Some of the networking companies provide you with the facility of call forwarding. It is an easy way to divert phone calls to the customer’s chosen number. If you’re changing to a new number, this is the best feature you can try.

Thus, you must know about the call-forwarding apps for Android out there. Here is the list of the Best Free Call Forwarding Apps for Android:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Divert
  • Remote Divert
  • WiFi call forwarding
  • Smart call forwarding
  • SMS Call Forward/ Divert
  • Advanced Call Settings

Though it is mostly available as an inbuilt feature in cell phones, you can also use an app that does this job. As an Android user, you need not worry much. Now, you can even call someone and display a different number! So, let’s not delay and get into the list of the best call-forwarding apps!

List of Best Call Forwarding Apps

Here are some phone forwarding apps that seal the deal for you. You can use any one of them, and forwarding calls and texts to another phone will never be easier.

Call Forwarding

The 2.0 MB small app, designed to divert calls, is first on my list. T-company is the developer of this app. Call Forwarding is a one-step, ready-to-go app that takes care of everything. You have to tap into the app.

call forwading app

Select the number to which you want to divert calls. Then, enter the number on which you wish to attend calls. In simple and easy ways, all your work will be done. The app has a 3-star rating on the Play Store. It is compatible with all Android versions.

Download: Call Forwarding

Call Divert

Offered by Appshive with over 100k downloads, the Call Divert app gives you complete command over all your calls. With this call-diverting app, you can easily manage your time.

It has six different settings to control the app, including activating and deactivating it, checking the status, and erasing calls. It also gives you access to applicable USSD codes.

call divert app

Moreover, with this app, you can rest on your weekends without suffering disturbing calls. These modes especially come in handy to handle the app wisely. Also, another one of the 6 Features is ‘call waiting,’ which also sends you a notification if the call is essential.
This 6.3MB app allows you to divert call numbers for zero cost.

Download: Call Divert

Remote Divert

For those who carry multiple devices, it’s common to have days when you forget one. What do you do if you forget your smartphone at home? You won’t need to worry if you have remote Divert on your device. Setting up Remote Divert is easy; you only need to install the app and set a password.

remote divert application

The free app works best for Android smartphones. Once done with the software setup, you can access the phone from any distance and set the call forward option. This way, even when you forget your phone, you can, without difficulty, forward your calls to any number you like.

Download: Remote Divert

WiFi call forwarding

Here is the app if you seek a device that works well with WiFi and effectively forwards your calls. You can download this from Playstore for zero cost, and it also takes only 1.6MB to download.

wifi call forwading app

Moreover, it has an excellent rating of 4.2 stars. The Manolatos tech group developed the app. It does what the name indicates – it connects to WiFi but only connects one number to each WiFi network name.

Download: WiFi call forwarding.

Smart call forwarding

Since its release in 2017 by Mobinprotect, it has been downloaded over 10000 times. The download size of this app is 2.0 MB. As the app name suggests, Smart call-forwarding users get innovative options to forward their call.

Some included options are setting call preferences, enabling or deactivating call forwarding by simply sending messages, choosing numbers for call forwarding with text forwarding, etc. Moreover, there are options to set the device for call forwarding smartly.

For instance, you can select your office network as an indication to call forwarding, and all the calls will be diverted when it connects to office WiFi.

smart call forwading app

Similarly, you can even activate call forwarding on battery levels. This can be useful when mobile batteries are low, and the call will be forwarded to other linked devices.

If you are a traveler or planning a vacation, or maybe your battery runs out fast, this is the best option to stay connected with contacts. This software is designed for users who want to stay connected to certain people and are unreachable to some.

Download: Smart call forwarding

SMS Call Forward/ Divert

SMS Call Forward is an all-in-one app that is packed up with a lot of cool options and unusual features. It might seem like a very technical app from the first look, but you are wrong. You have to understand a few things about it, and then you are ready to go.

call divert application

The meaning of keywords like ‘pass’ and ‘all’ are essential. The app size is just about 1.1 MB. It has a rating of 4 stars on the Play Store app. The advantage of this app is that you can divert calls and SMS.

Download: SMS Call Forward/ Divert

Advanced Call Settings

Next is the Advanced Call Settings app. The name is well justified by the functions of this app. Amongst all the call-forwarding apps, this one has a UI similar to your Android phone.

advanced call settings app

This is in one app, from simple call-forwarding features to SMS services. The app has a download size of 1.5 MB. If you wish to have advanced call settings on your phone, then I suggest you use this app.

Download: Advanced Call Settings


There is a prime reason why I have chosen this app to put up on my list. The CallForwarder app receives the best reviews out of all the call-forwarding applications, which may surprise you.

call forward app

The app has a very tiny download size of just 726 KB. It has a rating of 3.6 on the Play Store. It comprises the primary feature of call forwarding. I find it very simple to use and efficient.

Download: CallForwarder

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What is Call Forwarding, and what does it do?

Call forwarding is a method to send calls from one device to another. It can forward selected calls or can send all the rings at once.

Is Call forwarding a suitable method?

Call forwarding is one of the most valuable techniques to use for business purposes. It helps in reducing missed calls and improving the messaging facility.

Can you be tracked with call forwarding?

Call forwarding, in general, cannot be tracked. Your Call forwarding can be tracked if you have enabled the ‘All Call Forwarding’ option in the setting. If you l are using the SIM in which the Call forwarding app is installed, it can be tracked too.

What is the difference between call divert and call forwarding?

Call divert provides an option to redirect the calls when the call comes. In call forwarding, the feature is initially enabled and automatically shifted to the specified number.

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