Connecting with your family and friends through multimedia channels like mobiles and laptops is important. It is often seen that people tend to call and chat to share information. However, reaching the person through a call can be tedious if the other person is unavailable.

Some of the best SMS blocker apps are:

  • Do it Later
  • Auto SMS
  • IM Auto Reply
  • WhatsAuto
  • DriveMode
  • Auto Reply Bot
  • Text Assured
  • SMS Auto Responder
  • Business SMS Marketing Auto Rep

Therefore, SMS is one of the most convenient methods to contact other users. However, many of you are still looking for apps that automatically reply to text messages. More precisely, SMS blocker with an auto-response. It will not only allow you to schedule instant replies but also help to block various contacts.

What Is SMS Blocking?

For instance, if you are driving or attending an important meeting, these tools automatically reply to the message. Hence, we will bring you some of the top SMS blockers with auto-response apps in 2023. Thus, you need to review each application and use it accordingly quickly. Moreover, we will also mention some of their features and drawbacks to help you choose the best SMS responder tool.

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Do it Later

The first SMS blocker with auto-response is the Do it Later tool. It is an Android application that is available on the Google Play Store. Users can easily set texts that automatically get delivered to the sender.

do it later app

You can also specify the time limit after which you wish to send the SMS. The best part is that you can connect your WhatsApp and do the same over online messages. There is, in fact, no doubt that this is a handy tool to avoid missing any important texts.

Download: Do it Later

Auto SMS

As the name suggests, Auto SMS activates a unique feature on your device that enables automatic SMS. It is one of the most popular apps that helps to customize various features like duration, contacts, DND, etc.

sms blocker with auto response

If you want to send different messages in different situations, Auto SMS has got your back. The app is free and doesn’t charge extra money for the services. However, you can purchase the premium version for only $2.

Download: Auto SMS

IM Auto Reply

IM Auto Reply supports most message service providers like Whatsapp, Telegram, and SMS. It can analyze incoming notifications and send the reply as per your settings.

im auto reply app

Also, you can select particular contacts when you are busy or can’t attend texts—further, group various users that will be treated as a single entity while sending the reply. The overall user interface is easy to understand and does not require much technical knowledge.

Download: IM Auto Reply


Besides regular text messages, WhatsApp has become a significant part of chatting and texting platforms. WhatsAuto responds to online messages and makes sure to auto-reply SMS on your phone.

whatauto app

You can customize reply statements and even choose the timing. Some new Android versions even support Facebook Messenger.

Download: WhatsAuto


Nobody wants to text or reply while driving, especially on highways. Hence, Drivemode will be a perfect SMS blocker with auto-response that works well in such conditions.

drive mode app

Users can also activate the app by giving voice commands rather than pulling over on the road. You only need to provide instructions, and the app will handle everything. The developers even enabled Drivemode to support Music, Maps, and Google Assistant for a seamless experience.

Download: DriveMode

Auto Reply Bot

Moving next, we have a free SMS blocker with auto response. Auto Reply SMS Bot that works perfectly fine. This tool connects with your WhatsApp and even replies to any chat without opening WA.

autoresponder for whatsapp

Moreover, users can manipulate duration, text, or SMS according to different contacts. Therefore, it will look similar to natural texting rather than a bot sending messages.

Download: Auto Reply Bot

Text Assured

SMS replies must be simple and not require much user interference, especially during busy hours. Text Assured is one of the most helpful auto-text apps that will be useful in various situations. text assured app

You can set instant replies for calls, text messages, and other messenger apps. Apart from plain texts, users can also attach multiple files like videos and images to look legitimate. In case you want to unlock additional features, purchase the Premium version.

Download: Text Assured

SMS Auto Responder

If you need a free SMS autoresponder, this app suits you. SMS Auto Responder is the user’s choice and will help you reply to unseen messages. Also, you can decide which contacts will receive texts and which not.

auto message for everyone app

If you must go urgently, the app will automatically send instant replies to anyone who connects with you. Make sure to set your priority lists and group contacts accordingly.

Download: SMS Autoresponder

Business SMS Marketing Auto Reply

It is not advisable to keep your clients waiting for a reply. Therefore, you want a dependable auto-reply app like it. The tool also controls incoming calls and MMS accordingly.

sms marketing auto reply app

It sends messages after a specific duration. Thus, the sender will always get a reply, even if you are engaged in something meaningful.

Download: Business SMS Marketing Auto Reply

SMS Auto Reply Android App

Lastly, the SMS Auto Reply Android App could be a great tool for replying to SMS texts. It can even manage your chats present on Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc.

sms auto reply app

The app will not alert you so that you can continue your work. Although, you have to purchase it by spending around $6.

Download: SMS Auto Reply 


Can an SMS blocker with auto response block specific numbers?

Yes, an SMS blocker with auto-response can block specific numbers by adding them to a blocklist or manually configuring filters to block messages from those numbers.

Can I customize the auto-response messages?

Yes, most SMS blockers with auto response allow you to customize the auto-response messages according to your preferences or specific needs.

Can specific contacts be allowed with an SMS blocker?

Yes, many SMS blockers with auto-response can allow specific contact, allowing their messages to bypass the blocking and auto-response feature.

Does an SMS blocker with auto-response work for all types of text messages?

Yes, an SMS blocker with auto-response can work for all text messages, including SMS, MMS, and messages from various messaging apps.

Can an SMS blocker with auto response be turned off?

Yes, you can deactivate or turn off the SMS blocker with the auto-response feature in the application settings if you no longer wish to use it.

Are SMS blockers with auto response available for both Android and iOS?

Yes, SMS blockers with auto response are available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can find them in the respective app stores for your device.


We hope you are now aware of various SMS blockers with auto-response apps available for your phone. It is recommended to purchase premium versions (if any) for the best results. It will also open new opportunities for the user.

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