Top 4 Free VPN for Torrenting | Best Torrent VPN (2019 Updated)


Have you ever tried to download some files such as games, movies, etc. from torrents? If your answer is affirmative, then you must remember that downloading copyrighted material from torrents is illegal. But, these laws vary from country to country and thus, if something is illegal in the United Kingdom, it may be legal in Australia or if something is legal in Russia it might be illegal in the USA. Hence, a Virtual Private Network service, better known as VPN is used. These Free VPN for Torrenting provides you with a safe, much secure and encrypted connection when you connect to the servers located in far off nations across the globe.

4 Best Free VPN for Torrenting to Use in 2019

In this article, we shall discuss the best VPN services that you can use in 2019. This list of best VPN for torrenting is not at all exhaustive, but it has the top-ranked services.


This is an extremely great VPN which has its servers in a highly secured nation of Switzerland. The service network has a huge number of servers, that is more than 700 servers located in 70 different locations which makes it extremely secure. Also, the entire network of servers is operated and maintained by the company itself, so no third parties are involved at all. Hence, after reading this VyprVPN review you can rest assured that your data is completely safe and your journey on the internet is completely private.

When you opt for this Free VPN for Torrenting service, it provides you with an unlimited data usage facility and a DNS service. The company also provides you with the facilities for VPN blocking bypass and a customer support team is available 24×7 to assist you when in need. Again, if you need any tutorials or want to know about any feature that you encounter for the first time, the tutorial videos are a perfect guide for you.


Express VPN

The Express VPN is also one of the best Free VPN for Torrenting services that provide excellent privacy and encryption services. The Express VPN has a huge network of more than 2000 servers which are located at 148 different locations. They also have more than 30000 IP addresses under its ownership which make the internet access extremely easy and secure for the users. The servers are located in 94 countries of the world which enables it to provide different clients based on the device for the users.

The Express VPN service supports platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry and has an excellent customer support team which always there to assist you if you need any kind of assistance whatsoever. Also, a series of video tutorials also help the users to grasp the features of VPN service easily and quickly, thereby making their experience great all together. The pricing of the Express VPN is great too and the users can choose one out of three plans based on their requirements. Also, if they are not satisfied, they can demand a refund within 30 days, so the money won’t be wasted if the service standards are not good.

Nord VPN

If you are looking for some really cheap VPN service but still are somewhat skeptical for the security and privacy features of that particular VPN service because you know that privacy and money both cannot be saved together, then you should opt for the Nord VPN service. This is the best VPN service in the cheap VPN services category. The Nord VPN has a huge network of more than 5000 servers located across 60 locations around the world. The main server is in a secure location of Panama City and thus you can easily rely on your privacy.

The main features of the Nord VPN services include VPN security bypass and also DNS leak protection, along with an exciting feature of payment via cryptocurrency. The only issue that you might face while using this VPN service is that it has a slow speed of download so you will have to wait longer to get your files done. Aso, when it comes to privacy, it has a commendable no log in policy which means that you do not need to log in every time you use a website, so just be rest assured about the security and privacy. The monthly charges for this VPN service are very less and start from less than 3 USD per month which is a good deal.

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Windscribe VPN

The Windscribe VPN is a great Free VPN for Torrenting service and is highly beneficial if you want to use torrents. The service terms of this VPN service are great and user-friendly but the company does not support any nonsense, which is evident from their tough and strict policies that are into effect. The Windscribe service has more than 300 servers which are located across 50 locations across the globe.

But the most interesting part of this VPN service is that it allows its users t have unlimited connections when all the other players of the game limit their users to maximum 5 or 6 connections only. The platforms supported by the Windscribe VPN service include Android, Windows, Mac, etc. However, the Android version has its issues because it has been launched recently and is still undergoing development. The plan for the user is excellent as well and this service has also a free plan which gives a 10 GB data to the users for one of their devices.


These were the 4 best Free VPN for Torrenting which the users can use. As mentioned earlier, this list is not at all exhaustive but we have tried our best to present to you the best of the best.


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