This article will briefly discuss the best Free Public DNS Servers available today.

Some are- Cloudflare, Quad9, GreenTeam DNS, SafeDNS, Yandex DNS, Neustar DNS, Google Public DNS, OpenDNS, Watch, Norton Connectsafe, OpenNIC DNS, Level3 DNS, and many more.

Before we proceed, let’s have some basics cleared first.

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What is a DNS Server?

DNS is a common term for Domain Name System. It is an essential tool for inputting information in a language the Internet understands, known as an IP address.

In layman’s terms, its use is to convert the domain name of a network to an IP address so that the server can accept it.

For example, is the domain name for which the DNS server might translate it into its corresponding IP address DNS servers are a network of servers that operate by mutual communication and translation; i.e., if a server doesn’t know how to translate the domain name to an IP address, it requests the help of another server and so on until translation. It improves the speed of communication between the user and the host of the page that has been requested.  what is a dns server

Thus, when one server is down, the completion of the task remains has no effect, but the speed reduces. This happens due to a delay in the redirection to the requesting page.

The term DNS was coined by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and was founded by Paul Mockapetris in 1983.

What Does Public Mean Here?

As we look through, we might find most of the DNS servers that we use daily are Private Servers only. This means they provide services only to the companies that own and operate them.

These companies can allow customers to use the services and enjoy their benefits. And they pay only to be a part of their company. And invest in them for their corresponding benefits.public dns servers

The clearest and simplest example is the mobile service you use, for which you pay on a prepaid basis. Here, the customers of specified mobile network services can access the service of only that network.

For example, an Airtel customer cannot access the server and enjoy the services of a BSNL customer and vice versa. With this, it is quite clear what a private server is.

Coming to Public Server, as the name suggests, these are available to everyone for free. It provides DNS resolution to anyone who requests it from them. These free public DNS servers are utilized for faster and safer networking.

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More about DNS

Their use is as an alternative for Private DNS servers. The most basic examples are Google, Scrubit, and OpenDNS, all of which will be elucidated below.

One obvious advantage of a Public server over a Private server is its universal access. You might have seen specific sites inaccessible by servers, and the message ‘This website is not available in your country is on display.private dns servers

This is because the servers cannot link across long distances. Due to this, translation to the necessary IP address doesn’t occur. And the above message will display.

However, it is possible to resolve this by changing the DNS server to the country where the page is accessible. But this is not possible in Private servers due to its restriction to that organization is local in that area. Hence, Public servers are at an insurmountable advantage compared to Private servers.

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Top 13 Acknowledged Free Public DNS Servers

Below are some of the best and most free public DNS servers one should also try using for business and personal purposes.


Cloudflare now has a DNS server in its wide range of products and one of the best-rated CDNs in the service. The server is, which is pretty funny if you get the joke. It also focuses on the basics and is a good place to start. The server works to better its function and is very highly rated by tech critics as well, which actually calls it one of the fastest DNS servers to exist. It also happens to be very fast. cloudflare

It is also a server that values privacy and handles it with utmost care. Not only does it not use your data to fill your feed up with targeted ads, but it is also one server that doesn’t save your IP address for longer than 24 hours. It also does annual audits and puts the information online to assure its users that it is doing its job as promised. It has a pretty easy and user-friendly interface and offers tutorials to teach beginners how to use it, regardless of their operating system. Basic tutorials exist, as do the premier ones for the users who are pros in the field.

Visit: Cloudflare


A relatively new server on the market, Quad9 has been grabbing some attention. Since 2016, it has consistently provided a unique and safe DNS server for users.

This particular server’s most significant selling point is its unique capability to block malware from specific places. They are doing this via data collection through multiple private and private places. However, quad9 is famously tight-lipped about its source information and has chosen to divulge very little information about it ever since curiosity peaked.quad9

However, even though it does drive curiosity up the hill, most critics are not convinced about the sources that provide information about this malware, and they are barely convinced if they do even help. This is due mainly to the fact that all tech experts agree that the data quality is far more important and useful than the amount collected.

Even though it has this criticism on privacy, it is a pretty good server and works efficiently. Server reviewers have been very impressed ever since this server came into existence. It might not be as good as Cloudflare, but it surpasses the other generic competitors like Comodo.

Visit: Quad9

GreenTeam DNS

GreenTeam DNS secures your data from hundreds of websites that display various chat-bots, adult content, malware, and other elements. Besides, whenever you begin browsing, it controls the data to show on your display screen. It is one of those free public DNS servers that seems suitable for people integrated toward security.

greenteam dns

However, the product has some additional features accessible only to premium accounts. Even if you do not buy it, it provides some of the best features in the free version. Yet, it has a disadvantage. It might get too secure for some of the users.

Visit: GreemTeam DNS


It is one of the best free public DNS servers for people with kids or younger siblings. Also, it prevents you from wandering on irregular surfaces of the internet that is into adult content, malware, and things not concerned with young fellows.


It offers security from internet threats. People who want an unfiltered experience should not use this public server. Well, they can look up to the list of free public DNS servers mentioned in the list.

Visit: SafeDNS


It is yet one of the other free public DNS servers. It provides the best speed with fewer security turmoils, making it publicly reliable. This DNS server would be the right choice if you want to block weird or harmful websites.


On the one hand, it has a few security labels. On the other side, it offers no downtime. Also, it is known to be one of the most famous and free public DNS servers.

Visit : YandexDNS

Neustar DNS

Among other free public DNS servers, it offers the most benefits. For example- security is reliable, threat protection, family-friendly, business secured, and helps you to access restricted sites.

neustar dns

It is an all-in-one solution for all your problems like malware or blocking adult content. Besides, it can easily be customized and is ideal for business owners.

Visit : Neustar DNS

Google Public DNS

On December 3rd, 2009, Google decided to make its networking secure, providing everything free of cost. It is now the largest and provides Free Public DNS Servers worldwide.  google public dns


One of the advantages you have of using the Google DNS Servers is the enhanced and optimized speed and resistance to cache poisoning attacks.

Visit: Google Public DNS


If you want enhanced control over an open DNS server, there are open DNS servers. This also gives you two choices, i.e., to choose between business and personal servers, thereby giving you control corresponding to your choice from the above two. opendns

Therefore, it deserves a number two on our Free DNS Servers list.

Visit: OpenDNS


It is a third-party but the fastest DNS server, which is free of cost, providing you with high-speed and uncensored internet services if you’ve ever asked a review about DNS. dnswatch

WATCH server user always comes out positive, mainly due to its exemplary speed and uninterrupted services throughout the year.

Visit: Watch

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Norton Connectsafe

We all know about Norton Security, which is an antivirus. The Norton Connectsafe is also one of the prominent in the list of Free Public DNS Servers.  norton connectsafe

Norton Connectsafe is the best free DNS server for those with complicated and classified information, as it primarily focuses on protecting your information.

Visit: Norton Connectsafe

Comodo Secure DNS

It is another public DNS server that is successful in the long run, providing great speed.comodo secure It is a highly reliable DNS server with many hosts, ensuring no compromise in speed.

Visit: Comodo Secure DNS


OpenNIC DNS is a not-so-popular DNS server but one of the most reliable servers. It has one of the most underrated configurations among the Public DNS servers. open nic


It provides censorship, protecting you from any harm.

Visit: OpenNIC

Level3 DNS

It is also a third-party DNS server that offers high-level performance. level 3 dnsThough it is not as popular as Google, its configuration is highly impressive, providing high speed and enhanced reliability.

Visit: Level3 DNS


This DNS has one of the most enhanced configurations, too. PuntCAT has multiple hosts so that the server does not crash, and the performance is top-notch throughout. puntcat dns


It does not have a secondary server, like the other Free Public DNS Servers, and it is much more reliable.

Visit: PuntCAT DNS

SmartViper DNS

It is IPv4 based best DNS server, which is much more reliable and commonly found on the Internet today. The only disadvantage of this server is its inconsistent speed. smartviper


It gets an upgrade daily. It will eventually turn out to be one of the top servers available.

Visit: SmartViper Public DNS

Verisign DNS

It is one of the most highly stable Free Public DNS Servers. Its rankings are slowly growing, and already in the top 10 of the best DNS servers. The reason it’s climbing through its rankings is its security and privacy providence.


The DNS servers above are the best ones available, and you can easily adapt to it.

Visit: Verisign DNS

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Is it feasible to use server as a DNS?

Yes, you can do it but not without any worries or complaints. The DNS server local to your device sends whatever issues you have internally onto the internet. This is something to be actually worried about. Not only does it blatantly expose your data and your security plans it also violates it. The violation may depend on how secure your server is, depending on whether the violation may be too strong or weak.

Last Words

These were some of the best and most free public DNS servers one could use in 2023. As you have read all about the free public DNS servers, it is time to choose the right one for you. If you downloaded any, we’d be happy to know your experience.

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