5 Best Paid Android Apps That You Should Buy In 2020

They say things are sweeter when they’re free, but that doesn’t always be true. When it comes to our phones, when that is the case, we always want something extra, even if we have to loosen our pockets for that. Relatable much? Certainly. To cater to our need for something extra or extraordinaire, I mention some of the best paid android apps. 

The thing is, free apps are all good and everything, but sometimes, for more professional or office tasks, we need that level of service. This can only be fulfilled by fully-featured paid android apps, even if they are more expensive (which they mostly are not).

Having said that, as we all spend a lot of time on our phones, clicking and scanning pictures, editing them, uploading them, among many other things, it becomes utterly important to have all the relevant and best android paid apps, especially if you’re doing all of that for a living. Furthermore, most of these best paid apps are also the android apps worth buying so that you won’t regret shelling out your precious money.

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Looking To Upgrade Your Android experience? Here’s How You Do It

If you are looking for some applications which are beyond the standard and scope of the so-called “free version,” then you’re in the right place. You can get to know about all the best paid apps that incidentally are the best operating and the most efficient ones. What else could you possibly ask for? Here is a descriptive list of best apps to buy on playstore.


Explaining this app seems like stating the most apparent facts with all that it offers, with all the fan following, saying that it is one of the top things to buy on google play. For the minority that does not know, it is a streaming platform, offering everything from documentaries, short films, full-fledged hit movies in languages like Hindi and English, to name a few. Apart from that, there are epic shows and web series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, stranger things, and whatnot.


But wait, there is more, there are also cartoon shows from your childhood if you want to relive the childhood memories, along with the ones made for the millennials, complete with parental controls and separate screens.

The best part that makes it one of the most fascinating and the best paid android apps is the super accurate and entertaining recommendations based on what you watch, which can help you explore what all it has to offer.

Visit: Netflix

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For those who have little time on hand, the tasker can be a savior along with doing all that you wish to, no matter how many tasks, without much hassle on your side. Not the top paid android apps for no reason, you see?


You can set essential tasks, mark the otherwise forgettable dates on the calendar, and let your phone adjust the pre-determined settings like volume, brightness, etc. on its own using tasker. It has hundreds of pre-built plugins to handle everything from your appointments to your calls related info.

Visit: Tasker


The next one in the long line of the best paid android apps. You know there are those times when you don’t have your laptop on you, with that critical office video call looming overhead? So for the perfect experience, DriodCamX could be your ideal companion.


It converts your smartphone into a webcam, thus keeping your professional meeting to that perfect office level, even contributing to your next appraisal. Who knows? (wink) with a few extra dollars, you could own a better quality webcam, with no ads and uninterrupted operations.

You could also keep on using the other applications while the apps are in progress. Also, the clicked pictures can conveniently be stored on your phone. No doubts one of the best android paid apps on the store. Go get it?

Visit: DroidCamX

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Editing is no child’s play these days. People take their photo editing skills very seriously, so if you are one of these and you’d like to take the skill to a much higher level, Touchretouch is the app for you. In fact, playing a few dollars to top, it will give you studio-like clarity, sharpness, and effects.


It is a beautiful app with unparalleled user experience and very easy to do stuff like adding/removing interrupting solid objects, adjusting light, adding filters, cropping, and other things. With minimum clicks or you can say a flick here and away there, it transforms your pictures, making them insta-worthy in no time.

Visit: TouchRetouch

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Merriam Webster Premium

Merriam Webster is no new name in the world of words and dictionaries and encyclopedias and thus a worthy inclusion in the line of the best paid android apps. On the go, we all need a good dictionary, whether you are looking to improve your vocab or to look up a few words if you need to. This one of the top things to buy on google play. With even the free version offering a lot, imagine what an upgradation of a few dollars could get you?

Merriam Webster Premium
Merriam Webster Premium

It is supposed to host an unbelievable two billions of words, complete with their similar and dissimilar words, interesting facts and anecdotes, along with the usual pronunciations. Won’t be an exaggeration to say that you carry your own castle of words in your pocket using this. So yeah, it seems like it is one of the must have android apps if you’re even remotely in love with words.

Visit: Merriam Webster Premium

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This was our descriptive list of 5 best paid android apps. To add to your partner-in-everything that your mobile phone is, you could do well to shell out a couple of hundred dollars and get some of these super cool and trendy apps. I am sure you’ll find something to interest you as there is a little for everyone there.

Also, sit tight for more exciting articles.

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