Top 5 Vocabulary Apps to Expand Your Vocabulary in 2023

If you are doing your research work, have a hectic schedule, and do not have much time to use different words? Do not worry, we got your back. In this article, we will be taking a tour of different Vocabulary Apps.

Most people now own a mobile device. It has been a necessity that nobody can leave the house without their mobile. You can feel lost and confused without having it. In particular, students are always on their phones, and this has changed how they approach tasks. For example, students are not looking for apps to help them study and pass exams. The good news is that there are hundreds of apps out there that can make your vocabulary strong and writing an assignment a lot easier. We are going to take a look at some of the best Vocabulary Apps you can download right now.

Here are Top 5 Vocabulary Apps

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Magoosh Vocabulary Builder (iOS, Android)

 Magoosh vocabulary builder provides a wide range of vocabulary apps. These apps have a large database of English words, and users can choose their list of words according to their starting levels. This Vocabulary Builder app from Magoosh leads users, including an easy interface, automatic alert for incorrect words, and provides excellent visual aids.

Mangoosh Vocabulary app
Mangoosh Vocabulary app

Apart from all these features, this app also keeps track of the progress of its users. Mangoosh vocabulary builder app notifies the users from time to time how they can improve their vocabulary by providing different tests. This app has free flashcards for users and prepares you for various exams, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, CAT, etc. Its updated word list matches with the levels of the different exams and helps in expanding vocabulary. It is the most popular app among Vocabulary Apps.

Download : Magoosh Vocabulary Builder (iOS, Android)

WordUp App

 Word Up is a lot more than just a Vocabulary builder app. It provides the most natural way to learn English words and know them strongly. You have never seen a vocabulary-building app like this before.

Word up
Word up

Vocabulary Apps will give you a fruitful output. It has three central concepts that make this app unique. The first one is that it presents the list of the best 20000 most used words to the users. The developers of this app have compiled the data from various movies, songs, and web series. Secondly, this app has a large database of short video clips from the best movies and TV shows, explaining to you how to use English words in the real world. The last principle is that this app uses a Spaced Repetition” method, a scientifically proven approach for learning English words. People from every field can use this app, like teachers, students, and employers as well.

Download: WordUp

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Learn English Vocabulary app

Learn English Vocabulary app is a fantastic app for increasing your learning with fun. This app gives Visual Vocabulary function to help its user learn wholly and speedily. It has the most powerful Visual memory technique to build its user’s vocabulary abilities. Visual Vocabulary app is the most reliable way to increase your language abilities by responding to test and Attending task problems.Vocabulary Apps will help you in gaining new insights.

Learn english vocabulary
Learn english vocabulary

Visual Vocabulary app is ideal for all levels of English languages like a beginner, medium, and advanced levels. This app begins with the knowledge of some essential words and relevant topics. Then it reviews the performance of the user and keeps reminding them of the important words so that they can learn them thoroughly.

This app has more than 3000+ words with images and voicings. It supports many languages like German, Spanish, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and many more. Its attractive design and user-friendly interface navigation is effortless to use and saves time Complete test tasks to see which vocabulary topics of English you are good at and which of them require review. Track your progress with Visual Vocabulary. You can also this app offline as well.

Download : Learn English Vocabulary app

Word of the Day – Vocabulary Builder

This remarkable app assists you read new words, develop your vocabulary, and examine language. You can download this app to improve your English vocabulary and learn the latest English words. Students who are preparing for different exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and other competitive exam prefer using this app for their study. This app follows the concept of “Word Of The Day,” which means that every day a new word gets to add in the app database.


word of the day app
word of the day app

Most important and valuable words are added in the vocabulary to enhance the user’s English. This app also provides each word’ Synonyms, Antonyms, related One-word substitutions, unique Phrases, and Idioms & Phrases. Users can further improve their pronunciation with us. We usually add the words from the oxford dictionary so that the meaning of each word is specific and useful for learning. This app is one the best app among other Vocabulary Apps.

Download : Word of the Day – Vocabulary Builder

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Tired of the usual way of learning English vocabulary. Here is an app from the Vocabulary Apps which can change your thinking and learning experience as well. Yes, we are talking about the Flentu app that guides the users with the new words so skillfully, even do not feel like they are learning or studying something. The main feature of this app is that it teaches you by using interesting English videos and some small clips as well.

Fluentu app

By video, we mean the real English videos, which features native English speakers like they are speaking in movies, music videos, in news reporting, and ted talks as well. This app is not just a video player app for you; it also provides personalized learning lessons along with engaging subtitles and visuals. Suppose you are watching a video on this app and find a new word. You can click on the new word, and the meaning will be on your screen in a few seconds. Another essential feature of this app is that it also gives users the facility of attractive flashcards and important quizzes timely.

Download: Flentu


Vocab1 is quite possibly the most far-reaching vocabulary application available. And the size and strength of the application can astonish and overwhelm newbies. It has impressive and extensive words: 142,647 of them.

Vocab1 utilizes a broad information base of more than 500,000 words to show you the different contexts where they can be used. Learning new words in context might be the main advantage of the application.

vocab1- word learning app
vocab1- word learning app

But there are more, for example, a rundown of 649 specialists and the option to make your word list. These rundowns center around words ordinarily utilized in fields like medication, designing, or instruction.

The devoted vocabulary lists for SAT, GRE, TOEFL are likewise important that Vocab1 uses flashcards, interactive games, and tests to educate you. You can jump starting with one section then onto the next whenever.

Download: Vocab1


Quizlet is one of the 50 biggest sites in the United States, with over 50 million clients. It is something beyond a dictionary application. Quizlet is a huge collection of study guides and flashcards intended to assist students with planning different subject exams, including SAT and GRE.

Flashcards, games, and tests are the foundation of the application. Nonetheless, students can browse seven surprisingly imaginative learning modes. The restricted space can’t completely portray this load of learning modes.

Quizlet- improve vocabulary
Quizlet- improve vocabulary

Yet, students can frame groups to compete by choosing flashcards, attempting interactive games, and even selecting a spelling test. Quizlet is perhaps the most broadly used vocabulary application on iOS and Android.

The cost relies upon the number of units you need to purchase. Various charges apply to schools. Clients can add their flashcards, and teachers can make their tests.

Download: Quizlet

Vocab Genius

Vocab Genius, a creation by Brainscape. It is another English vocabulary application that depends vigorously on flashcards and the redundancy standards in the distance.

It is right now just accessible in the App Store for use on the iPhone or iPad. After a free trial, you can open the entirety of the application’s functions at a somewhat low cost.

Vocab Genius- learn new words app
Vocab Genius- learn new words app

It gives 800 flashcards to show you the most difficult however most valuable English words. Another 300-word challenge flashcard shows the prefix, suffix, and base of the most difficult words. To further develop memory, the words that have been learned will be introduced again at standard intervals.

Brainscape strongly expressed that they think games are exhausting, and tests can be diverting in educational applications. They accept that learning will be quicker when it is repeated to overwhelm the learning process.

Download: Vocab Genius


Vocabador is for the students who take SAT or GRE tests. Just more than 400 words are introduced in an extremely insightful manner. One side of the flashcard shows a word and the alternative to hear its pronunciation and the choice to feature or uncheck a word.

Vocabador- vocabulary app for adults
Vocabador- vocabulary app for adults

The opposite side of the flashcard shows definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and instances of how to utilize the word in context. Vocabador utilizes a pleasant way as wrestling as its theme. The words are divided into three categories: lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight.

When you are prepared to test your abilities, you can compete with 12 different games in the competition to win. The game will test you with 36 different words. Whenever you have defeated every one of the wrestlers, you can utilize Vocabador to compete for the championship title! It is one of the best vocabulary building apps for adults.

Download: Vocabador

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Wrapping Up

All of these Vocabulary Apps offer you something different. If you find that are you are bad at English, and sometimes your mind is not able to find a word to express your feelings. You just landed in the right place. These apps will surely gonna help in improving your language skills and make you stand out of the crowd. Apart from learning new words, some of these apps also work on improving the user’s pronunciation, which helps in improving your study and  vocal skills as well. So we have tried our best to complied the right and appropriate list of top vocabulary apps for you. Try these apps out and lets us know your favorite app in the comment section.

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