If you appreciate role-playing games, you’re curious about the best GameCube RPGs. Nintendo role-playing games grab your imagination and give you a sense of belonging to an entirely different universe. Your party’s cast is always diverse, leveling up gives you great new skills, and boss fights are frequently nothing short of epic. The best RPG games for GameCube are included in the post. 

best gamesWe’ve decided to rank the greatest GameCube RPGs because some titles are far better than others. Even while it wasn’t as well-known when it launched as the Nintendo 64 games or the Wii that would come after it, the GameCube nonetheless had some amazing RPGs. The best RPG games on Gamecube are Tales of Symphonia, Evolution Worlds, Paper Mario, Pokemon Colosseum, and A Fire Emblem. 

The best RPG games for GameCube are showcased on this list. We’re allowing the inclusion of non-exclusive games in the list even though many of these titles were console exclusives.

5 Best RPG games for Gamecube are:

Let us get to know the list of Gamecube RPGs one by one. 

Paper Mario: The Millenium Door

Unexpectedly, the best and most memorable RPG on GameCube is a Mario game.

There is so much individuality and character in the second Paper Mario game. It is better than every other Mario game.

It uses more crude language, breaks the fourth wall, and other comedic cliches than its platformer forerunners.

paper mario best rpg games for gamecube

There are many difficult puzzles and secrets to solve in it as well—the usual role-playing fare.

You can use “stylish” moves for additional damage by precisely timing button pushes in the turn-based RPG combat, which is straightforward but entertaining.

Understandably, subsequent Paper Mario games have failed to live up to PM: The Thousand-Year Door, given its endearing characters, stunning 2.5D graphics, and compelling plot.

Download: Paper Mario: The Millenium Door

Evolution Worlds

Next up is Evolution Worlds, the best RPG game for GameCube, and it will bring ancient artifacts and never-ending war to living rooms everywhere.

Fans of the Evolution series, which includes some of the best Dreamcast RPGs, will fit in perfectly with this game. The World of Sacred Device, the original Evolution game, and the full version of the sequel, Far Off Promise, are both inclusive in this compilation of two games.

evolution worlds best rpg games for gamecube

You’ve come to the correct place if you enjoy turn-based combat with vicious weapons and gigantic dungeon crawlers.

Come along on thrilling journeys with Mag Launcher and every player from the first two Evolution games as they look for and then encounter the enigmatic Evolutia.

Although it may have a more cartoonish aesthetic and feel than a Final Fantasy game, it’s still a fantastic game and an opportunity for gamers without a Dreamcast to play two of the greatest RPGs ever.

Download: Evolution Worlds

Tales of Symphonia 

For many, Tales of Symphonia served as their first and best introduction to Action/RPGs.

The game follows young swordsman Lloyd Irving as he journeys through a huge cosmos with his ragtag gang of friends and finds himself in a struggle that could determine the entire world’s fate.

tales of symphonia best games

The game manages to captivate you due to its endearing cast of characters and thrilling real-time combat system, despite having poor voice acting and an unusually confusing plot.

Even yet, only during battle did it include co-op multiplayer.

Download: Tales of Symphonia 

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Path of Radiance, a Fire Emblem game (2005)

The Fourth place on this ranking of the Best RPG on GameCube ever belongs to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance! Only the third Fire Emblem game is available to gamers in the West, and it’s a timeless journey that everyone should acquire.

Nevertheless, Path of Radiance was first home console game, and had only played two other games before it. It was unbelievable how magnificent it was.

Here, gamers who enjoy using a pencil to move objects around a map and have a strategic mind will feel completely at home. It resembles a hybrid of Stratego, Chess, and Risk with a healthy dose of D&D fantasy thrown in for good measure.

fire emblem best rpg games for gamecube

No doubt, the first 3D Fire Emblem game was a success. The plot, set in the Beorc country of Daein, is smart and drawn out. It also has characters with memorable Rpg games on Gamecube names like Elincia and Ashnard.

Ike, the game’s sword-wielding protagonist, is well-liked by fans of Super Smash Bros. Ike must strategically eliminate evil forces with his group by working through challenging riddles.

Engage in dialogue with personalities, enlist the aid of warriors, and stuff your pockets full of as many collectibles as you can virtually carry. Everything about it is pure RPG goodness!

Download: Path of Radiance, a Fire Emblem game (2005)

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Pokémon Colosseum(2004)

It is counted as one of the best Gamecube RPGs. Pokémon fans had been demanding a “mature” and “gritty” Pokémon game for years.

And the closest encounter of our fantasy coming true is with Pokémon Colosseum.

The game’s main character, a former member of Team Snagem, which was well-known for its Pokémon-stealing antics, ignites the Snagem headquarters with a portable Snag Machine after stealing it.

pokemon colosseum

With your Espeon, Umbreon, and any other Pokémon you can catch from other trainers, you’ll explore the desert territory of Orre.

The distinctive post-apocalyptic setting of the Orre region, the darker tone of the story, and the fairly worn-out main character enable a remarkable Pokémon trip.

Download: Pokémon Colosseum(2004)

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Does GameCube still exist?

The console went on sale on September 14, 2001, in Japan, on November 18, 2001, in North America, on May 3, 2002, in Europe, and on May 17, 2002, in Australia. To concentrate manufacturing on the Wii and DS, the GameCube, which sold 21.74 million units globally, was discontinued in early 2009.

Why are games for the GameCube so compact?

The GameCube Game Disc is an 8 cm, 1.46 GB mini DVD-based system that reads at a constant angle (CAV). When compared to Nintendo 64 Game Paks, it has lower production costs. Nintendo chose it to avoid paying the DVD Forum license costs and stop copyright infringement on its games.

Does YouTube support 60 FPS?

Interlaced content needs to go through deinterlacing before uploading. For instance, to convert 1080i60 footage to 1080p30, deinterlacing is necessary. There are six common frame rates: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, and 60 fps.

Can software for the GameCube be burned?

Your standard home computer started getting DVD burners around the same time the GameCube games RPG hit the stores, and you could go to Circuit City and buy those little DVD-Rs. You couldn't, though. Burning GameCube discs required advanced soldering abilities.


The best RPG games for GameCube are available for almost every type of gamer, from action RPGs to more traditional turn-based games. Among the best JRPGs, there are many different games. Many GameCube releases are thought of as essential GameCube games.

These are our selections for the top JRPGs available for GameCube. Please let us know which JRPGs are your favorites by mentioning them in the comments section and providing a brief justification.

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