Top 4 Server Backup Software to Use in 2021

Did you realize that over 58 percent of the cyber-attacks carried out each year target small businesses? The businesses targeted in these attacks will have 250 employees or less. Instead of waiting until your data is wiped out or compromised to take action, you need to device a plan to combat this problem. Here is when Server Backup Software comes into the picture as a savior. 

Server Backup Software
Are you looking for the best backup software on the market?

One of the best alternatives to keep your data safe is by investing in backup software. With this software, you can save copies of your data in the cloud, meaning if a network crash or ransomware attack; you can avoid losing important information. Employ a company that offers managed IT services or hire a team of qualified people to help maintain all your servers. Whichever route you choose, having backup servers becomes more and more essential for businesses in the digital age.

Are you looking for the best server backup software on the market? If so, check out the recommendations below.

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Best Server Backup Software

Here are the best Server Backup Software for you to use in 2019 to secure your data.

The KeepItSafe Online Backup

If you are looking for a way to manage your digital assets in a simple and affordable way, then the KeepItSafe Online Backup is an excellent option. The team at KeepItSafe is passionate about providing backup solutions for business that are easy to use and effective. This online backup system can provide you with a host of benefits.


The automated backup feature allows you to eliminate the headaches and stress caused by trying to manually backup your data. The KeepItSafe system also provides redundant backups, which means you can keep a copy of every file on your server. You can also rest assured your data is safe when transferring it to other data centers because of the iron-clad encryption offered by KeepItSafe.

The Power of ESET Endpoint Security

One of the main things business owners look for when choosing backup software is the additional features a company offers. When using the ESET Endpoint Security software, it will provide you with a host of different tools. These tools are designed to help you keep your network safe and functional.

ESET Endpoint Security
ESET Endpoint Security

Not only does ESET Endpoint Security software provide an automated backup system, but this system also features web controls, anti-spam systems, and botnet protection. If you are thinking for an all-in-one security system and backup solution, then using ESET Endpoint Security is a good idea.

Visit: ESET Endpoint Security

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The Altaro VM Backup

Are you looking for a virtual machine backup solution? For years, IT departments, consultants, and resellers have trusted the Altaro VM Backup. The bill for this program is as a virtual machine backup and replication solution. Most IT professionals use this in conjunction with VMware and Hyper-V.

Altaro VM Backup

Altaro VM Backup

In addition to the online backup software, this system offers enterprise-level tools like WAN replication and CDP. Professionals who use this program claim that it is simple to operate, affordable, and fast. You can try this system free for 30 days to see if it is the right fit for your needs before making a purchase.

Visit: Altaro VM Backup

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Resilio Connect

For companies looking for a fast and effective way to move their data, Resilio Connect is a fantastic Server Backup Software. You will get the bill as a P2P solution used to sync and transfer data. It is both reliable and effortless to scale. Many logistics, engineering, and tech companies using this program.

Resilio Connect
Resilio Connect

When used correctly, Resilio Connect provides smart data routing and WAN optimization at lightning speed. You can also use the scripting hooks and automation provided by this program to construct workflows around the movement of data.

Visit: Resilio Connect

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The only way to get the best server backup software in place is by doing your homework.

Business Needs
Consider the needs of your business when looking for a backup software

Considering the needs of your business will help you narrow down the selection of Server Backup Software solutions at your disposal.

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