Anglo-Saxon or more commonly known as Old English, is a language that was high on demand between the 5th and 12th centuries. The language was highly preferable for communicating among the then eastern and southern Scotland (England) people. It was a significant dialect for the Germanic tribes in England. Learning old English through Old English Translator is as simple as it gets. As the Germanic tribes were invading and gaining dominance over several England parts, Old English became the official language.

It also abolished the former Roman language that the Romans bought at their time of ruling the country. One who studies Arts (in language) knows the difference between old English and modern-day English.

But, we, as regular people, are only concerned when we need them. And most of us love to read novels of some great writers in the past. While reading, we counter some terms that are unfamiliar to us or the writing is not what we know. Many translators are available online, like the Binary to English Translators, Elvish Translators, Shakespeare Translators, etc.

Therefore, you will need an old English translator at that time. So, today in this article, we have listed out 12 best free translators that you can grab to ease your reading.

Top 12 Old English Translator

We have listed some of the best old English translator sites for you to check out.

Lingojam Old English Translator

Lingojam, Old English Translator, once again came out with this whacking feature of converting the modern English text into old English. The website is very straightforward as it only does the job of transcribing your text or scripts.

lingojam old english translator

Some of you might be familiar with the website, but the people who had no clue about it can inevitably head into it and try out translating some. The UI is not anything high-level; anyone can use that without any instructions or customization.

Go to the site and start typing as much as you can into the left box. And the output will be displayed in the box beside it. To use the generated text, use the copy-paste method.

Visit: Lingojam

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Fun Translations

Fun Translations is a multi-lingual translator. But in this case, it does the job of an old English translator, precisely. The site also offers other tool options and features that you can access for free. (if you need any)

Once you get into the website, scroll down a little bit, and you will find a text box entry. Start typing there as much as you can, and after you’re done, click on the “Translate” button. At this stage, you might need to scroll up a bit to see the translated text.

There is no box or window for displaying the output. When you request for translation, it processes your request and then shows the output in a yellow color bubble text. You can copy the text from there and paste it anywhere you want.

fun translations

You also get additional features; first, you can directly Tweet on Twitter, and second, it gives you an option to make your T-shirt with the translated text.

If you are a frequent user and do this job of translating modern English to old English, you can also get the API file of the old English translator downloaded on your device. In that case, you might have to pay an amount to gain access to their premium features.

Visit: Fun Translations

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English Old English Dictionary

This is an Android application that you can get for free from the Google Play Store. Though it’s a dictionary, you can consider this app for translating your modern English words into old English terms.

After you are done with the downloading and installation process, open the app and select “EN-ANG.” It will help you translate the modern English term into old English.

old english dictionary

Alternatively, it can also translate the old English terms to modern English words. For that, you need to select “ANG-EN” and then start searching for words in old English.

The main advantage of this app is that you don’t need to turn on your device’s Internet connection. It works offline. And like most of the other dictionary apps, it is also powered with a Text to Speech facility. So, if there is any confusion regarding the pronunciation of any word, you can get the voice assistant.

Download Now: Android


Freelang is not any online free old English translator tool. It is basically dictionary software that you will have to download and install on your PC or Android device. But it pretty well does the mere job of a translator.

Therefore, this is why we included this software on our list of old English translators. You can access both the old English-to-modern English and the modern English-to-old English dictionary in the app.

freelang dictionary

You can download the app for your respective devices (either Windows PC or Android) and start exploring new words from the dictionary. And on the bonus side, the company also provides you with a free online translator, similar to the dictionary software.

So, if you are running out of space on your computer and mobile or don’t intend to occupy your device’s memory, you have an alternative option now.

Download: Freelang

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EOW: Englisc Onstigende Wordbōc

EOW is an online Old English translator which attempts to translate single words from Modern English to Old English and vice-versa. It currently recognizes 5070 Old English words and 5829 Modern English ones. EOW may be used to search for either Anglo-Saxon or modern English words. 

EOW Englisc Onstigende Wordbōc
EOW Englisc Onstigende Wordbōc

Many Anglo-Saxon words are typically written with macrons to indicate vowel length. It is not necessary to include these in searching. For a limited number of Anglo-Saxon words, EOW can also display morphological information (e.g., noun declensions, verb inflections). 

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It is an online Old English Translator, where you have to enter the phrase you want to translate, and it converts it from old English to modern English for you.

majstro dictionary

Its interface also has many other features such as Hangman, Multilingual translation dictionary, English-German dictionary, Translation of sentences, etc. It also gives you an option of a virtual keyboard that can type in Latin, Thai, Hebrew, Cyrillic, and Greek. 

Visit: Majstro

Old English Translator

Old English Translator is an excellent online translator. It translates from Old English to Modern English and vice versa. To use the translator, all you have to do is click on the ‘Translator’ button on the left and type (or copy/paste) a word into the area to the right of “Word to translate.”

Old English Translator
Old English Translator

Then click/press the ‘Old English > Modern English’ button, and the results will then be displayed. It’s a very reliable translator to use.

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Font Villa

Font Vila offers a vast range of rnline and text conversion resources o assist you in upgrading your subject matter aspect. The New to Old English Translator is the most advanced instrument available on this web page.

Font Villa
Font Villa

This tool works two ways; it reads and converts English into Old English. If you feel like going back in time and working like an Englishman, this tool will help you do so in your spare time.

Some instructions that will help you work with this tool.

Directly type in or copy-paste the text you want to convert into Old English into the text box. After this, you need to click on the ‘translate’ button.

You now have to select the converted text and paste it wherever you want.

Keep in mind that the translated text is in Unicode format. Only a few of the browsers support this format. However, you can change the compatibility of the browser you are using to support the Unicode format. Mozilla Firefox is an excellent browser for this.

Visit: FontVilla

Babylon NG

This translator is very interesting. This not only converts your text from English to Old English. Instead, it also allows you to translate your text into many languages: Arabic, French, Italian, German, and literally many more!

babylon translator

This site has two separate sections. One of them is for entering the text you want to convert. The second one is for the language you wish to convert it into.

Visit: BabylonNG

Old English Vocabulary

This is the easiest and comfortable Old English Translator to use. This website lists some essential English words and their translations. It is beneficial for people that want to write articles. It is like a dictionary that contains around 500 words that are considered necessary.

old english core vocabulary
Old English Core Vocabulary

This website has combinations of famous Old English words in the literature. It also shows the grammatical and linguistic use of words. Its site also has a template for teachers. But this website can be used by both the teachers and students and anyone else that needs help.

Visit: OldEnglishVocabulary

Old English Translation Service

This service is mainly UUSA-based, But it does give helpful interpretations and translations from English to Old English. Apart from translations to Old English, this website can also help translate to other English groups and languages.

Old english translation service
Old English Translation Service

For individuals and small translations, it’s done for free. It has a free module for WordPress too. In WordPress, you can add it to your page layout for easier translations.

Visit: Old English Translation Service

Glosbe Old English Translations

This New to Old English translator has a unique feature. It can verify the translations and provide the user with various uses of the word in examples.

glosbe old english translations
Glosbe Old English Translations

This is based on a principle called ‘memory translation,’ which helps provide high-level performance. This majorly comes from parallels human-made companies.

Along with the examples, you can also view the word’s pronunciation and its world in a sentence. This tool works like a dictionary. This tool also lets you help others. You can enter the translations that you know.

Visit: Glosbe Old English Translations

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Bottom Line

Unfortunately, there is no free application for Apple iOS users. The old English translators that are available on iTunes are all paid.

So, if you are an Apple user and at the same time also need an old English translator, then you will have to spend a little penny. Or you can head into Lingojam or Fun Translations.

Overall, all the tools mentioned above are free though some of them are online services, so in this case, you will need to spend a small amount on getting a data card. Using all these online services, you should also consider your online safety.

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