In the modern era, privacy has become a predominant issue worldwide. Cybercrime rates increasing tremendously over the past few decades. None of our data is secure when we connect to a network. Thus, you must know about these fantastic free Sandbox Software that we have for you. The worst part is that our data gets exposed without our consent. This data can be either Personally-Identifying Information or non-Personally Identifying Information. Privacy is our human right, and we must protect our data from online intruders.


To secure your data from falling into the wrong hands, you need to barricade your system with some measures to ensure no unauthorized access. Sandboxes act as one such barrier to defend your system from intruders. It is a virtualization technique that provides that applications running on a sandbox do not have direct access to the device, OS, or your file system.

It is a protective shield that safeguards your PC from malicious applications. Numerous sandbox browser applications are free for the Windows operating system. To protect your system and data exposure to cybercrimes, you should install one of these best sandbox software and extend the life of your data.

Top 14 Freebox Sandbox Software To Get In 2023

Here we have listed the leading sandbox software you can use in 2023.

You can use this sandbox software to create, educate, and transform everyone around us. It can also deploy numerous apps on our desktop or device’s screen and private clouds.

With the help of this sandbox software, you can run Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, and other browsers efficiently. It also allows you to run Eclipse, VS code, and other IDEs online.

Another thing about this software is that you can use your SQL techniques. Run SQL Server, MySQL, and different similar databases. You can chat, view media, use servers, and more under Browse the Hub.

Resources like Turbo Studio, Turbo CI, Turbo Server, etc., are also available. Check out the link below to get this sandbox software.


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ToolWiz Time Freeze

OMG! I must say that ToolWiz Time Freeze Software will blast your mind with its super-engaging interface. The moment you visit this website, you will witness it. If you don’t want unwanted changes to your PC or laptop, download this software without thinking twice.

Just a single click on freeze and no changes will apply on your PC. If you want to quit this mode, a simple restart or shutdown will help. You can use this software on various Windows versions.

toolwiz time freeze

It implements virtualization to save your operating system and essential applications on an unmodified OS. It allows you to enhance efficiency by enabling switching between various OS on the same PC.

Using our system’s resources, you can build an efficient and responsive IT infrastructure. The easy restore and recovery option makes this fantastic, flawless sandbox software. Download it by visiting the site link provided below.

Visit: ToolWiz Time Freeze


It separates applications or programs from the operating system barricading viruses, malicious software, worms, or any other defecting phenomenon. Sandboxie monitors your web browsing and blocks any suspicious applications or malware from accessing your file system.

sandbox software

It protects your data from any external modifications. Using Sandboxie, you can install and check any software for safety without any risks. It supports Windows operation of versions 7 to 10.

Visit: Sandboxie


GeSWall is a security wall that protects your system from online intruders. You can safely surf the net or use any of your applications without being frantic about being exposed to intruders. You are safe in the walls of the GeSWall.

geswallIt isolates your applications from the operating system and your file system, preventing unauthorized access to your data. It applies an access restriction policy that prevents rootkits, keyloggers, backdoors, intrusions, and malicious software. The software is interactive with its policy notifications and attack notifications.

Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox works like an antivirus, locking the virus inside the sandbox. It virtualizes the applications, detects suspicious behavior, and blocks it from reaching the underlying operating system. You can easily drag and drop the programs you want to protect under the Shade.

shade sandbox software

You can safely open any website without fearing losing safety to intruders. Your data and operating system remain safe under the Shade Sandbox environment.

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BitBox is an acronym for ‘Browser in the Box.’ As the name specifies, it monitors your browser and its content and ensures no malicious threats enter your PC zone. The BitBox reliably prevents the upload of files from the browser to protect your files on the internet.


It smartly tackles privacy, with security being the primary concern. Its virtual interface separates the OS from other applications to block the application from penetrating the OS.

Visit: BitBox

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R&S Browser

Sandbox Box provides a virtual environment where you can run new software without the fear of malware or adware. But what if a sandbox is designed for a Federal office? Well, that means ultimate care has been taken to develop this software.

One such software is R&S Browser, initially used by the German Federal Office for security concerns. This reputed tool was designed and developed by one of the worldwide technology leaders, Sirrix AG Security Technologies. They specialize in securing operating systems such as Windows, communication infrastructure, etc.

r&s browser

Moreover, this tool is fabricated around the ‘Browser in the Box.’ Federal authorities have utilized this software, which is now available for public use. With this solution, you can surf online courageously with confidence.

Often we receive advice to proceed with caution when it comes to online browsing, but with this utility, you may leave that caution behind.

In this concept of ‘Browser in the Box,’ your browser is wrapped inside a safe space. This covering protects your browser from undesired malware and adware. Moreover, it will return to its original state with every web browser start, thus eliminating all damage.

Furthermore, users can review this activity of the R&S browser. Thus making it a dependable browser for maintaining online security.

Visit: R&S Browser

Windows Sandbox

In this list, we certainly cannot ignore the sandbox service constructed by Microsoft for Windows. We often want to run software of our interest but get skeptical because of malware attacks. We need a trustworthy instrument to protect our Windows devices from harm.

windows sandbox software

For this reason, Microsoft developed Windows Sandbox. They built a system that temporarily isolates the test software, and after the scheme closes, the sandbox system deletes all files and data related to the software.

This way, you will know whether the tool of your interest is safe or poses any security threats to your device. Moreover, with this technology, you can scan any doubtful software without fear.

Since the software is a part of Windows, you do not need to install a Virtual hard disk drive. Another praiseworthy property of Windows Sandbox is that it cleans itself whenever it is shut; thus, it is brand new whenever you open the sandbox.

Other than these, it is entirely secure and efficient. However, you might consider looking at its prerequisites before installing the app. You will find the needed Information in the link below.

Visit: Windows Sandbox

Comodo Firewall

Another famous cybersecurity company known for its free security solutions is Comodo, located in New Jersey, US. Their product, Comodo firewall, is mainly of high value. It is bundled with sandbox security and antivirus protection.

comodo firewall

Comodo offers an isolated sandbox system where you can run and scan doubtful applications. You can also run software downloaded from suspicious sites. In this program, the test application is completely isolated from your entire system, thus preventing unwanted malware from penetrating your system.

This way, no new software can hamper your system security or perform any malicious activity with the system data. Like other software in the list, this sandbox agent will protect your device from all potential harm caused by unwarranted app installation.

Visit: Comodo Firewall


By sandboxing your application, you can reduce the impact of external factors working on your computer. Bufferzone is a sandboxing software application that provides a sandbox environment that blocks viruses and other worms from accessing your PC and performing any modifications.

bufferzone sandbox software

Once you install the sandbox, the default programs and processes go immediately to prevent the central intrusion-prone data from falling into trouble. The program displays the ongoing operations and programs.

Visit: Buffer zone

Shadow Defender In Sandbox Software

The Shadow Defender runs your PC in ‘Shadow Mode‘ and applies every change made in your PC to a virtual copy of your system, and thereby your actual OS remains the same. A single restart restores your system to eliminate any malicious activity that has affected your system.

shadow defender

Furthermore, it maintains your system privacy and eliminates downtime and maintenance costs. Also, your PC is safe under the Shade of Shadow Defender with its high-security algorithms that the program implements.

Visit: Shadow Defender


EvaLaze is application virtualization that runs your application on a virtual interface keeping your system clean by blocking access to your original OS. Also, these virtual applications can run locally on your PC or from USB sticks, network drives, etc.

evalaze sandbox software

EvaLaze also assigns an application virtualization assistant to work along with the software. The software takes a snapshot of the system and takes another photograph after the application setup is complete.

Nonetheless, you can easily convert the setup files into a .exe file and execute it from anywhere.Shade Sandbox

Deep Freeze

This is another sandbox app. Not to mention, Deep Freeze helps you extend your computer’s life by restoring your PC to its original state after every restart.

Moreover, if you ever feel like troubleshooting, restart your system; you do not have to troubleshoot and fix any issues. The software does this for you before you command it.

deep freeze

Also, this Sandbox Software protects you from phishing sites and other viruses entering your computer. You can freeze a few instants of your system and restore your PC from those freeze points.

Visit: Deep Freeze

Create your Virtual Machine In Sandbox Software

Don’t hesitate to do it if you are into designing and want to make your sandbox software. You have to keep a few points in your mind while creating it. You should remember all critical issues like light virtualization, accessible storing, and recovery. All the apps you will be testing will be tested in a limited way.

create your virtual machine

All the programs are isolated from the host OS in the sandbox software. You can get full virtualization by making your virtual machine using VMware or Virtual Box. Moreover, you can make many things and changes to your sandbox software by exploring VMware more.

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Is Windows Sandbox 100% safe?

Yes. The programs you install in the Windows sandbox environment remain 'sandboxed.' They all operate independently of the host computer. Therefore, whatever occurs in the sandbox stays there, and your host PC is entirely secure.

How is Windows sandbox so fast?

The fact that the sandbox is small likely contributes to how quickly it boots. However, Windows writes the sandbox's memory storage and CPU state to disk the first time you boot. It is the crucial factor in the sandbox's speedy loading speed.

How can I fix the sluggish sandbox?

You can fix the sluggish sandbox by reducing the number of items and locations as much as possible. Please remember that your sandbox is not intended to load tests; rather, it is intended to test code. Performance could suffer, for instance, if you store more than 1000 products in a sandbox.

Can a sandbox prevent viruses?

Your computer is safe from viruses if you use a sandbox. The data inside a sandbox would likely be encrypted if ransomware were run inside. Still, your primary operating system would not be affected.

Who utilizes sandbox?

Software developers use the sandbox to test new computer code. Cybersecurity professionals use it to test hazardous applications. The software can access all user information and system resources on a connection without sandboxing.

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