Top 12 Trusted Virtual PO Box Services To Use In 2021

Wondering how to get a PO box for free? In this fast-growing world, the need for efficient and effective communication has also gone up. Everyone in this world needs to be at the reception of a quick and useful communication tool. Since mailboxes were amongst the first significant tools of communication, a lot of people still rely on them because they haven’t lost their significance as of now. Even today, your courier package, your driving license, etc. gets a forward to your physical mailbox. However, the maintenance of a mailbox has become a boring and tedious task in the current scenario. A Lot of expenses are involved, and hence, there arises a need for virtual PO Box services.

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What is a Virtual PO Box?

A virtual PO Box is merely a personal mailbox that you can use to receive your couriers and mails as if they were being delivered to your home. The only difference is that the mails are not directly received by you, but by an online service that takes care of your letters and couriers before they reach you.

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The service provider notifies you about the mails and opens up the parcels to scan and upload it to your account. This way, you can get the mails as you get them in your email and that too in an organized manner. Also, you get a commercial delivery address which is very professional and also maintains your privacy.

12 Best Virtual PO Box Services Of 2020

When it comes to virtual PO Box free services, the trust is an essential factor because you are initiating up your individual data to the service providers. Hence, it is always advised to do it legally so that any mishaps can be avoided later on. Here in this section, we shall examine some of the most trusted PO Box services to use in 2020.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is also an excellent virtual PO box service provider, and you can use it very easily. You only need to have an account with them and pay them their fee, and that’s all. Now your mail shall receive by them, and you decide what to do with them. The Anytime Mailbox offers you to control your mails via an app, but also provides you with text alerts at absolutely no cost. Hence it is highly affordable.

Anytime Mail Box
Anytime Mail Box

Also, you can receive your letters easily while you are in any part of the world without being worried about anything. It is a suitable option for a business firm where everyone can receive their mail. And provide that they have both a yearly and a monthly payment system. You can opt-out any time you feel like.

Visit: Anytime Mail Box 

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is one the best virtual PO box with street address services that are available at present. It helps a lot to manage your emails while you are at any place across the world. You are notified about receiving mail on your devices such as phone, tablet or computer. And then you can decide what to do with that mail. You can either ask them to open it and scan and upload it to your account.

They have quite an affordable pricing plan which is very competitive and will definitely not disappoint you. Apart from that, they have great reviews in the BBB, a quite decent customer support, a super user-friendly website, and a sign-up process.

PostScan Mail
PostScan Mail

Or to wait for your physical presence. Also, after you’ve been sent the scanned copy of the mails, you can easily choose if you want to store the physical mail. Or to shred it and recycle it. All this happens with simple commands and is extremely convenient.

Also, the shredding services are available throughout the time until the account is deactivated or deleted. Hence, you can rely on the services efficiently. This service also allows you to receive emails for your employees if you run some business. Therefore, by one account you and your employees all can be benefited.

Visit: PostScan Mail 

Traveling Mailbox

The traveling mailbox is again an excellent and highly reputed a that allows you to receive your physical mails at an online address. You can practice it efficiently if you are a frequent traveller and are unable to receive any of the mails at your address. You have, and they will take care of your emails from thereon. This Virtual PO Box provides a lot of services such as envelope scanning, mail scanning and sending the mail directly. This guards your privacy as you get to choose what mail is to open. And then what has to be in storage merely for you to arrive.

Traveling Mailbox
Traveling Mailbox

It also provides some extra services such as the fax number. And other things for you to be a wholly professional and commercial person. The customer support services of Traveling Mailbox is also a great feature of this service. Hence, you can contact the customer support team any time you feel like it. They are online 24×7 and are there to address your needs and grievances. So, you can have a fantastic experience.

Visit: Traveling Mailbox 

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Earthclass Mail

This virtual PO Box/mail offers online postal and scanning services. From large business corporations to small businesses, it supports every company providing all suitable needs. Some of the features are the envelope, content scans, mail forwarding services, and checkstream. The checkstream service automates deposits to save time and improve the workflow. Once you receive the scans, you can give the directions for the check deposit. 

Earthclass mail
Earthclass mail

Apart from the high-resolution features, you can add, link, and manage extra things within the file accordingly. Moreover, it approves the optical character recognition, i.e., it makes the content readable. 

It supports security premises using 256 encryption and ensures data security through 24/7 video monitoring. 

Visit : Earthclass Mail 


iPostal1 is another virtual PO box that manages packages and online mails through a simple mobile app. It provides an authentic street address to your company along with the postal mail services. It allows you to send packages to one or more addresses as per your wish. Like some of the other Virtual PO Box services, you can manage emails from your iPhone, Android, or other devices. 


Along with the access to unlimited online addresses, it deposits your check directly into your bank account. Lastly, it securely enables you to receive essential emails from DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS.

Visit : iPostal1


USA2me is a mail bundle sending administration free virtual po box that gives clients the actual transportation address that they can use to get their mail and bundles.

Their administration is quite easy to utilize. You start by pursuing their administration, and they will give you an actual location in the USA. You would then be able to utilize this actual location to get your mail, buys, and bundles.


They will get the entirety of your mail and bundles and afterwards mail them to your USA postage information and register everything to your letter drop. This software can deliver your things anyplace all throughout the planet.

They can likewise help you fabricate a business in the USA and build up a presence. USA2me can sell your things in the USA as you can send them your stock, and they will satisfy your orders. You will actually want to transport or remail to USA clients at standard USA rates.

Visit: USA2me


It is a virtual PO Box service shredding online mail services concerning your US address. Along with receiving mail at your US address, it helps you to forward mail as per your request. 


Some of the features of PO Box Zone are that you can upload the scanned mail and letters on your Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, or Dropbox. It accepts any message on your behalf, along with intricating scanned letters to the cloud. 

Visit: PO Box Zone 

Virtual Post Mail

The Virtual Post Mail is also a leading Virtual PO Box service provider of online mailbox services and is highly reliable as well. Once you sign up with their account and make the payment. Then you are provided with a commercial address. Which will be your street address for the mails to receive. The authorized workers shall handle your mails, and hence you can be least concerned about the security of your mails.

Virtual Post Mail
Virtual Post Mail

Also, this free po box provides for the storage of your mails in a secure location with plenty of surveillance cameras and alarm systems. This service is the best service if you are not residing in the United States. You can simply have an account at this service and receive emails from the United States at your virtual address.

Also, the plans for these virtual mailbox services are very affordable, and you are not at all required to pay any surcharges or additional fees for receiving or shredding or scanning of your mails. Therefore, it is an excellent service to rely on.

Visit: Virtual Post Mail 

MailBox Forwarding

MailBox Forwarding is one of the Virtual PO Box, which benefits both the individual and the business profiles. It offers standard services with competitive pricing. Along with providing scanning services for your email, it gives the same for your fax machines. It is one of the features not offered by other Virtual PO Box services.

Mailbox Forwarding
Mailbox Forwarding

There is only one disadvantage that they are not much appropriate with locations as it is only a small corporation climbing ladders to success.

Visit : MailBox Forwarding 


Regus is more than a Virtual PO Box service. It helps the businesses to establish a virtual presence in the foreign markets. The settings of an office like this are similar to the physical environment. You may hire a live receptionist for taking your calls while establishing a virtual office in one of the prime locations in the world. 


Users can use their Regus’s addresses for sending and receiving mails. They can also forward you in case of any requirement. If you are looking for business relocation, then this Virtual PO Box is ideal for all your requirements. Lastly, you can change your address anytime with no extra cost.

US Global Mail

US Global Mail is a setup virtual post office box like Gmail in the U.S. utilized by a great many explorers and organizations. Their incredible notorieties, joined with their high appraising with the Better Business Bureau, exhibit their capacity to furnish ex-pats and organizations with excellent assistance that can be trusted.

us global mail
US global mail

US Global Mail offers limitless sweeps with no covered up or additional expenses. There is additionally no beginning up charges, so you can join and begin utilizing the arrangement immediately.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that they are one of the least expensive virtual letterbox administrations you can discover, it ought to be referenced that they offer one area in Houston, Texas, which is something worth thinking about when contrasting virtual post box suppliers. This is one of the best virtual po box available in the market.

Visit: US Global Mail

GRM Digital Mailroom

GRM is a, for the most part, B2B archive the executive’s organization that began in 1986. They have been doing actual archive stockpiling, filtering, and destroying for an extremely significant time-frame, making them very respectable. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they got numerous solicitations from their clients for mail checking administrations.


GRM Digital Mailroom is help that turns your actual mail sent to their area (or got) into an advanced PDF by filtering it into the cloud. Their administration is exceptional on the grounds that it transfers all correspondence and archives to their Content Management Platform, which gives you numerous mechanization abilities and has highlighted to advance your reports to another person through email rapidly.

GRM offers this arrangement on the whole of the urban areas and states they work in, including New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Houston, Baltimore, Austin, Washington, D.C, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dalla, Atlanta, Boston, and San Diego. This is one of the best online po box available out there.

Visit: GRM


These were the best and the trusted virtual PO Box free services that you could use in 2021. All of them are highly reputed and reliable so just go for them. And use them as your virtual address while you’re on the go.

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