Surface Pro 3 Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Fix It

The Surface Pro 3 was released globally on 25th August 2014 as the successor of the critically acclaimed Surface Pro 2. But there are times when the Surface Pro 3 Won’t Turn On. The 2-in-1 detachable device was the 3rd generation in its series and was pitched against the likes of iPads and other tablets out in the tech scene. When buying the top of the line product, the Surface Pro 3 packs an Intel i7, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of storage. During its release, the 2-in-1 detachable device was sold with the revolutionary Windows 8.1, which was later upgraded to the latest Windows 10.

The invention also comes with a keyboard which has been praised for being tactile and having an impressive travel distance, yet being so slim. The disheartening little side of this device was due to the fact of the absence of its stylus holder. Various users and consumers have taken to social media and support websites alike asking the same question, “Where do I store the stylus?”.

Microsoft Surface Pro - Surface Pro 3 Won't Turn On
Microsoft Surface Pro

Irrespective of that little fault the 2-in-1 tablet compared to ultra books delivered a 12-inch full HD screen, 9 hours battery life, WiFi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth 4.0. With all those specifications, many reviewers and critics were colored impressed since it’s so lightweight and weightless.

Even though the Surface Pro 3 came with a lot more advantages over its rival the MacBook Air, its consumers faced many problems along the way. One of the various issues it confronted was the fact that the Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on. The issue had no apparent cause due to the fact the solutions to it fixed the problem, hence making no one including Microsoft to give a valid answer on why do some consumers experience this complication. Some tech gurus say it due to the outdated battery drives, but no one has still confirmed it yet.

But irrespective of the cause, the solution is what everyone needs. So today we are here to show some answer on how to fix Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on.

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4 Ways to Fix Surface Pro 3 Won’t Turn On

The following are the top four ways to fix surface pro 3 won’t turn on error.

The Obvious

This solution to fix Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on is aptly named “The Obvious” is because this execution of ideas fixes this issue most of the time.

In fact, Microsoft themselves say that its normal for the Surface Pro 3 to take several seconds to start up.

To execute the solution to receive the desired result the user must primarily press and release the power button, after which he/ she must wait for a moment.

The duration of this moment can span from a few seconds to 10 or 15 minutes. The increment in wait time can happen because sometimes the battery be low on charge.

You can fix this by plugging the Surface Pro 3 into the charger for a few minutes. This fix should allow it turn on, if not then try the next solution.

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Turn the heat up

Most probably, this solution will fix Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on issue. Unlike the ideas, the name of the solution might bring to mind, this fix doesn’t involve the user burning or frying the Surface Pro 3 in any way.

But instead, the user must try to wake the device up using the hotkeys. You can do this irrespective of the fact that you have a keyboard connected or you are in tablet mode.

If the user has the keyboard attached, the hotkeys Windows+Ctrl+Shift B will attempt the device to wake up.

But if you are in tablet mode then pressing both the volume rockers (up and down) in a succession of three times will try to wake it up. If not, then the next solution might be the answer to your problem.

Hard shutdown

One who is facing the dilemma of not fixing Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on error, can understand that this solution involves doing a forced shutdown on the affected device.

There are two ways to execute this idea so you get the results. The first way is to press and hold the power button for a full ten seconds, after which releasing it.

This should ensure that the device is entirely off. The next step is to press again and release the power button to turn the device on which should light the screen up with the Surface logo.

If not, then try the second way. The second way is the two-button shutdown process. It begins with pressing and holding the power button on the Surface Pro 3 for thirty seconds. After that hold the volume rocker (up and down) for at least fifteen seconds.

This may make the screen flash the Surface logo. Irrespective of that glimmer of hope keep pressing the buttons even for fifteen seconds more.

After which release the pushed buttons and wait patiently for ten seconds. The last step in this solution is to press and release the power button to turn on the Surface Pro 3.

If it works, immediately connect the device to the charger and juice the battery till forty percent battery life. Then, install the latest Surface updates if any are available. Hope, it solves Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on issue. If the invention doesn’t come back to life, then unto the next solution.

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Hands in the air

This is the last and final solution on the list and is an inevitable one.

If none of the answers, which we have above work, then there is only one thing to do. And that one thing is to ask for a device service and repair request.

You can do this by registering your device with the Microsoft web portal, after which it’s all in their hands.

If your warranty is still valid, then you will mostly get a new Surface Pro 3. Else, they will just repair the issues with the troubled one and return the device to you in the same way you gave it to them.

Hope, you found your solution out of above 4 to fix Surface Pro 3 won’t open error.


Thus, these were some of the best ways to fix Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on error. If the above Surface Pro 3 won’t turn on methods worked for you, we’d be happy to know your experience.

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