The new era of technology is advancing in every field with the latest inventions for the users. Apart from the digital aspect, Augmented Reality is the new face of playing games. There is no doubt that games like Pokemon Go are an excellent example of how AR is changing the way you play. Also, players love this technology as it decreases the gap between fiction and reality.

Thus, the game became a massive hit in the international community, with millions of downloads. However, playing a single game can be quite boring, especially in the long run. Hence, we have compiled some of the top AR games, like Pokemon Go, for you.

All these games have the concept of Augmented reality features that will make you go crazy. Therefore, make sure to check out these games and have fun with your friends today!

Ingress Prime

Developed by the team at Niantic Studios, Ingress is one of the top games similar to Pokemon Go. It needs the GPS signal from the host device to interact with the portals related to the game.

ingress prime

Moreover, these portals mention the locations with high creativity by the humans, like architecture. For instance, you get a map of your area with the markings near historic buildings, roads, etc.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The Harry Potter fans are all across the globe who are looking for games that include their favorite characters. The Warner Bros Games launched this game with a similar concept from Pokemon Go.

harry potter- wizards unite

You can visit real locations through the game and discover mysteries from the Potter Universe. Moreover, it allows the players to unlock new characters that can cast magical spells to fight against beasts. The game is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Real Strike

Moving further on the list of games like Pokemon Go, you can try out the new Real Strike. Again, players find themselves battling against the intruders and other in-game enemies.

real strike

The best part is that this game allows the players to combine the gameplay with the actual videos. Thus, you can shoot anything in your sight without actually firing at it. However, players should keep it as a light, fun game rather than seeking violence from it.


Geocaching is developed by Groundspeak that targets young players through augmented reality. You can start by providing your location details to the application that will pin the nearest Geocache.


After that, the players need to go to the location along with accomplishing quests and puzzles. It is a great way to make online friends and complete the journey together. 

The Walking Dead: Our World

As the name suggests, The Walking Dead is a famous zombie game that includes surviving in an apocalypse. It tops the games like Pokemon Go for iPhone and Android devices, where you have to defend humanity.

the walking dead- our world

Apart from collecting guns and other valuable items, you can shoot zombies to get points. Further, play it with your friends and win exciting rewards in weekly challenges. The overall gameplay is quite impressive, and players love spending time while saving the world.
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AR Dragon

Nothing could be more exciting than having a dragon as your home pet that you need to take care of. AR Dragon is among the progressive games like Pokemon Go, where players have a dragon.

ar dragon

Moreover, you can take it with you in the real world with the help of interactive gameplay. The goal is to grow and train him, which will eventually make him stronger.

Angry Birds AR

The whole franchise of Angry Birds is a huge hit in the community, and the AR version is quite a significant breakthrough. The overall gameplay is similar to the simple game but includes a real-life background.

angry birds ar

Players can set the castle with pigs in their room or area and shoot angry birds to destroy them. It is a casual game and provides fun to players of all age groups.

Temple Treasure Hunt

It is among the simple Pokemon Go-related games that are based on the idea of finding treasures.

temple treasure hunt

You can change your whole world into a complicated temple with various puzzles and traps, and as a player, you need to pass all the multiple locations and reach the final stage. You will get exciting rewards for completing the levels. Further, take a friend with you on this quest and find the treasure.

Run an Empire

Run an Empire is a strategic game similar to Pokemon Go that helps you tour your city or town. The game involves exploring the hex around you to gather points along with a chance to exercise.

run an empire

Moreover, other players will collect hearts depending on their level of exploration. Thus, you need to compete with them and move ahead in the race.

For those interested in exploring augmented reality beyond gaming, you might also want to check out the latest advancements in beauty tech, such as augmented reality nail polish.


Last but not least, DARK is yet another game like Pokemon Go, where you enter into a parallel universe.


Again, the developers used the new technology- ARKit, to give an enhanced experience to the players. The game falls under the horror category with amazing graphics and features. The goal is to find someone while not getting killed.

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Are there other games like Pokémon Go?

Yes, several games similar to Pokémon Go incorporate augmented reality (AR) and location-based gameplay. Some examples include ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,’ ‘Minecraft Earth,’ and ‘Jurassic World Alive’. These offer similar immersive experiences and exploration elements using AR technology.

What is the dinosaur app like Pokémon Go?

The dinosaur-themed app similar to Pokémon Go is ‘Jurassic World Alive.’ In this AR-based game, players may explore the outside world, acquire dinosaur DNA samples, generate their own hybrid dinosaurs, and engage in battles. It offers a similar location-based and immersive experience with a focus on dinosaurs.

What is the age limit for Pokémon games?

There is no specific age limit for Pokémon games, as they are generally designed for players of all ages. However, some Pokémon games may have age ratings or recommendations based on their content, but these are typically accessible and enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Is Pokémon Go free?

Yes, Pokémon Go is free to download and play. The game provides in-app purchases for items like Poké Balls and other convenience items, but it's possible to enjoy and progress in the game without spending money.


That concludes our list of top AR games like Pokemon Go that you can try in 2023. Each game has unique features to give you the best experience. You can even try out Pokemon Moon or Sun for a different experience in addition to all the games mentioned in the list!

Further, the games are easily available online and only require basic devices. Hence, you can download them and have a fun time with your friends.

Also, try to avoid going out in crowded areas as you won’t be able to differentiate between reality and AR. it is advisable to be in a secure place to prevent any accident or mishappening.

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