Golf is an outdoor game that is played mainly in the parts of European countries. It is declared as the national sport of Scotland. Golf is played across 118 countries in their respective golf clubs. It is a delightful game that requires the presence of mind and concentration. Do you wish to play this game as well? Then this article on golf game apps Android ios is for you.

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Best Golf Game Apps to Play in 2023

Find out about the top games related to Golf of 2023 now!

Golf Clash

It is a real-time, challenging multiplayer golf game running in most online golf players’ minds across oceans. You have both one-to-one challenges and a multiplayer system that enables you to play with random players online or including your Facebook friends.

golf clash

It is possible to join clubs, upgrade them and master your skills to lead your club as Golf Clash King. You can upgrade your clubs to a premium level by collecting and unlocking chests that you discover in your game. This game has an average of 4.5 rating in the Google Play Store by 6,14,036 users.

Download: Android | iOS

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Golf Star

Golf Star is the second-best golf game for its graphic content that extends the pleasure of gameplay. It has a real-time multiplayer environment allows you to play with golfers worldwide. Its captivating graphical content gives you the real-time experience of playing golf.

golf star

It has four different game modes, including career mode, tournament mode, goodwill match mode, and skin mode. Participate and win tournaments to achieve exciting rewards. Weekly and daily missions keep you stuck in the game. The game is rated 4.3 by 4,41,037 users, who made this app stand second in the race.

Download: Android | iOS 

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King of the Course Golf

King of the Course Golf is the most popular EA Sports game. Play and win through golf challenges and go to the top of the players to grab your title as King of the Course Golf.

king of the course golf

You can boost your power-ups to lead the leaderboard. Play with friends, challenge them, and win it your style. You have a plethora of tournaments and challenges that keep you going with the flow of your skills.

WGT Golf by Topgolf

WGT Golf is a 3D Golf Game App with fantastic gameplay that never lets you take your eyes off the game. It is built with the best GPS and 3D technology, giving you a real-time game experience.

wgt golf game by topgolf

Over 15 courses are awaiting in the game that takes you across different locations. It has single-player and multiplayer features and an embedded in-game live chat that helps you communicate with your opponents. You can invite your friends, challenge, play, and win with your master skills.

Download: Android | iOS

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Golf Championship

Golf Championship is an endless gaming experience that makes you sit and enjoy the game from where you are. It has hand-designed graphics with an easy user interface that anybody of any age can play.

golf championship

The game has three exciting modes: Tourism, Cup Club, and Mini Game. You can play in any way and increase your golf skills. It has an avatar feature that enables you to create your customized avatar. This is fun to play and hard to leave.

Download: Android

Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf is an award-winning physics Golf Game app. It has around 280 challenges with added complications. It is designed with hurdles at certain levels to increase the difficulty and fun.

super stickman golf

Passing the hurdles is not as easy as it seems to be. It needs you to live the game, persist in your instinct, and through your skills. It has seven unlockable clubs, which are fun to unlock and participate in.

Download: Android | iOS

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Mini Golf Stars 2

Mini Golf Stars 2 is a simple and addictive game that draws all your attention. It has a great design and the best touch controls. Cross the obstacles and master your skills. Invite your friends and experience a gang game.

mini golf stars

New challenges are added every month to enhance the interest that you have invested in the game.

Download: Android | iOS

Flick Golf

Flick Golf is a simple Golf Game App that requires your touch and focuses on mastering it. Make your best score across 15 courses and find your place on the leaderboard.

flick golf world tourIt is simple but not easy. Hazards are in your way. Stay cautious and alert while flicking through. Enjoy the Golf in HD resolution.

Download: Android | iOS

Pro Feel Golf

Pro Feel Golf is a real-time course of gameplay. It has exciting graphics and locations that make you love the game. This addictive game has over 100 challenges.

pro feel golf

You can play alone and beat yourself or add your friends and challenge them. The gameplay is easy with its unique touch controls. Its wind and location strategies give you a positive experience of playing golf.

Download: Android | iOS

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My Golf 3D

My Golf 3D is the best mood-shifting game. It turns your boredom into entertainment. Its HD display and 3D technology will win your hearts. You have a practice mode where you can play on your own.

my golf d

The multiplayer mode lets you play these golfing games with friends and family. It is capable of holding up to four players in multiplayer mode. The new 3D Trophy Room tracks your statistics and presents you with your performance in the overall game. Rank up from Rookie to Legend and share your rank socially.

Download: Android | iOS 

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Idle Golf Tycoon

The central concept of this game is to go up the levels but beware, not every group will be as easy as the previous ones, and shooting straight might not be your best option.

idle golf tycoon

With amazing graphics and stimulating physics behind every level, which makes every shot feel like a new one, Idle Golf Tycoon hits the spot with us. Beat all the stories, gather all the items, and rank top of the scoreboard; what is more fun than that? Enjoy this game both on Android and iOS now.

Download: Android | iOS

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Golf Inc. Tycoon

Slightly different from your traditional golf games, you must build a topmost driving range here in Golf Inc. Tycoon and get rich. In this golf game, you have to manage the ambitious content, and you can hire Golf pros to do so.

golf inc. tycoon

Its excellent graphics, and the clicker needs to make you want more. You can manage up to 8 golfers at once. This will undoubtedly be your go-to option, with opportunities to upgrade your golf tree and boost your game for more income.

Download: Android | iOS

Golf Masters – Fun Golf Game

Golf Masters – Fun Golf Game created by legendary. It is considered as of the best golf games out there. Its graphics are sure to calm you down. Its main objective is to hit the penguin as far as possible with any golf club you want.


You can jump on many animals to make this game exciting and create new combinations. You can get through all the levels by upgrading your golf clubs. This game is available both on Android and iOS.

Download: Android | iOS

Mini Golf King

Mini Golf Kings is a multiplayer game with smooth graphics so you would be sliding your fingers all day in it. This golf game allows you to go through levels, beat players from different countries, and challenge your friends.

mini golf kig

Mini Golf King was designed by PNIX, who have developed various famous games such as Bowling King, Archery King, Rio 2016 Olympic games, and Gun Zombie. You can play this game with your family and friends, and find out who’s the best one amongst yourselves. This game is available both on Android and iOS.

Download: Android | iOS


Is there a free golf game?

Yes, there are free golf games available. One popular option is ‘Golf Clash,’ available on mobile devices. It offers realistic golf gameplay and multiplayer matches. On PC, free golf games like ‘WGT Golf’ can be found on platforms like Steam, providing enjoyable virtual golf experiences at no cost.

What is the most realistic free golf game?

The most realistic free golf game can vary, but ‘WGT Golf’ stands out. It offers high realism with accurate course designs and a detailed physics engine. Players can experience a lifelike golf simulation with various courses, clubs, and shot mechanics, making it a top choice for realism.

Does WGT Golf work on iPhone?

Yes, WGT Golf is available for iPhone users. You can get it from the App Store, and it provides a realistic golfing experience on your iPhone, complete with various courses, multiplayer options, and a detailed physics engine for an immersive golf simulation.

Is the PGA Golf app free?

The PGA Tour's official mobile app was free to download and use. However, it may offer in-app purchases or subscription options for premium features or content. Check the current app details on your app store for any changes.


Here’s a list of the most fun golf game apps on Android iOS. I hope you enjoyed playing them all! Let us know your experience in the comments. Have a nice day!

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