7 WiFi Hack Apps For iPhone You Need To Know About

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were in desperate need of some Wi-Fi? Or are you going on vacation but do not want to pay a boatload of money for a decent internet connection? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Everything we do, everything we see today, revolves around the internet. However, to access the internet, a stable Wi-Fi connection is indeed necessary. If you’re an iOS user, then these WiFi hack apps for iPhone are for you.

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WiFi Hack Apps For iPhone

Here is our top list of WiFi hack apps for iPhone that will indeed work for you. 

Wifi Master 

The first Wi-Fi hack app for iPhone on our list is Wi-Fi Master. The app allows you to connect to shared Wi-Fi near you. The app will enable you to find a stable internet connection in over 233 countries and claims to have a community of over 900 million users. The developer is continually updating the app.

wifi master
wifi master

Simply all you have to do is-

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on ‘Wi-Fi’ and allow the list of options to load
  3. Select any Wi-Fi connection that has the app’s icon, and you’re good to go

It also claims to be completely safe and has received a decent user rating on the app store. 

Visit: Wifi Master 

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Wifi Map

Another easy to use Wi-Fi hack app for iPhone is Wi-Fi Map. It allows you to efficiently find fast and free internet at a tap of your finger. The app will enable you to access a stable network connection worldwide and is also the number 1 Wi-Fi app in almost 50 countries. This offers various Wi-Fi connections available in a particular locality alongside its password.

wifi map
wifi map

Wifi Map also provides a security scan to ensure and identify any intruders of your Wi-Fi network. So if you’re looking to save money on data, then download this app now! The best part of the app is that it offers download of Wi-Fi maps for offline use when traveling abroad. The app has also got rave reviews on the app store.

Visit: Wifi Map

Wifi Connect

From all of the WiFi hack apps for iPhone on our list, Wi-Fi Connect is the most promising, with a rating of over 4 stars on the app store. This app is the perfect accompaniment when traveling overseas. Simply all you have to do is type in the address of the place you are at and let the app do the rest of the work.

wifi connect
wifi connect

The app finds Wi-Fi connections in and around where you’re at and claims to provide passwords and credentials if the network is protected. With its availability in over 50,000 cities and promise of unlimited access to the internet, it is the perfect app to have on your phone. 

Visit: Wifi Connect

Wifi Around

The last app on our list of WiFi hacking apps for iPhone is Wi-Fi Around. The app offers almost every service concerning obtaining a stable WI-FI connection. You can check your current download speed, find hotspots that are nearest to you, and check how secure a particular network connection is. It has got a good rating on the app store and is continuously updated by the developer. 

wifi around
wifi around

So here is a list of apps that you can legally and safely download from the AppStore. However, if you are looking to find apps that give you access to private network connections, you will need to jailbreak your phone as iOS has stringent laws regarding software restrictions. Jailbreaking can increase your Apple device’s speed and open up a whole new set of apps for you to download. However, do keep in mind that once you do jailbreak your device, there is no coming back, and your device will no longer be able to benefit from its warranty. Furthermore, if done incorrectly, it could lead to permanent damage to your apple device. 

Visit: Wifi Around

Once you do jailbreak your iOS device, you can download Cydia, an app from which you can download Wi-Fi hacker apps for iPhone and various other jailbreak apps.

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Wifi Hacking Apps To Download From Cydia

Here are a couple of WiFi crack apps that you can download from Cydia-


The app claims to hack Wi-Fi passwords for any network.


Download it onto your Apple device only after you jailbreak it. 

Visit: iSpeedTouched


iWep Pro

This is an WiFi hack apps for iPhone that provides two functions. It checks the vulnerability of your router and claims to provide names of local Wi-Fi networks and their passwords in 5 minutes.

iweb pro
iweb pro

You should definitely try it.

Visit: iWep Pro

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WPA Tester

WPA Tester is different from the other two apps in the sense that it requires no jailbreaking. It can be downloaded off the Cydia app and is claimed to be one of the leading apps for Wi-Fi breaking. 

wpa tester
WPA tester

Please note that though jailbreaking opens up a lot of Wi-Fi hack app for the iPhone for download. It is a risky venture and must be undertaken with extreme precaution and care.

Visit: WPA Tester


Now that you have a good list of WiFi hack apps for iPhone. You can travel anywhere feeling secure over having a stable internet connection and benefit from the free Wi-Fi by saving money on data. 

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