Top 4 Vocabulary Apps to Expand Your Vocabulary in 2020


If you are doing your research work, have a hectic schedule and do not have much timeto use different words? Do not worry , we got your back. In this article we will be taking a tour on different Vocabulary Apps.

Most people now own a mobile device. It has been a necessity that nobody can leave the house without their mobile. You can feel lost and confused without having it. In particular, students are always on their phones, and this has changed how they approach tasks.For example, students are not looking for apps to help you study and pass exams. Well, the good news is that there are hundreds of apps out there that can make researching and writing an assignment a lot easier. We are going to take a look at some of the best Vocabulary Apps you can download right now.

Vocabulary Apps

Organize Your Notes with Evernote

We all know that research takes a long time. You have a lot of reading and note taking to do. With sheets of paper lying around everywhere, it might get confusing. It is even possible to lose essential documents that you need for your essay. But this could be a problem of the past with one of the best Vocabulary Apps, Evernote.


This is an easy to use app that lets you keep your research all in one place. You can type out your notes, insert photos and record voice notes and never lose track of them. There are reminders, tags, and a web clipper tool too. We also love that Evernote can sync between your different devices. So, you can take your research with you anywhere you go. Want to try some other Vocabulary Apps? Go ahead and check out the below-mentioned Vocabulary Apps.

Download : Evernote

Be Aware of Important Dates with Exam Countdown Lite

It is easy to forget about upcoming due dates and exams when you are busy. But you can make sure you never miss a necessary appointment again with the Exam Countdown Lite app. Students all have busy schedules and could do with a reminder now and then. This app will count down to that date so that you know in advance. This is a great way to prepare and is one of the best Vocabulary Apps for study.

Exam Countdown Lite
Exam Countdown Lite

It is free, and you do not have to pay to download the app online. When you know how long you have to write a paper, you can stay ahead of the game. But there will be times that you do not know about an assignment, and it suddenly creeps up on you. You will probably be wishing; can someone write a research paper for me? You can always hire a professional writing service Edusson by using a website on your phone. Experts have written articles before so that can help you with any topic. This way, you can relax and learn the information for the next time. Then when the Exam Countdown Lite app tells you it’s the due date, you can hand in a quality assignment rather than one that is rushed and substandard. Not satisfied with Exam Countdown Life? Try these Vocabulary Apps mentioned below.

Download: Exam Countdown Lite

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Create Your References with RefME

Every student hates referencing their sources. It can take a long time and can also be difficult, depending on the referencing style that has been requested. But now there is a study helper app that can do this job for you. This can give you more time to do your research and write your essay. Don’t think much and try out these Vocabulary Apps.


It is called RefMe, and it is elementary to use. All you have got to do is scan the barcode of the book using the camera on your phone. This snapshot will be used to create a citation that you can use in your paper. You can select the format that you need for college and university. While it is always best to check that it is correct, it will save you a lot of time and energy. If you had some issues with the previous Vocabulary Apps, try out Wunderlist Pro.

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Create a To-Do List with Wunderlist Pro

When you are studying or writing research papers, you have got to stay organized. The best way to do this is to sit down and think about what you need to achieve today. This means creating a to-do list. This way, you can logically work through the topic and make sure you do not miss anything out.

Wunderlist Pro
Wunderlist Pro

If you like to work on your phone, we would recommend choosing one of the best Vocabulary Apps, Wunderlist Pro. This is an excellent app that can keep you organized and know where you are with your writing. You can set times for writing and manage your time effectively. Think about it as your daily planner, and you can create reminders and due dates, as well as prioritize tasks.

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What is Your Favourite App?

All of these apps offer you something different. If you find that are you are bad at keeping track of deadlines and never know when the date is, we would recommend the Exam Countdown Lite app. This is going to let you know how many days you have got until the event. For staying organized, the Wunderlist Pro app is best. You can create to-do lists to be more productive. For taking notes during research, take a look at the Evernote app. This one is popular and allows you to take notes in any media that can help you. For assistance with citing your paper when you are done, use the RefME app on your phone.

If you use any other Vocabulary Apps, let us know in the comment section.


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