Top 10 GEDCOM File Viewer Software for Windows (2019)


Many of us are very much curious to know our family histories and back-track to the roots of our respective families. Who our ancestors are, how they used to make a living, what traditions they used to follow, such questions cross our minds at least once in a lifetime. Thus, you must know about the top Gedcom File Viewer out there. This study of family histories is called genealogy. The family trees are built based on interviews, researchers, genetic analysis and other information related to a family.

This genealogical information about individuals and their lineages are recorded in the form of plain text to be analysed using the software. This analysis is often referred as Genealogical Data Communication (GEDCOM). Though these GEDCOM file are text formats, they cannot be viewed using regular text viewers. They have.GED extensions which can be viewed only by using GEDCOM File Viewers. The GED or GEDCOM files contains family information in the form of trees. When clicked on a person’s name, his entire family tree is displayed.

GEDCOM File Viewers are dedicated .GED file viewers that let you view any family trees easily. Here are 10 best GEDCOM file viewers for windows operating system.

10 Best GEDCOM File Viewer


GEDCOM Viewer is the simplest and best gedcom file viewer. It contains an unambiguous graphical user interface that enables the user to use the software with ease. It is available for free, and you can access all of the gedcom viewer features at no unique cost. You can open the GEDCOM file, read the content and read the images in the file. All types of GEDCOM files of any sizes can be viewed in this software. The application works in all versions of Windows.



GedView is a lightweight and open source software that gives you access to all of its features free. Using this software is just as simple as downloading it from the link below. You can quickly view the content, by following the interpretable icons in the display. This software is dedicated only to view GEDCOM files and will not work for other. Therefore, your interaction with the software becomes even more accessible. The software is very safe to use as it does not write anything to the disk.

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Simple Family Tree

Simple Family Tree is not just a GEDCOM file viewer but also enables you to create a new family tree for yourself. It reads and writes files in GEDCOM format only. You can add multiple descriptions of a family based on their name, marriage, birthdate, etc. The interface is very clean and comfortable to use with no troubles. It is very basic to use with no complications. It is lightweight with high performance.


Notepad++ is the highly used gedcom software to view or edit text. It is used all over the world with no complaints. It is simple with the high-quality user interface. The Notepad++, by default, does not support GEDCOM file. To enable the software to read and write GEDCOM files, an additional plugin is to be added. This may take a while, but it is worth the wait. The GEDCOM Lexer Plugin for Notepad++ makes the Gedcom File Viewer identify and read/write the GEDCOM files. If you already have the Notepad++ running on your system, then simply download the below plugin.

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GenViewer Lite

GenViewer Lite is a free version of GenViewer that lets you view the GEDCOM files. This Lite version does not let you do operations with the GEDCOM file, but it is sufficient when your primary concern is just to view the file and not create one. It is a lightweight application that only occupies a single MB in your hard drive space.



ScionPC is a genealogical management system that lets you view as well as work with your GEDCOM files. It is best recommended for genealogists who frequently analyze family histories. It allows you to create a family tree with no restrictions. The gedcom viewer is designed to allow you to create a flexible family graph with all possible relation linkages. Multimedia attachment is also supported through which you can add photographs, audio/video clips, documents, etc. for the better understanding of the tree. The best part of it is, it comes free of cost.


GeneWeb is free open source genealogy software that lets you view as well as analyse the GEDCOM files. This software helps the genealogists in creating and frame statistics of human births and deaths, and much other interesting information can be framed using the software. GeneWeb imports and exports database in GW format or GEDCOM format. Private data can be protected using passwords.

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GenealogyJ is a Gedcom File Viewer and editor for GEDCOM files. It helps a lot in giving a shape to the research of a genealogist. To run the GenJ software, Java Virtual Machine is a necessary software to be installed on your system before running this software. You can also create tables along with trees to represent statistical data.


It is a gedcom software that helps you in viewing the GEDCOM file just by converting them into HTML pages.


Whenever you want to see the file, you can directly open the HTML page using any of your available browsers. You need not open a GEDCOM file viewer every time you want to view something.

Arbor Vita

Arbor Vita simply displays your GEDCOM files on the web by generating HTML pages. All the pages are linked together according to the standard feature connecting those pages. Pages can be printed, saved, shared, etc. directly from your browser.

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Now you can completely rely on these software to open up your files. We have tested each one of it to provide very reliable list of software for you to access according to your comfort.


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