5 Best Free Apple IMEI Checker Tools


Apple is undoubtedly one of the biggest brands in the world, and when it comes to manufacturing smartphones, they always come up with new inventions and technologies those are integrated into their iPhones. But in the recent year, Apple has made a move and removed its Activation Lock facility from all its iPhones.

With the help of Activation Lock, one could enable it and enter the IMEI number of a particular iPhone, iPad, or iPod on iCloud.com to check if that device is locked with someone else’s id and password. The lock actually prevents any buyer from buying a locked iPhone which has been already used by another user; this actually helps in creating awareness among buyers from investing their money to fraud sellers.

In case of a stolen phone or a locked phone, the Activation Lock tool will show its status as locked. As we know, the company has stopped integrating this tool into the devices; therefore, you can no more be able to check the status of any Apple mobile devices.

Hold on! There’s nothing to worry about; Activation Lock is no more an issue if you are planning to buy a brand new Apple mobile device. Yes, you read it right. Within the same year, there came into existence of an application that works the same as the Apple’s Activation Lock tool, known as Apple IMEI Checker. You will find many similar apps that work the same and you can use some of the tools for free. The developers, keeping in mind the sole purpose of the Activation Lock, has developed a tool that lets you know the status of any iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

List of Best Apple IMEI Checker

Now, you might get confused and find many such tools that claim to generate the IMEI status of any iPhone but fails miserably or produce some outdated and sometimes irrelevant status. Therefore, we suggest you not to take any stress as we have listed out some of the best Apple IMEI Checker tools.

iPhone IMEI Checker

iPhone IMEI Checker provides free online service by checking the IMEI status of any iPhone and is one of the best Apple IMEI Checkers. The UI is simple and the steps or process that follows in generating the status are simple. Once you click on the “Check iPhone IMEI” button, it will redirect you to you the next page where you will have to provide the IMEI number of your phone to continue further.

The best part of this site is that it can IMEI unlock your iPhone and, it does not ask you some extravagant details to show you the IMEI status of your phone. In the process of generating the IMEI status, it might take some time to display it but overall, it’s the best tool to use, especially when your time is very much precious.

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Unlike the previous tool, this Apple IMEI Checker is faster in processing your request. But at the same time, it is also highly consistent as iPhone IMEI Checker. IMEI Data doesn’t allow you to IMEI unlock your phone. If you get into their site, you might not find it attractive but they assure its users with a full guarantee of getting the requested job done.

You will need to enter the IMEI number of your iPhone and click on the “Check” button to see the IMEI status of the device. On click the button, it will automatically display the status. Though the process might take some time, it would take less time as compared to iPhone IMEI Checker.

Best Free iPhone IMEI Checker

Another free Apple IMEI Checker tool in the list. This is one of the most accessible tools available online. The tool is free for checking the IMEI status of your iPhone. It includes iPhone unlocking and some extra features that are available on the website, but to use them you might need to pay a little. This site is a one-stop solution for those users who tend to know more about their device and with the purpose of unlocking the phone completely.

If you are having a decidedly older set of an iPhone, you might find it difficult to get the status of that device, but the good part of this site is that even supports search older versions open iPhone till iPhone 2G. You will find no button on their website, all you need to do is just enter the IMEI number of your iPhone and it will automatically show you the status of that device.

Check IMEI

Check IMEI stands a bit out of the box among all other apple IMEI checkers. It is an excellent tool for any iPhone user who can get the status of their phone quickly and in a lot faster way. All you need to do is provide the IMEI number of your iPhone and click on the “Check” button and wait for 2-5 seconds so that it can process your request and display you the output, showing the status of your iPhone.

Check IMEI also offers you with some other services like IMEI calculator, operator codes, etc. But it does not allow you to the unlocking features, which other sites let you do that. Besides that, this website would be a better option for checking your iPhone’s IMEI status.

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iOS Basics

iOS basics is another free apple IMEI checker forgetting the status of your iPhone. You have to enter the IMEI number of your iPhone and click on the “Check Me” button, the rest it will automatically do. The processing is a lot faster compared to all the above websites.

And like any other website, they also offer you with some added services like unlocking your iPhone, getting information about your device besides the status, and other information related to your iPhone. You can even get status and information about any lost iPhone because its database holds a large number of details for each iOS devices.

Final Words

All of the above mentioned Apple IMEI Checker tools works the same or similar. So, it entirely up to you, which site you should visit and try finding the status of a new iPhone or any used iPhone, or block your lost iPhone.

Though some of the websites mentioned above won’t help you with the blocking and unblocking of your iPhone if head towards finding only the IMEI status then all of them would be useful and equally helpful in generating the status.


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