Top 10 Best IP Camera Software for Security (Updated 2023)

Whenever you are out of your house, you always feel that there should be some way to watch your home and your belongings. So this article lets you be aware of the ten best IP camera software.

With the help of technology, you can easily do this by installing the Best IP Camera software.

List of Best IP Camera Software

Netatmo Presence

It is an outdoor IP Camera with a resolution of 1080p. Netatmo Presence is an expensive camera, but it is worth it according to its price. It provides 24-hour Surveillance in full HD resolution. Netatmo Presence can also act as a security light, i.e., whenever it detects any motion, it blinks.


The best feature of this security camera is its differentiation between the movement of a car, animal, or person so that you can alert according to that. It can store footage recording in local mode and on cloud storage.

Nest Cam Outdoor

It is an outdoor type security camera software with resolution of 1080p. Nest Cam Outdoor is the most reliable and accessible security camera as it can store footage of up to 30 days in cloud storage. It is integrated with IFTTT, and its design is very vulnerable, so it cannot easily tamper or theft.

Nest Cam
Nest Cam

Nest Cam Outdoor provides an excellent subscription service. The only drawback is its cost, as it is costly, and you cannot access all of its features without subscribing to it.

Logi Circle

Logi Circle is an indoor-type IP Camera with a resolution of 1080p. If you want an easy and quick solution to provide security to your home or office, then this is the best choice for you. Its setup process is straightforward, and it cannot be tempered quickly.

Logi Circle
Logi Circle

Above all, it is the cheapest option also. Logi Circle has a built-in battery feature. Therefore, it provides you with wireless installation. It has no microSD card slot.

IP Camera Viewer

It is the free best IP Camera Viewer that you can easily use at your home or office. With this, you can easily view a preview of max four different cameras of different models and types.

IP Camera Viewer
IP Camera Viewer

It also allows you to change camera configuration to zoom its view, tilt the camera or adjust it according to your convenience. IP Camera Viewer can run on Windows operating system.


If you want the Best IP camera software that you can use professionally, then Go1984 is perfect for you. It provides you with live monitoring, various remote control functions through the Internet and network, an alarm feature, and an audio-visual recording feature.


You can also do automatic recording by automatically scheduling it to run at a specific time. It gives you a 30-day free trial after that you can buy this if you like its service. You can purchase its pro version for $449, the Enterprise version for $839, and an ultimate version for $1950.

IPCam Live

It is a PC-based best outdoor wireless security camera system with DVR that allows you to simultaneously monitor a maximum of 16 cameras. Stream stores the recorded video on your computer’s hard drive, secondary storage devices, or network-attached storage devices.

IPCam Live
IPCam Live

IP Cam Live offers you recording modes: continuous recording, manual recording, motion recording, and scheduled recording. The stream can be easily installed in just a few minutes, and it can work perfectly with your Lorex IP cameras. Its price is $49.99.

UnionCam Technology

UnionCam Technology is the best free IP camera software that allows you to monitor up to 64 cameras simultaneously which can be of different types like Network IP cameras, USB cameras, capture cards, etc. You can easily have a watch on your home from anywhere with the help of your PC.

Union Cam
Union Cam Technologies

It provides video motion with audio detection for your email alerts. It saves recordings in various formats like MP4, ASF, FLV, AVI, etc. You can easily use its 30 days free trial version, and after that, you can purchase it for $20. It can work on Windows operating system.


ViewCommander is an IP camera software that provides professional quality, and its scalability, flexibility, and ease-of-use are its main features. It is a Network camera software that extends the limited functionality of network IP video cameras by providing extra functionality that a standalone camera cannot offer.


Viewcommander allows you to view, control, record, and digitally enhance the videos obtained from cameras. You can use it for various areas like schools, universities, the military, professionals, and home security.


Webcam XP is one of the most trending webcams and network camera software available for the Windows operating system. You can easily monitor your house and belongings with the help of your PC by using the Internet, and it is also possible to connect it with other computers and mobile phones.

Webcam XP
Webcam XP

You can set a timer to run at that specific time automatically. It can detect motion and then alert you. WebcamXP works great in aerospace, museums, hotels, zoos, shops, and police and army areas. It can support FTP/FTS and HTTP/HTTPS posts. It is available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

SpyCam Watchers

This is an IP camera software that can run on Windows operating system. You can easily access it with the help of iPhone or iPad devices. With the assistance of this application, you would easily be able to monitor your property safely.

Spycam Watcher
Spycam Watcher

It has all the essential features that are provided by other software also like: motion detection, alarm, email alerts, disk space management, and tripwires.

Security eye

Security eye has topnotch video surveillance. You have to install it on your computer. Security eye has 1200+ IP camera models, and most webcams are supported by the application. Surveillance footage can be seen from 64 different sources in the same instant. You will also be able to access live broadcasts from practically anywhere.

They also have motion detectors as a primary feature. It works on an algorithm for evaluating video frames. Keep intruders out of your home with this security camera. The motion sensor and masking tool are fully adjustable, so you will never receive false alarms. They also send your security updates via email or SMS. If the system detects movement, you will receive photographs of the threat in your email. It can also transmit messages.

Perfect Surveillance

Perfect Surveillance offers three different IP security software options that you can choose from—all free and suited to your needs. There’s one for IP cameras, one for webcams, and the last is surveillance viewing software if you do not have VLC installed on your PC.

Features of Perfect Surveillance

A crisp UI and simple iconography are a huge plus. You can customize the layout and set specific times for the cameras to record. Simple software that operates straightforwardly.

The majority of its icons are selfexplanatory so that you can figure out their use quickly. The interface is quite intuitive.

Motion detection is included in the Perfect Surveillance system, which allows you to monitor up to 64 devices.


Xeoma is an IP camera program for Windows. It is free and enables you to record surveillance video and audio. You will receive immediate notification in case of an intruder or other threats, and you can take screenshots from numerous screens simultaneously.


Face recognitionbased access is available with Xeoma IP camera for Mac

Adjustable volume

Navigate and control the camera through the app or PC

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) control is supported.

Use a password to protect your surveillance video.


What is the P2P feature in IP cameras?

P2Pis the abbreviation forpeer to peer.” It’s a technique that makes smartphone and camera connections straightforward. Each camera has a P2P ID allocated to its incamera lingo. When the app is launched on the phone, it sends a ping to the P2P server, searching for the mentioned device IDs and their locations.

Is it possible to hack an IP camera?

If you use a default password or no password security, most of those hacker WiFi cameras in the unsecured IP camera list were peeked into. They don’t support SSL/TLS encryption, leaving video surveillance footage from IP cameras susceptible to hackers.

How do I keep my IP camera safe?

Follow some common sense securityhardening methods to protect yourself. Firmware for your camera should be updated. Keep your cameras close at hand. Passwordprotect your cameras. Turn on WPA2 Encryption if your camera is wireless.

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