nd The pride and pleasure of owning an Apple product are unique. The sleek and magnificent looks and design are excellent. The Apple products and apps are equally brilliant. Of the many popularly known Apple applications, iCloud is special.

iCloud is like the Android version of Google Cloud. It can synchronize the iTunes account and store up to 5GB of data and information, which is accessible from the internet. Minor mistakes and errors tend to occur. Activation Lock tends to occur in iCloud. Thus, having iCloud Bypass Tools is a must.

The lock mostly occurs in stolen or second-hand Apple devices. So, if you are facing such a problem, then you need some iCloud Bypass Tools to remove the lock from the device. Apple devices are accessible by only Apple ID and password, which is device-specific. So, if you need to search for iCloud Bypass Tools, then you are at the right place. After a little research, I have created a list of iCloud Bypass Tools.

Top 19 Best iCloud Bypass Tools:


iCloudin is one of the best iCloud Bypass Tools available. The process of unlocking iCloud is very simple. It is very popular. The tool also contains tutorials for simpler use.

top 10 best icloud bypass tools

iCloudin support all Apple devices. The supported iOS’s are iOS 9.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.0.2, iOS 8.0.1, iOS 7.1.1, iOS 7.1, iOS 7.0.6 and iOS 7.0.5.

iCloud Assistant Pro

iCloud Assistant Pro Is a free unlock software. Once you download the software you can directly connect to your PC and run it anytime. You can remove the device from your settings. If you have forgotten your password then this is the app you look for. It unblocks your blocked iPhone or iPad and provides a free download feature for you.

icloud assistant pro

It provides you with a graphical user interface so it is easy to interact with the software. With newly launched features It is much better than the original version.

If you have trouble downloading this app you can directly connect to their team. Access any file On any device. Follow a few easy steps provided as manual and there you go.

Visit: iCloud Assistant Pro

Doulci Unlocking Tool

Doulci Unlocking Tool like its siblings to does unlock iCloud effectively. The interface is quite user-friendly. The software is free of cost and easy to use.


To use Doulci, you need to undergo a survey. This makes the process of unlocking a bit long. However, the software is available for all Apple devices, even iPad Touch.

iMyFone LockWiper

You can set up a new iCloud account tool and delete your existing account using this tool. Then you can instantly remove the lock from your device. This is one of those apps that is used by most users for its easy application. The best speech about this app is that you don’t need an expert’s help. You can do it in the comfort of your home. Unlock the find my phone feature using this app without any password.

imyfone lockwiper

iMyFone LockWiperThis app has fewer user issues so this app is much easier to use and effective as well. This app has unique features as compared to other Apps. You can also unlock your screen time password, MDM lock. By providing your credentials. Remove them with this management app It is compatible with almost every type of lock screen.

Visit: iMyFone LockWiper

iCloud Bypass Tool

Like its other siblings, this piece of software is one of the most efficient iCloud Bypass Tools. The use is simple and easy. It uses the IMEI number of the Apple device.

icloud bypass tool

Through the IMEI number, it accesses the Apple Servers and unlocks the iCloud Activation lock. Besides unlocking, it also deletes all the accounts from the iOS device.


You can instantly remove the lock from your iPhone or iPad using this app. Similar to some of the previous apps, it doesn’t need any passcode to unlock your device. One of the best features and unique features of this app is that it doesn’t ask for any particular reason to unlock your device.


This feature is not available in any of the apps we have come across. Furthermore, once unlocked,  the device doesn’t save your data, so they are removed easily. But take maximum precautions while using this app since it does not ask for any reason that can be a blessing and a curse.

Visit: ApowerUnlock

Remove iCloud Activation Tool

It is effortless to unlock iCloud using the ‘Remove iCloud Activation Tool.’ The application and website are straightforward to use. In addition, the user guide is very interactive and makes the process of unlocking much simpler. It is used to remove the iCloud activation lock.

remove icloud activation tool

The software is free of cost and easy to download. It works on all Apple devices. It is slowly getting popular in the market.

Visit: Remove iCloud Activation tool

DirectUnlocks: iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

You can remove the previous owners On your iCloud account from your device using this app. You can directly select your device model In the box provided, and then you can proceed further.

directunlocks icloud activation lock removal tool

With its anti-theft measures, you can get back your account If you were locked out of your device. But This should include a legitimate reason. The best part of this app is that it can directly solve your issues in just 24 hours.

Visit: DirectUnlocks: iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

Gadget Wide

Though Gadget Wide works similar to other Bypass, it is still highly rated in the market. The use is straightforward and user-friendly. If you still have problems, the website has detailed tutorials to make the work much simpler.

gadget wide

All iOS devices support it. It works efficiently on most of the iOS. The software needs to download to a computer before use.

Visit: Gadget Wide

Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

Give this Bypass a try. It connects directly to the Apple servers and Bypasses the Activation locIn addition; it has its support system. The support system gives an edge over other bypass tools available in the market.

bypass icloud activation tool

This Bypass tool is slowly gaining immense popularity. The software is a bit intricate to use. The customer support works round the clock for full support. The service is free. This is a good bypass iCloud activation lock app.

Bypass iCloud Activation by DNS

In case you accidentally cause an Activation lock, then this method is for you. This process is less practical. This process needs User details. You can use free public DNS servers also to implement this process.

bypass icloud activation by dns

This process is free and does not require any additional tools or software. The process is complicated but completely legal. It is compatible with all iOS.

Visit: Bypass iCloud Activation by DNS

Official iCloud Unlock Tool

Unlike other iCloud Bypass tools, this is more of a service. The service provides the unlocking process. The service is maintained by professionals who work round the clock to maintain its smooth working. As the service is professionally maintained, we need not worry about any software or tools.

official icloud unlock tool

The process is simple and quite popular. The service supports all Apple devices, and most of the iOS’is unfortunately, the service is not free, and you need to pay for the service. The price is $19.95 but depends on which device and iOS it is working on.

Visit: Official iCloud Unlock Tool

Remove iCloud Account Tools

As the name suggests, the iCloud removal tool completely removes all Apple Accounts related to the device. It works with the IMEI number of the device. Through the IMEI number, the tool accesses the Apple Servers and deletes all the accounts.

remove icloud activation tool

After the deletion of the accounts, Activation locks are removed automatically. This software supports all iOS devices. It is free and easy to operate. Unfortunately, the tool is less popular in the market.

Visit: Official iCloud Unlock Tool

Official iPhone Unlock Tool

The next contender is iPhone Unlock Tool, which is considered a highly professional iCloud Bypass Tool. But the tool is a paid app only and is capable of unlocking almost every iOS device.

official iphone unlock tool

Even the latest iPhone XI can be unlocked using this tool. IPad & Apple watches are also not beyond their limit. The tool can remove the iCloud sign-in permanently & lets you create a new one. However, being a paid one, it’s pretty worth it. So don’t forget to check it out. 

Visit: Official iPhone Unlock Tool

iActivate iCloud Remove Software

Next comes iActivate iCloud Remove Software, which is considered as iCloud Removal Software. The tool is Windows OS-based & is free to use – at least for now. The lock solution allows you to secure & manage your Apple iOS device iCloud.

iactivate software

The tool can remove an active iCloud Apple ID from an activated iPhone. Additionally, the model or version doesn’t matter; it will eliminate the ID.

Visit: iActivate iCloud Remove Software

iCloud Remover

Moving for the next tool is iCloud Remover. The device works according to its name & is free to use. Just download it & install it, follow their instructions & remove iCloud ID. The tool supports almost every iOS version.remove icloud

However, we cannot assure you about the latest version of the iPhone XI because the tool is compatible with iOS 9 & lower.

Visit: iCloud Remover

iPhone 4 Hacktivate Tool

Last but not least stands iPhone 4 Hacktivate Tool. This tool is only recommended for people with iPhone 4 Series. The tool was initially built for the iPhone 4 Series. An easy tool to work with. Just download it & install it.

iphone hacktivate tools

Then put your iPhone on DFU Mode. Now, connect your iPhone to your PC via the USB cable. Then, follow the inbuilt tool application.

Open My iCloud Bypass Tool

Open My iCloud Bypass Tool claims to bypass iCloud in 10 minutes. No doubt the claim, but still, it works fast. It works quite efficiently.

open my icloud

It unlocks the iCloud by IMEI number of the Apple Device. The only drawback is that you can download it only on a windows platform.

iPad iCloud Remove Tool

With maximum features, this app is optimized for both iPhones and iPads of all versions. This app is useful because it is compatible with both Windows and Mac software.ipad

So you can connect your Windows PC to your Mac devices. This App is regarded as safe by the users, so you can also use it. It is fast and reliable. It provides a feature to download it free of cost.


Can I use third-party tools or software for iCloud bypass?

Using third-party tools or software to bypass the iCloud activation lock is not advisable. These tools are often unreliable, potentially harmful, or may compromise the security of your device.

Can I remove the iCloud activation lock without the original owner's permission?

No, removing the iCloud activation lock without the owner's permission is illegal and unethical. It is essential to respect the ownership and privacy rights of others.

What should I do if I purchase a device with an iCloud activation lock?

If you purchased a device with an iCloud activation lock, contact the seller or Apple directly to resolve the issue. Attempting to bypass the activation lock on your own can lead to complications.

How can I protect myself from iCloud bypass scams?

To protect yourself from iCloud bypass scams, only purchase devices from reputable sources, ensure the activation lock is disabled before completing the transaction, and be cautious of any services claiming to bypass the iCloud activation lock.


iCloud Bypass Tools are available in the market very easily, and most of them are free. But remain cautious while using them. And forbid from using stolen goods (especially Apple devices). The list given above is my suggestion and not any official list. So, feel free to comment after using the tools.

Any addition to the list is always welcome. Most of the tools mentioned above are simple to use. So, feel free to use the above iCloud unlock tools and enjoy iCloud services on your iOS device. And use it to iPhone activation lock bypass.

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