If you are an Android user, you might have, at times, received a “4504 message not found” error from an unknown sender. This error occurs when you attempt to send or type a message. This problem occurs more in Samsung smartphones than all the other Android smartphones. Samsung S7 and S8 smartphone users must have faced this problem more often. Thus, you must know how to fix the “4504 Message Not Found” error.

The “4504 Message Not Found” problem on Android is annoying, but there are some troubleshooting techniques that can be used to fix it. This error can occur 15-20 times a day due to the “Block Unknown Senders” option being enabled in the default Messaging application, residual current, or internal issues that prevent the device from correctly receiving messages.

Sometimes, people ignore these error messages thinking they might be just spam messages. This is not true. This happens because your phone has a 4504 error. One should not ignore this problem mistaking it for spam messages. Many people have devised a version of how to solve this error, and we have compiled the best ones for you here.


Methods to Fix “4504 Message Not Found” Error

The following are some of the methods to fix 4504 message not found error.

Disable ‘Block Unknown Senders’

Sometimes, the error of “4504: message not found” happens because the “block unknown sender” option in your default messaging app must be enabled. Also, if this is theUntickyou can solve this error by disabling this option. Usually, this option is very good for people who do not want to receive text messages from an unknown number. But, this might also be the reason behind 4504 error. You can solve this problem by following these simple steps.

  1. Open your default messaging app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Go to Spam filter
  4. Untick the “block unknown numbers” option.
Disable 'Block Unknown Senders'
Disable ‘Block Unknown Senders’

This will fix the error of “4504 message not found” if the reason behind the error was enabling of “block unknown senders” option.

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Reboot Phone

If the problem is not solved even after following the above-mentioned method, you can try and fix this problem by rebooting your phone. As simple and funny as it might sound to you, rebooting your phone actually fixes the “4504 message not found” error. A countless number of people have solved this issue by rebooting their phone. Rebooting is the first thing that you should try whenever you encounter any problem whatsoever with your phone.

Rebooting can be done in 2 ways for fixing this error.

Soft Reboot

Following are the steps for soft rebooting your phone.

  1. Press your power button.
  2. Shutdown menu will appear.
  3. Select the restart/reboot option.
  4. Press OK
  5. Wait until the restart process is completed and check if the problem has been solved or not.

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Hard Reboot

Following are the steps for hard rebooting your phone.

  1. Hold your power button.
  2. Shutdown menu will appear.
  3. Tap on the “Power off” option.
  4. Wait for the phone to switch off completely.
  5. Remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds.
  6. The internal battery will deplete in 30 seconds. Now put back the battery again after wiping it with a clean, soft cloth.
  7. Hold the power button until it switches on again.

This will fix the “4504- message not found the error”.

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Sim Reset

Even after performing a soft reboot and hard reboot on your phone the 4504 message not found appears, you can try resetting your SIM card. Re-inserting your SIM card is known as SIM reset. Follow these simple steps for resetting your SIM card.

  1. Hold the power button and select ‘Power off” option.
  2. Wait for the phone to shut down altogether.
  3. Open the case and remove the SIM card from the SIM slot.
  4. Wipe the SIM card with a clean and soft cloth.
  5. Put the SIM card back in its slot carefully.
  6. Hold the power button until switched on.

NOTE- Do this procedure with utmost care. Use proper SIM tools if required. Make sure not to scratch or damage your SIM card while doing so.

Fix 4504 Message Not Found
Fix 4504 Message Not Found

This will fix the “4504- message not found the error”.

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Factory Reset

4) Even if after trying all the above-mentioned methods, your problem does not solves; the latest thing that you can attempt is fix 4504 message not found error is factory reset the phone. Also, this will erase your entire data and reset all the settings to default. Before doing this, make certain you backup all your important data on your phone. Follow these simple steps for factory resetting your phone.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to Backup and reset
  3. Tap on factory reset.

Wait until this process completes. Hopefully, this will solve the 4504 message not found error.

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