16 Best Image Viewer Software To Download [2020]

Images are the best part of any event. Capturing moments with friends and family is utterly adorable. Pictures help you recollect your memories and live your moments again with your loved ones. They are witnesses of few moments as well as powerful mood boosters. Let it be any event, smaller or a bigger one; photo shoots have become mandatory. Thus, you need to know about the best free and paid Image Viewer software out there.

Image Viewer
Image Viewer

Most of us prefer to store these images in PCs or Laptops to ensure safe storage. But, while viewing, how many of us are truly satisfied with the default windows image viewer? Not many of us. But you can update your software list with any of these image viewing softwares to have the best experience in viewing your images.

Top 16 Image Viewer Software

ACDSee Ultimate

ACDSee functions both as a duplicate finder and a photo viewing app. This is a convenient app that helps you store images on cloud storage applications.
Some salient features of ACDSee range from transforming image formats to rubbing out undesired pieces from the picture. Also, one can create zip files without extraction. You can, as well, check for image properties together with date and time.

Furthermore, you can link your smartphone with this tool and share photographs effortlessly.

acdsee ultimate
ACDSee Ultimate

Adding to this, some prominent editing tools that come with ACDSee Ultimate are auto exposure, contrast settings, controlled color enhancement, and refine saturation. Some more interesting features include control over text path (write text following curves and other shapes), easy tone adjustments, rename and resize (be it in pixels or percentage) multiple files at once, quick search feature, crop and watermark bunch of images together, and brush adjustments. For targeting a particular piece in an image, you can choose from Luminosity selection (for bright areas), pixel (of a particular color or brightness) selection, and polygonal selection (for irregular shapes).

However, the most notable feature of ACDSee Ultimate is the inspiring tutorials offered by Professional Photographer Alec Watson. Other than tweaking photographs, he also talks about improving productivity and administering assets.
Furthermore, they promise a 30-Day refund too if their products don’t stand up to your expectations.

Visit: ACDSee Ultimate

Microsoft Photos

Do you need an image viewer for Windows OS? Well, what’s a better tool than Microsoft Photos? This particular tool enables you to edit pictures without any difficulty. Moreover, you can smoothly search for images linked to places, people, or any memories.
It also gives you the option to resize the image view for speedy scrolling.
Not just have they improved their design, but they also created timelines for easy navigation.

microsoft photos
Microsoft Photos

Some common features involve cropping pictures, rotating images, color enhancement, adjusting luminosity, red-eye correction, erasing blemishes, and more.
You can create slideshows out of images or create videos with images.

Furthermore, it supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, and a few additional formats as well.
Additionally, you can add music, texts, nice filters, and sketch on your videos and photos.
You can create magical photos by adding 3D effects like burning or smoke effects.
The remix is another amazing option that gives instant results. You can use this option to create mixes of photos, songs, text styles, etc.

Furthermore, you can save all your creativity in an album and share it with friends.

Visit: Microsoft Photos

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe launches quality products for professionals. This software, Adobe Photoshop Elements, is no exception. It is fueled by Adobe Sensei AI technology. This software equips you with incredible tools for editing, managing, and creating spectacular images. Furthermore, it allows you to share your creations as well. Moreover, you can bring a motion to your still images with this amazing tool.

adobe photoshop elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adding text, adding custom effects, duplicating objects, changing image orientation, and automatic adjustments are only a few features named from the huge list of useful features.
You can add fun GIFs and also animate photos. Also, you can easily create eye-catching social media content with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Moreover, they offer tutorials on how to use tools to bring out the best in photos. Some awesome tutorial to watch is creating a perfect landscape by removing haze and undesired objects and adding duotone effects to images for a modern look.
Besides all this, you can create beautiful selfies but auto-recognition features and enhance facial features bundled with this tool.
Adding to the list also offers easy fixes such as removing blemishes, reducing noise, correcting tones, and adding color.

Visit: Adobe Photoshop Elements

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XNView is the best image viewer which provides three different view modes: Thumbnail View, FullScreen View and Film Strip View. Other, then just viewing, the software enables you to edit and view your photos by cropping, resizing, lossless rotating, adjusting brightness, sharpening, apply filters and many more exciting edits.


You can export your images into more than 70 formats and read about 500 formats. You can play a slideshow of your pictures with transitions driving you crazy with your photographs. The software is available for free for home purpose.

Visit: XNView

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Irfan View

Irfan View is a trusted image viewer which is running successfully since few decades. It supports multi-formats and multi-language to reach out to the users across various regions. It has a thumbnail preview option that gives you a comfortable viewing experience.

irfan view
Irfan View

You are free to edit your image using the editing tools that the software supports. You can apply the adobe photoshop filters right from this software. Its variable features keep you occupied with your images loving them more and creating more. There are various plugins available in the website that lets you do additional edits like lossless rotations.

Visit: Irfan View


FastStone is both an image viewer as well as an editor. Its wide variety of features helps you modify your image as you desire giving it a creative look. You can compare your pictures and decide which one to put in your inventory.


It enables you to remove red-eye, resize, crop, email, print, and adjust colours. It supports multiple formats to make your image compatible with your device. The musical slideshow with 150+ transition styles will drop your jaw while watching your images play. Give your image a new look by adding filters and effects.

Visit: FastStone

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The WildBit viewer enables you to view your image in both thumbnail view and full-screen view. Image rotate, wallpaper set capability, zoom, expanded the view and many more variable features made this software occupy its place as one of the best photo viewer for windows 10.

WildBit Sofi
WildBit Sofi

The slideshow with 176 transitions and custom show list editor gives you a professional way of viewing your images extraordinarily. The editing tools make you a pro in image editing when you master in using this software.

Visit: WildBit


Picasa is the most popular image viewing software loved by millions of photography fans. You need not import photos every time you open the program. Just select a drive, and your Picasa does the rest. Add tags to your images by locations or name and your software sorts them accordingly.


You can perform all the basic edits including cropping, rotating, straightening, etc. You can use the software to create posters, montages, screensavers and even movies.

Visit: Picasa

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FreeVImager is an image viewer as well as image and video editor. Most viewers are dedicated only as image viewers and image editors. But FreeVImager stands unique for its dual editing feature.


It helps you do multitasking like running various projects at the same time. It supports 15 formats including JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PCX, AVI, ZIP, AIF, WAV, MP3, WMA, AU, MID, and CDA.

Visit: FreeVImager

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Vallen JPegger is the most popular image viewer in the cities of US, Poland and Sweden. It supports 40 different image file formats.


VallenJPegger has extended features like lossless rotation and includes MP3 organizer. It supports multiple international languages which helped the software reach every individual in numerous countries.

Visit: VallenJPegger

Image Glass

Image Glass comes with a simple user interface wrapped with various features. It supports over 30 file formats. You can rapidly switch between images and choose your pictures directly from the clipboard. It supports multiple zooming and image navigation features.

Image result for image glass image viewer windows 10

The necessary edits are available in the software by default. You can convert your image format into 10 other formats. It has different theme packs to make your software look as you desire.

Visit: Image Glass

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InViewer is a multimedia viewer which supports images, videos and audio. GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, JPEG and ICO are the supported formats for images. MP3, WMA, WAV, and M4A are the supported audio formats. MP4, WMA, AVI, MPG, MOV, M4V, WEBM are the supported video formats.


Visit: InViewer

123 Photo Viewer

123 Photo Viewer is a replacement for the default photo viewer. It provides additional features like pausing in the middle of the GIF file and magnifying each frame, directly opening PSD files, open TGA and DDS texture files.

123 photo viewer
123 Photo Viewer

You can directly delete a file without a prompt of confirmation window by using the ‘delete’ key. You can magnify an image instantly by clicking on it.

Visit: 123 Photo Viewer

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Movavi Photo Manager

This new software to manage your digital image collection from Movavi for Mac and Windows saves your energy. Download and see how easy you can manage your images in your desktop photo assistant! And Managing photos made it quick.

Movavi Photo Manager   
Movavi Photo Manager

You can click the button to group pictures. Find photos by day, date, and location fast. Simultaneous processing of multiple images. See photographs in various standard formats.

Visit: Movavi Photo Manager

Photo Viewer – Windows 10

It’s not a Windows Photo Viewer, but you might still have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 upgrades. Press and hold a picture in File Explorer to search, or right-click and pick Open with. When you can’t run Microsoft Picture Viewer on Windows 10, you can’t.

Photo Viewer - Windows 10
Photo Viewer – Windows 10

Image Viewer does the same things in Windows 10 and more.

To zoom in or out, click on Ctrl + mouse wheel. In More > Preferences, adjust the mouse wheel setting.

Open a file from the Folders view or File Explorer to search the photos into a folder, then turn right or use the arrow keys to see the following object.

Tap on a screenshot to display the focus, erase, and rotate keys, etc.

Visit: Photo Viewer – Windows 10

Quick Look

When you switch from using the Mac OS to running Windows 10. This software has many different features that help you the most.

Quick Look
Quick Look

One element you may have skipped from switching over to Windows 10 is using QuickLook, but now it has become easy for this work to be done using this software. This is one of the most trusted image viewing software as per the majority of the people.

Visit: Quick Look

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