[Updated] 9 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools (2023)

Imitation is the best form of flattery. But, plagiarism is not. If you are a well-established and a pro blogger, you might have faced this issue where someone or the other, copy your content and post it on their website without even giving credits, or providing a backlink to your website. If you have posted a well-written and in-detail article about something, it is normal that someone writing in the same niche will copy it. Thus, you must know about the best Duplicate Content Checker Tools out there. If you want to know more about the level 3 background check, click here.

The problem is when the person copies over 40-50% of your article and posts it on their website. This leads to problems in Google ranking of your article. When there are two posts that are written the same way, Google gets confused about which page to rank first. Sometimes, Google might end up ranking the other page better.

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It is really frustrating as a writer when someone uses your content without your permission. Duplicate content checker tools can also be used for finding out if any of the articles that you have posted on your website is duplicate or not. Doing this is important because, if your articles have plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally; Google might lower your rankings on the search page or even permanently remove it. It is always good to check for duplicate content using an online plagiarism checker for free on your website. Following are some of the best duplicate content checker tools.

Top 9 Duplicate Content Checker Tools of 2023

Find out about the Top 8 Best Duplicate Content Checker Tools as of today and get rid of content with plagiarism immediately. Do try all of them.


Enago Plagiarism Checker is a one-stop solution to all your grammar issues. Not only does it check plagiarised content in a thorough manner, but it also offers an AIbased language Corrector tool. It takes the help of nuanced algorithms to find out even the slightest plagiarism against more than 90 billion websites and archived pages.

enago plagiarism checker

To top it off, it helps you correct academic writeups against more than 80 million publications from more than 1500 publication houses. It not only corrects basic grammar but offers a cohesive read with Power editingand suggests synonyms and correct alternatives. It is also known to provide correct scientific names of plants and organisms so even with a scientific article, this tool has got you covered.


If you’re looking for the best plagiarism checker, Copyleaks may be the one for you. Copyleaks uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to detect different similarity types, including identical, similar, and paraphrased text. It goes beyond checking plagiarism word-for-word and into checking plagiarism meaning-for-meaning.


Copyleaks can scan texts in English, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, and 100+ other languages. There are numerous integrations readily available for download, including Google Docs, MS Word, and Moodle. Or, if you’re looking for customized software, Copyleaks’ open API can prove to be helpful in many ways. 

All data is safely stored in their cloud, allowing easy access to users. Results are also easily downloadable and can be shared in numerous formats. If users are looking to forego saving a hard copy of the scan, a unique URL can be created which can be in use to access the scan results.


It does not signify whether you are a student, teacher or even an author, a plagiarism checker is going to be what you need to ensure your work is original and unique. With information on the internet being so freely available, it is easy to copy papers and websites without knowing you are doing it. But this is where a free plagiarism checker like Eduzaurus is going to become your best friend.

It is going to search your document and tell you the percentage of your paper that is copied and matches with online web pages. This is excellent news as it would be impossible to find this out yourself. This allows you to change these parts of the book or coursework so that it is no longer a problem. You want to know off your talents and not make it look like you are stealing someone else’s hard work.


Duplicate Content Checker Tools

This is one of the best and most used duplicate content checker tools right now. It is pretty simple to use and does the job of finding duplicate content very well. The greatest part about this website is that it is absolutely free. You can check for duplicate content by uploading a word document from your computer, by typing the URL of your website, or by just copy-pasting the text in the given box on its homepage.

The limit for a maximum number of words that can be checked for duplicity at a time is 150 words. You have to solve a captcha to prove that you are a human. You can get rid of the captcha by signing up on the website for free. The time required for the checking depends on the number of words entered and other such factors.


Copyscape is another duplicate content checker website. The layout of this website is really good and attractive. The UI is very user-friendly. This website is the complete tool for a content writer. Copyscape can be used for various purposes. This website can be used for checking plagiarism in your content.


The plagiarism detection tool of Copyscape is very effective. It searches the entire web for finding plagiarism. You can use Copyscape for finding copies of your articles on the web. The process of finding copies of your articles on the web using Copyscape is very easy. All you ought to do is enter the URL of your website and hit enter. It will automatically detect copies of your pages on the internet if there are any. Once you register with Copyscape, you will get email alerts if any page has copied your content.


This is one of the best websites for checking duplicate content. A unique feature of this website is that it supports over 190 languages. You don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your content as Plagiarisma does not store any of the uploaded content.


It is possible to check for duplicate content easily using Plagiarisma by either copy-pasting your text, uploading your word document or by entering the URL. You can choose Google or Yahoo as the search engine to scan for plagiarism. Plagiarisma conducts an in-depth search looking for plagiarism. The result is always accurate.

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Plagium can scan up to 5000 characters at a time. This is one of the best plagiarism and duplicate content checker. The services of this website are not completely free as compared to all the other websites mentioned above.


But this website is really cheap. You can scan a page for just 0.04 USD. If you want Plagium to do an in-depth scanning of your content for finding duplicate content, you will have to pay just 0.08USD for one page. The UI of this website is very user-friendly.


Grammarly Online plagiarism checker is one of the best duplicate content checker tools. You can use Grammarly for finding and correcting grammatical errors in your article or content.


The grammar correction feature is free on Grammarly. You will have to pay for using the plagiarism checking tool. The price starts from 11 USD/per month. Grammarly plagiarism checker compares your content against 16 billion web pages for finding out duplicate content.

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Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is a very simple and basic website which can you can use for finding duplicate content. All you have to do is copy-paste your content into the search box on its homepage, and press enter. The process of checking is fast on this website.


It hardly takes 20-30 seconds for the scanning process to complete. Plagiarism checker also has a feature where you get email alerts if someone copies your content. The finest part about this website is that it is absolutely free.

These are some of the best duplicate content checker tools. If you are a blogger or content writer, it is always necessary to search for duplicate content before posting your article.

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