like Fable, it made its spot in gaming.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

To date, it is taken as a reference for RPG, and its gameplay is quite palpable. 83% of the Google users like this game and enjoy it. This game takes us into the land of “Azeroth” and encourages us to battle for survival. We are provided with many franchises to keep us hooked and awed as we keep moving forward.

#3 Lords of the Fallen

If you are a fan of Thor, then this game “Lords of the Fallen” excites you for sure. This game is about an evil ruler Adyr with whom we need to battle and save humankind from his brutality. There are nine hierarchy levels available to be chosen from. Customize your weapons and your Armor as per your choice. Move across the levels to unlock new weapons. Lords of the Fallen is one of the games like Fable for PC.

lords of the fallen-game like fable
Lords of the Fallen-Game like Fable

It was initially launched for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC (only 64-bit processor), but later on, it was released for smartphone users. Initially, it was launched for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC (only a 64-bit processor), but it was later released for smartphone users. The primary concern of this game is, it requires vast disk space(25GB). 

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#4 Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the games like Fable for PS4 that would take us on a roller coaster ride. We could say that this is a more awesome sprawling game than Fable. However, the banter among your partners and the mystical landscapes you discover give it a similar experience of caprice. We are going to have a real journey – one in which we get to make important choices that affect the arena, and more importantly the characters, around us. The primary quest is nothing special.

dragon age
Dragon Age

However, well-written side missions do lots of heavy lifting, as do the incredible, plausible personalities that fit inside and outside of your party. If you turn to Inquisition right down, you get the identical vibe. You could pull the digicam lower back to a tactical standpoint and command your characters around the battlefield like chess pieces, but you can also play it like an average 1/3-character action RPG, swinging your sword and flinging fancy spells. Do this, and you’ll breeze through fights, letting you discover the next mysterious place.

It has several sequels to it to amaze you with wondrous lands and characters. Play it on Windows, PS3, PS4 for fun.

#5 Jade Empire

Games like Fable take us on a mystical journey, and Jade Empire is something on a similar term. It was launched after Fable and has done a fantastic job in amazing the gamers with inklings of brutality and fights. Compared to Jade Empire, Fable is slow-paced. Though it was underrated initially, slowly, it shone to its glory.

jade empire-games like fable
Jade Empire-Games like Fable

It gives us the taste of Chinese chronicles. One can play it on Xbox, MAC, Windows, and mobile phones as well. If you are looking out for Xbox 360 games like Fable, then Jade Empire can be one of your options to go for. 

#6 Kynseed

If violence is not something you are into yet you want to have fun RPGs, then Kynseed is the right choice. It is similar to games like Fable in telling tales, but it would provide you with land to farm.


Fight with the enemies that enter your territory and battle for your survival by defending your land. 

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