6 Best Free Internet Blockers to Boost Your Productivity


The modern era of human is as engaging as it could get. The regular pressure of work or the incessant change in personal relations, everything causes some change in the work we do. This leads to the change in our efficiency. The change is on the negative side of the spectrum. The degradation of efficiency leads to the decrease in our productivity.

With close inspection, we find that the change and degradation are all related to distractions. As we all know, the primary distraction that a typical human can face is from the Internet. To curb the distractions and increase the productivity, we need a firm solution. The solution to this problem is Internet Blockers.

List of Best Internet Blockers

They are tiny app or software that curbs your distractions by restricting the internet access on your PC or phone. In this list, we will look at the best free Internet Blockers on the market. So let’s get right to it!


The first Internet Blocker on our list is the SelfControl app. The app is free and is available for iOS and MacOS. The specialty of the app is that it is simple to use and effective at its job. The internet is automatically switched off after the timer is set. The interface is clean and user-friendly. Just with a click, the internet connection can be cut off.

There are additional features like specific website blocking and app blocking. The most exciting thing about the app is that the source code is available to all users. This means that users can customize the app according to their need.

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This software is one of the most recognized Internet Blockers on the market. The features that it offers are highly customizable and user-friendly. Before delving into the features, it should be noted that the software is a free entity for basic medium. It supports Windows, MacOS and Android. The primary focus of the software is on the browsing habit. It is evident that this software can not only block internet on your PC but also block the specific sites.

There is a timer feature which is customized to sites or internet as a whole. The interface is easy to use. The special feature of the software is that it can be customized according to the time and choice of the users. There is also an option to temporary switch-off when the necessity arises.

Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey could be the most straightforward Internet blocker on this list. It is easy to handle and occupies less space. The support of the software is excellent and it does its job well. Cold turkey is available for all major platforms. The significant positive point of the app is that it is highly customizable.

The scheduler of the app is so refined that users can plan to block the content days before. There is an option to set the blocking period of the Internet on the computer. This feature is a boon for all users looking for an increase in productivity.


Another day, another internet blocker; but don’t write Anti-Social app off so quickly. It has some great features to offer. The most prominent of the features is the complete restriction of social media feature. The app supports the blocking of all major social networking sites and their specific apps. There is also the availability of the scheduler that may block internet access for some time.

The app is handy for any person who wants good productivity at work. It should be noted that the app is capable of blocking any website. This is one of the advantages of this internet blocker. It should be noted that the app is free for a trial period.


The most revered app on this list is the Freedom internet blocker. The Freedom app is a most sought-after app on this list. It is a free app. The app is supported by MacOs, Windows and iOS. The most promising feature of the app is that it is based on minimalist design. The interface is smooth with function based on one click. The timer is easily accessible.

There is also the logger that helps you to fix the timing of the blocking for days to come. The bonus of the app is that it is fast and responsible. The app may be used as an ensured reason for enhancing productivity.

Rescue Time

If you want an app that fits your schedule of work and blocks the internet at your whim, then Rescue Time is the one for you. This internet blocker is the amalgamation of the smooth and adjustable. The app is sure to do its job well, i.e., blocks the Internet, but it is not stringent. The user can adjust the timer according to his need. The user can even stop it for the time being.

The scheduler can be customized too. So, if you are looking for the internet blocker with that can be made use of at your demand then go for Rescue Time.


With this, we come to the end of our list of best free internet blockers to enhance your productivity. The list consists of the apps that are best in the market. The users are advised to look for the app that is best suited for their use. It should be noted that all the above apps are specific to the needs. If there is a need for high customization, then the Rescue Time should be used. If there is a stringent approach, then Freedom should be preferred. I hope the users will try some of them.


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