Tumblr is a social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007. It is a micro-blogging website where users can post any form of multimedia files but in a short-form blog. To make a fantastic entry to this social platform, use Tumblr Username Generator to generate your excellent username identity.

Ideas for Awesome Tumblr URLs:

  • Consult Thesaurus.com.
  • Make use of a word generator.
  • Include Several Words in Your URL.
  • Use acronyms, misspelled words, numbers, or slang.
  • Take a Look at These Tumblr Tags.
  • Avoid hoarding Tumblr URLs.

Like any other social networking site, users can follow other users and their blogs on Tumblr. Coming to the security system of an individual user, one can keep their account private or public, depending on their preferences, and even block tags on Tumblr that might be offensive or not useful. Know how to back up the Tumblr blog from this article.

Tumblr has now attracted more than 300 million users, growing daily. Hence, we can deduce that it’s not easy to create an original username for creating a new account. Creating a unique username would be very hectic, and some people face a lot of trouble creating one. Therefore, many websites were developed that came into action in generating usernames for you.

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The UI is pretty simple and customizable by the user, providing its users with features like a dashboard, queue, tags, and HTML editing. The panel allows you to perform all the essential functions that any other social media lets you do, like uploading your media file, sharing a link, commenting, liking, reblogging, etc.

And also, you can make your post spread over several hours or days through the queue feature. Tags help in finding any particular position or blog. At the same time, HTML coding allows users to edit and make changes to the actual HTML coding for setting the theme of their blogs. Tumblr also supports instant messaging among users.

List of 8 Best Tumblr Username Generators

We have further cared a bit for you and tried to dig out some of the best Tumblr username generator tools to help you create your Tumblr username automatically with minimal entry fields.


If you have little time and want your Tumblr username, go for this Tumblr username generator, Generatorland.com. Trust me, I have used this site and got so many creative, vague, and eye-catching usernames that could quickly help you make your place on Tumblr. This site has a straightforward interface with options like Browse generators, Members, location, etc. When you click the drop-down button of Browse Generators, you will see choices like outrage generator, Donald Trump slogan generator, and many more.


If you want to make your profile on this site, sign up by filling in the necessary details in the left part of the website. You can also explore and learn more about this website by checking out the site provided below. I have enjoyed using this website and recommend you too to use it. Use the link below and enjoy this site absolutely for free. You might want to generate small cute texts. Try making some here.

Visit: Generatorland.com.

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Simblr Name Generator

Another Tumblr username generator that is a piece of cake, designed just for you, is Simblr Name Generator. This site generates by Smubuh, a Sims-centric blog on Tumblr. When you visit this site, you will see a box that keeps two random words whose length could be 1 or 2. Although, you can still keep clicking on the two buttons (Displaying two words/ one word) and generate one of your choices for your Tumblr account.

Simblr Username Generator

This site is free; switch on your router, and you can view this site by clicking on the link below.

Good Usernames

If you want your usernames to be edgy along with funny, cute, unique, mythical, amusing, and maybe weird, then opt for this Tumblr username generator, Good Usernames.

Good Usernames
Good Usernames

This site is one of the top Tumblr Username Generators because of the different unique names it provides. This Generator is free, and you can view this site from the link below.

Username Buddy

If you are amongst those who like their usernames or other titles according to your persona, then this Tumblr Username Generator is designed for you. Use this app to protect your identity and your kid’s identity online.

Username Buddy

If you want your followers to remember you, keep some badass usernames with this site. However, this site is pretty simple to use. Click on the generate drop-down button and get unique usernames on every click.


SpinXO can generate your Tumblr username by combining your name, nickname, and excellent unique keywords provided by you. There is a spin button; clicking that for a single time will produce random usernames.


And the best part is that you can click as many times as you want, and it will generate the same amount of usernames against each click on that spin button.

You can also give your nature, character, hobbies, or any lucky number so that the generated username includes those keywords, which will be easy to remember for any user.

Suppose any user handles multiple social media accounts. In that case, they can enter their official website to generate excellent and unique usernames for their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or other charges.

Visit: SpinXO 


Mookychick is another Tumblr username generator that hits the list. The website is designed with a non-customizable and straightforward UI. Despite being a convenient tool, Mookychick does not allow you to give any input that would sum up together in the generated random username.


The only value you can provide is the total number of usernames you want for a single click on the button. But, the maximum number of usernames it can generate in a single go is 20, keeping the lowest as 1.

So, if you don’t care about selecting any random name or are too lazy to fill in the entries, you must visit their website.

Visit: Mookychick 

Cool Tumblr Usernames

This Tumblr Username Generator website is quite organized. It has got a reputation for generating some random but appropriate Tumblr usernames. Cool Tumblr Usernames offer you only two fields. Enter any name or thing you like, and choose the string length up to less than or equal to 18.

Cool Tumblr Usernames

Once you fill up the entries, click on the Generate button. It will automatically produce a vast number of suggestions. Click the refresh button if you want more opinions with the duplicate access. It will have some more new, fresh tips.

You can also save any username among the suggested ones in the form of a collection named “My favourite usernames.”

Visit: Cool Tumblr Usernames


Jimpix is another excellent and comfortable-to-use Tumblr username generator. On this website, you will find a single field entry. Along with a drop-down list, this site includes the categories in which you entered string or value. Then it will produce the suggestions. This makes it stand a bit out of the box in the list.

jimpix name generator

It is the most advanced Tumblr Username Generator website because it offers optional settings where you can set and specify the exact length, starting alphabet, or randomness of the word you have entered, along with the category, to generate several suggestions for your username.

With this Tumblr Username Generator website, you can get suggestions for your username and any other social networking site’s username like Twitter, Facebook, etc. In the end, it’s a reliable Tumblr username generator tool.

Visit:  Jimpix 

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How do you make a good Tumblr username?

Creating a good Tumblr username involves a few key considerations. Keep it unique and memorable, avoiding overly complex or long names. Incorporate your interests or personality into it. Ensure it's easy to spell and devoid of special characters or spaces. Research to ensure it's not already in use and maintains a positive image.

What are valid Tumblr usernames?

Letters, underscores, and digits are frequently used in valid Tumblr usernames. They must be between 3 and 32 characters in length. Spaces and special characters like @ or # are not allowed. Your Tumblr handle must be original and not taken by a different user. Avoid offensive or inappropriate content in your username.

Can you change your Tumblr username?

Yes, you can alter your Tumblr usernames. To do this, sign into your Tumblr profile and hit the 'Settings,' then 'Account,' then 'Username.' After entering your new preferred username, hit 'Save.' Remember that someone else can use your previous username soon.

How short can a Tumblr username be?

A Tumblr username must be at least 3 characters long to be considered valid. While you have some flexibility in choosing a username length, it's important to balance brevity and a name that effectively represents you or your blog.


All of these websites mentioned above works well and efficiently in their respective way. They are undoubtedly some of the best random Tumblr username generator tools.

Therefore, it entirely depends on the user, how and what they want to include in their username because some might care and prefer to cover some of their details or keywords that are close to the heart. On the contrary, some might not even bother or hesitate to add their personal information and use any random username to use the services.

We hope this article has helped you overcome your difficulties while manually creating a username. Also, don’t forget to check out this comprehensive guide on blocking tags on Tumblr conveniently!

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