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Let us be honest, adware is annoying. Adware is responsible for unwanted ad pop-ups in your computer. Adware is the reason you get re-directed to an unknown search engine while you open the browser. This happens because you might have accidentally clicked on some pop-up caused by adware on your computer and you accidentally added an extension to your browser. Adware is a malware with money earning motive underlying beneath it. They forcefully show you ads of different companies or products and make money from it. Thus, you should be aware of the best Free Adware Removal Software.

Adware leads to other problems in your PC like malware, scam ware, spyware, etc. which are very harmful to your computer. Adware most commonly gets downloaded to your system when you download a free and lesser known software that you installed on the internet. So, in order to keep your computer safe from such adware, you should not download unknown and untrustworthy software on your computer without doing a detailed research first.

Adware and malware are also widely spread by E-mail attachments. Pop-up ads like “your computer is too slow” and “improve the performance of your computer” are all adware. Adware is tough to remove from your PC using a normal antivirus because the antivirus fails to detect the adware in your system. This is because adware is a legitimate program in your computer. Here are some of the best free adware removal software that you can use for removing adware from your computer.


Free Adware Removal Software
Best Free Adware Removal Software (2017) – Zemana

Zemana is one of the best free adware removal software. It is so powerful that it easily removes adware that is otherwise tough to remove from your computer. Zemana is a cloud based anti malware/ anti adware software with its database. Zemana provides real time protection against adware and malware. It also helps in preventing future infections in your computer. It easily detects and removes malware and adware from your computer. Zemana is helpful in detecting and removing the annoying add-ons, unwanted apps, and toolbars from your computer.

Hitman Pro

Hitman pro is one of the best free adware removal software in the market. It is a powerful and top-grade malware cleaner. It not only removes the virus, malware, adware, Trojan, etc. from your computer; but also completely removes all of its leftovers, and eradicates all its traces from your computer. The best part about this software is that you can run this along with your anti-virus for successfully catching any harmful virus or adware that might have been missed out by your anti-virus. Its state of the art technology makes scanning deeply and removing unwanted software easy.

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AdwCleaner is a powerful adware removing utility which is available fully for free. This software to by thousands of people across the globe including tech experts, home users, etc. for removing adware, malware, etc. It easily removes unwanted extensions and add-on from your browser. AdwCleaner regularly updates their software by adding newer adware on a regular basis to their adware database definition. It has both “Scan” and “clean” mode for scanning and cleaning the adware respectively.

Adware Removal Tool by TSA

Adware removal tool effectively removes adware and toolbars from your computer. It successfully detects and removes adware that is deeply hidden in the system. It removes the adware so effectively that it does not leave behind any trace whatsoever. You can also reset all of your major internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Resetting your browser will remove all unnecessary toolbars, extension, and add-on from your browser. This is a simple utility that does not need to be installed to your PC. This utility tool requires an active internet connection for running properly. This is free of cost. More and more adware are added to its adware database to remove even latest adware.

Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool

This software earlier used to be known as Junkware removal tool. It has now been acquired by Malwarebytes and is now known as Malwarebytes junkware tool. Other than removing adware and malware from the computer, it also detects and removes unwanted files and folders from your system that are taking up unnecessary space and slowing down the performance of your computer. You can revert any changes that you make through this software. All you have to do is create a system restore point before making changes. This system restores point can be used for reverting any changes that you might have made.

Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

This a portable tool which helps in removing adware from your computer. This is a comparatively light-weight tool which does not require much space. All you have to do is download this tool and run it. Scanning and cleaning adware from your computer using this tool is very easy and is a really fast process. It also deletes all the leftover files making sure that no traces of the adware or malware stays in your system. It scans your computer for adware and shows you a list of apps that have been marked for removal. You can choose which app to keep and which to delete by simply ticking and unticking the box given after the name of the application.

These were some of the best adware and malware removal software that is trustworthy and efficient. All these adware removal tools are being used by thousands across the globe to keep their computer system clean and safe.

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