A recently experienced concern among regular users of Gmail is what to do if Gmail is rejecting incoming emails. Although this is not a welcome scenario, one must not lose patience and start panicking. Email is an electronic alternative to traditional ways of paper communication. Thus, it also has glitches and handling issues, and you may see that Gmail blocks incoming emails.  

One of the effective methods you can use to get past this issue is removing the URLs present in your Email address to prevent them from getting blocked by the browser. Another proven method is reducing the list of recipients and splitting them into more than one Email. 

The objective of this article shall remain unfulfilled if we only focus on ways to prevent the rejection of our Emails. Thus, we would first proceed by understanding why and on what occasions Gmail is rejecting incoming emails. 

Major Reasons Behind Our Emails Getting Rejected

Following is a brief description of the reasons behind Gmail blocked messages, as well as Gmail account, blocked:rejected mail

  • Using contextual and aesthetic screening, Gmail detects spam at first glance. Such tests include subject lines typed in ALL CAPS, content with strong text and huge font size, misspelt terms in the topic, and sales or promotional content in general.
  • If your email volume suddenly grows, you may look like a spammer, and Google will block your account.
  • Another typical cause for Google banning your emails is if you are emailing from a publicly blacklisted IP address.
  • This issue is common when sending an email from a pooled Internet address carrying a disgrace.
  • Delivering so many emails to invalid email addresses causes email deliverability concerns, and Google may simply flag you as a spammer. Hence, it is critical to practice efficient email list upkeep.
  • Another reason Google is banning your emails is that you could have high bounce statistics.

This is the proportion of email addresses in your email list (of Gmail users) who did not get the mail message as the email providers blocked it. Click here, to learn how to recover or change Gmail password.

How To Know Gmail Is Blocking My Emails?

What to do if Gmail is rejecting incoming emails is not the only problem. Blocking emails forms another set of troubleshooting. Let us start if you are unfamiliar with Google Postmaster Tools or use a delivery measurement and interaction tool like InboxAlly. Utilizing Google tools to assess your deliverability is an excellent starting step in understanding what deliverability appears from their standpoint.inbox ally

Fortunately, it just takes a few moments to set up and is an essential tool if you send a lot of emails to Gmail users. You can use the Google Postmaster Tools as a part of your routine process to examine email performance and monitor deliverability concerns.

Postmaster Tools: Explained

Google Postmaster Tools are free online utilities that let you monitor your domain reputation, deliverability and junk rate, email certification, and other performance metrics.google postmaster As easy as it appears, Postmaster tools are an excellent method to determine how effectively your emails are delivered and diagnose and solve deliverability issues in Google. 

Setting Up The Google Postmaster Tools

Postmaster Tools are organized per domain, and you must add and validate each sender domain before evaluating your email performance metrics. Open postmaster.google.com to start the procedure and follow the steps there. postmaster tools

Now that you have identified the problem let us find out how you landed up in this situation and the ways to solve it. 

What To Do If Gmail Blocks Incoming Emails?

Removing the URLS is one of the top choices to avoid email blockage. It is a familiar recommendation to remove any URL existing in your Email if Gmail is rejecting incoming emails. This is because any URLs identified by Google Safe Browsing may cause the Email to be forbidden by the emailing provider.

Reduce Recipients

Reduce the number of recipients if you are delivering identical emails to many people.reduce recipients Another option can be to divide the recipients into many emails and direct each separately at little intervals.

Give Another Shot

If you have sent multiple emails in the previous 24 hours, Gmail may prevent you from delivering more in a single day. You will notice the warning “You have surpassed a threshold for sending mail” in this instance.email limit

The only way to resolve this challenge is to play it out. Therefore, try again in 1 to 24 hours, according to Google.

Redesign Your Email Content

Gmail may consider some of the information in your Email, even if it is as simple as clear text, to be harmful or spam. In such an instance, experiment with the content of your email and try to delete anything that could be considered spam.spam email

Some instances of spam include colourful writing, excessive use of exclamation marks, and including many hyperlinks, among others. 

Making Use Of GMass

GMass is a Chrome browser addon for sending out mass emails. Additionally, it can also manage to comprehend the base of the Email to look for spam or potentially dangerous Websites.gmass

If you have several receivers in an email, GMass will send the message to each of them individually, which may take some time, but the problem of multiple recipients will be resolved.

Construct A Sender Policy Framework(SPF)

SPF is an email validation system that protects against email spoofing. SPF and DKIM are the two authentication settings that must be included in your DNS zone settings.spf You may determine the IP addresses permitted to deliver emails on account of your (sending) domain by configuring an SPF record.

Make Sure The Volume Of Your Emails Is Consistent.

Mailbox providers reward you for predictability. Sending all of your texts at once is not a good idea.email distribution Distribute your emails as much as possible and attempt to have a consistent volume and routine. 

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When Does The Gmail Account Block?

Following are some of the reasons behind blocking your Gmail account.

Overburdening Your Gmail Account Or Google Workspace

Google regularly monitors account activity, especially when it is new.google workspace To prevent having your account blocked by Google, initially send a few emails to people you know.

Sending Undeliverable Messages In Large Numbers

If you transmit data to people you do not know or to several people at once, you will receive tons of bounced messages.undeliverable email

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

‘Why Gmail is blocking my emails’ forms the most searched percentage of troubleshooting. Here are some questions that users frequently ask to overcome their email concerns. 

Why is my email address being rejected?

Whenever you send an email and receive an 'address refused' error message, it denotes that the email server is incompetent to validate your email address since the SMTP server authentication protocol of your email client is deactivated. Activate the SMTP server authentication feature with your email client.

How should I avoid my emails being designated as spam?

You may start by avoiding trigger words and phishing phrases. Employ a spam-checking technique and ensure that email authentication is completely switched on.

What to do if the address of a recipient is rejected?

The first step would be to confirm that the destination address is correct. You may then execute a DNS or IP reset

For how long is a Gmail account blocked?

It may vary from a few minutes to 24 hours, extending to 30 or more. It depends upon the degree of malicious activity detected.


Google discloses the information when a user has achieved the email-sending threshold. It also informs if the recipient has exercised the maximum number of emails. But they do not offer any details on how to resolve the issue of an email blockage. It is the case even if there is no dubious content, URL, picture, or heaps of recipients. Thus, it would take a lot of research to find out why Gmail is rejecting incoming emails. If you want to learn about some of the best Gmail extensions, click here.

Gmail has added strong security measures to combat spam and fraudulent emails. These same security measures mean that email marketers continue to improve their sending techniques to ensure that their messages reach the inbox of consumer emails.

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