6 Best Free File Viewer Software for Windows

From the inception of the internet, files have been the foundation upon which it was built. The continuous expansion of the internet has led to an increase in the variety of file types and file extension. Each new file type and extension providing more compression for its portability while trying to maintain the quality of the uncompressed version.

But with the increase of file types and its extensions viewing these files becomes a more complicated task. This is because some data require unique viewers while sometimes the Os itself will identify the file and will allow the user to view them. It is well and good if the Os itself supports the file type. Otherwise one has to lean on the mercy of third-party software, which isn’t that great especially in the aspect of free software.

The internet is flooded with third-party file viewers, but the one which is most effective and efficient for you still lies in the hands of trial and error. Hence instead of you trying to find out which is the best we are here to show you the 6 best free file viewer software for windows.

Best File Viewer Software

Universal Viewer

The number one on our list is Universal Viewer. This free file viewer software allows the user to view a wide range of files, starting from a variety of image types to PDF’s and the likes. The program also provides support for extra formats using file plugins. The best part of this software is that it’s entirely free.

But even the negative aspect that the free version won’t open word files. Another problem one can face is when the user doesn’t check each step of the installation process. This is because the installation process offers several pieces of adware which need to be declined. The installer also changes every option every time the user runs it, hence watch out. There is also a compact version which doesn’t need an installation.


This free file viewer takes second place because it does not support as many file extensions as the number one in the area, but it compensates it with the ability to open office documents immediately. It also gives support for unique file formats like DAT, BIN, and CFG.

As usual, it’s free, but the problem of free software of such conditions is that it has fallen prey to adware. It works a lot like the universal viewer but is suited better for users who are new to file viewers. Like the above program, the user has to exercise a lot of care and must stay vigilant as it also has a similar installer like the program in the number one place.

Free Opener/Open Freely

Third on our list is Free Opener. Also known as Open Freely, it packs in a couple of advantages over the rest of the programs as it supports the viewing capabilities for 7Zip, Rar and Zip archives. It even helps PowerPoint presentations, torrent files, and animation which uses flash. Once again just like the above programs the user has to exercise caution when installing the program due to the presence of adware in the installation. Irrespective of that, it even converts files which it supports for viewing. It also packs in a built-in editor for particular file types like a word.

File Viewer Lite

File viewer lite is a free file viewer software which is exceptionally lightweight in term of software heaviness. It supports natively over 120 file formats. Irrespective of such a grand support for a wide variety of files, the negative part of this software is it does not support editing or even saving files. Just like the above software, the user will have to be cautious during installation due to the pestilence of adware.


If installing programs isn’t your bread and butter, then this free file viewer will be just fine for you. Docspal is a website tool for viewing and converting files. This website supports common types of data which are used on a daily basis. This site does not bombard your screen with advertisements hence it has a significant point over the other free file viewers.

It’s also entirely free and can be easily accessed through the internet. The only minor problem is that the user has to have a fully functional internet service to use this free file viewer software.

File Viewer Plus

This free file viewer is another application which also allows you to open, convert and save files. File Viewer Plus provides support for over three hundred file formats, and it’s also simple to use. It’s a useful and efficient way of opening files which have extensions one does not face on a day to day basis. Irrespective of the extension this free file viewer allows the user to view them.