4 Best Free VPN for Chrome to Ensure Complete Safety

Alright now, let’s be completely plain. Everyone likes having the peace of mind of knowing that no one is monitoring their presence online. I don’t go on the deep dark web to make bombs, but I still don’t want my ISP creeping on what I search on the web. No one likes that crap! But do you know what the smart kids do? They use a Free VPN for Chrome.

What is a VPN you ask? It’s kind of like your private connection to a server by which you can browse for stuff without the prying eyes of your ISPs, or your creepy neighbour/hacker. If you don’t have this kind of problems (you lucky prick!), VPNs help you bypass that annoying ISP throttling, where the limit your data speeds. So if you are on the internet a lot, which you probably are, you should highly consider getting a Free VPN service going.

Provide that you have the incredibly capable google chrome as your go-to browser, I have made a list of four of the best, Free VPN for Chrome that you can get yourself. These entries may also include a paid version with an optional upgrade if you want to step things up a notch.

Google chrome is one of my favorites mainly because of the wide choices of add-ons it has known as extensions. You get from ad blockers to VPNs using simply downloadable code snippets that are seconds away from being set up. With that said, let’s get on with it.

Here are the Top Free VPN for Chrome


DotVPN is one of those services where you really don’t go wrong with getting it. It provides excellent features such as unlimited locations switching and unlimited bandwidth. You can choose from a wide range of VPN connection points, all of which employ 4096-bit key encryption end-to-end.

With their Free VPN for Chrome, according to them, you can reduce your data usage, compress organic traffic, etc. You can even access exclusive VPN network based .onion sites using the DotVPN service, mainly because of the implement Tor web functionality.
As I said, they do have a paid plan which will cost about 6 USD per month. It might seem expensive/reasonable to you depending on your internet usage. But the reason it made this list of Free VPN for Chrome is that you can also use it for free, with the premium services being available as a trial for one month.

DotVPN is a simple extension of your Google Chrome. Like I said earlier, google chrome can do a lot of awesome things just using seemingly innocent extensions.


I don’t know about, you being an active YouTube viewer, I am frankly tired of seeing TunnelBear ads everywhere. They’re all over the place and are very popular, turns out, for the right reasons too!

TunnelBear was made most popular due to their security assurance even on public Wi-Fi, allowing you to open any blocked site and also, my favorite, completely eliminate data capping. Awesome! You can start using this service for free and access any blocked site to illegally download some otherwise-expensive games. Yay! (If you get caught pirating, you don’t know this site).

There is one catch though. It is only free for the first 500 MB, and after that, you will have to pay like 10 USD per month or 60 USD to get unlimited access for the whole year. That data limit will not suffice if you plan on doing huge downloads, or watch some TV shows online. But I guess it should work for a quick little chore of yours which revolves around a blocked website. Their service works amazingly, and it is free for a good amount of your usage.

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ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN is not as awesome as TunnelBear or DotVPN; I can say that off the bat. But that does not mean it is incapable of anything. It wouldn’t have made its way into this list in that case. Also unlike the other two options above, ZenMate VPN is mostly free and unlimited, meaning you need not upgrade if you don’t want to. Not that anyone needs such a hard core VPN service, but it is always good to have no expiry.

Though a lot of the good features advertised are only for paid users, it still offers unlimited browsing experience for everybody. Such decent chaps, aren’t they! It is capable enough to block trackers from ads, analytic tools, and other web crawlers that monitor your system activity with or without your intent. It also gets you through geo-blocking and secures your connection on public Wi-Fi.

Get yourself the ZenMate VPN if you want unlimited browsing under moderate protection, and you don’t care about high-end encryption and all that jazz.


Kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Betternet is a one-click interface for a VPN and helps you get on a private network without needing to actually sign in to your account and other annoying stuff like that.

If you like simplicity, then you will be happier to hear that it is free and unlimited as well. Though it is free, there are no ads in sight, and it is not slow at all. The interface is exceedingly simple, and it is snappy. It is not the most effective Free VPN for Chrome out there, meaning that it will give you the basic privacy when you are on that crappy café Wi-Fi. But it may not provide other high-end stuff like dig through ISP blocking and get you all the blocked websites, or provide end to end encryption, as per my knowledge. But if you don’t care about all that stuff, then BetterNet is a tough option to beat.

Though I said there are no ads, I meant there are no annoying banners and stuff like that. There might be, however, a video ad that would require you to click on it and play it. I mean, you can’t blame them. They got to eat too, you know. Enjoy!

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