The Internet is growing at a rapid pace as everything is becoming digital and getting uploaded online. With the increase in the usage of the World Wide Web, security trends have become important. There is no doubt in the fact that protecting your internet activities has become necessary, especially in the modern era. This will not only safeguard your information but also prevents spam attacks. If we talk about Chromebook, it is one of the most preferred desktops operating systems for business and educational purposes. It is advisable to protect your data with a shield of Avast for Chromebook users and safeguard their files. 

Avast is a dominant brand name in the industry of internet security that develops various applications accordingly. It protects your desktop or PC from malware and unwanted viruses that can damage the stored files. Today we are going to discuss some features of Avast and the way you can install and use it on your Chromebook. 

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Features of Avast for Chromebook

You must be wondering what the need for installing Avast for Chromebooks is.

avast for chromebook
Avast for Chromebook

The specific answer to this query lies within the several features that are included in a single application. Some of the services that Avast provides are:

Complete Protection

This is the sole purpose of any antivirus, and Avast is the perfect choice for complete protection of your Chromebook. The app will keep a check on every website you visit and ensure that your data is safe. Moreover, if it finds that a particular website is suspicious, a notice will pop on your screen.

Scan Types

Apart from web protection, there are a total of six scan options available for the users.

  1. Smart Scan
  2. Full Virus Scan
  3. Targeted Scan
  4. Boot-Time Scan
  5. Custom Scan
  6. Explorer Scan

These can be used according to the user’s need and will scan the computer within no time. Make a habit of running the Full Virus Scan every now and then using Avast for Chrome OS.

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Ad Blocker

Annoyed about getting hundreds of ads each time you open the browser? Avast will take care of it and block the unwanted and spammy advertisements. Every page will be filtered, and only the required content will be shown on the screen. Spam websites will automatically get removed from your browsing history.

Scanning Downloads

Whenever you download a file, the inner content is not visible unless you open the file. Likewise, there may be some situations where you are quite not sure about the file from a website. Not to mention, it might contain a corrupted malware file that can cause trouble on your desktop. Avast will provide a real-time scan of the downloaded file and make things clear.

Ways to Get Avast for Chromebook

There are two different methods available adjacently for the users to get their desktop Avast protection. The complete steps to get Avast for Chromebook are mentioned below,

Using Playstore

You must have the latest version of Chrome OS to move further with this installation process.


Any older version of it might ask you to update before adding Avast. The steps are as follows,

Step 1

Turn on your Chromebook launcher and open the PlayStoreSecondly, make sure you have an active internet connection to make the required downloads.

Step 2

Tap on the search bar and type Avast, followed by pressing the search button. Search for a similar name as several fake apps are present on the platform.

Step 3

Tap the install button after getting the desired application on your screen. Read the instructions and user guides if required.

Step 4

Wait until the process is complete and click Open. This might take some time, depending upon the connectivity and speed of your desktop.

Step 5

Create a new account or login from your existing one in the Avast on Chromebook. Meanwhile, you are ready to start using antivirus software.

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Using Extension 

Some users prefer to install Avast as a Chrome extension that directly connects to their browser. Although, you can directly download Avast free for Chromebook using the official Web Store.

chrome web store
Chrome Web Store

This Extension is only limited to your browser, and as a result, you will have no control of the desktop. For this purpose, the following steps will help you to get Avast for Chromebook as an extension.

Step 1

Start your Chromebook operating system and look for the Chrome Web Store

Step 2

A new page will pop up on the screen that has a panel on the left side. An option for the Apps or Extensions column will be there. Connect to an internet provider before initiating ahead.

Step 3

Similar to the PlayStore, search for the application by putting Avast on the search bar accordingly.

Step 4

Look for Avast Online Security and view the details related to the application if necessary. 

Step 5

Finally, tap the Add to Chrome option, and you will see the icon appear on the Chrome browser.

Step 6

At last, a confirmation would be requested from the user. Tap Add Extension and wait until the procedure is finally complete.

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How to Use Avast?

Furthermore, Avast comprises a user-friendly interface to create a safe environment for your Chromebook wherever possible. Click on the preferred scan choice on the application and leave the rest of the job on it. After the device’s successful scanning, it might ask you to reboot your PC in the last for better protection. Moreover, make sure you don’t install any third-party protection application other than Avast Antivirus for Chromebook.

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Final Opinion

Finally, it is safe to say that getting Avast for Chromebook would be the best choice on any day of the week. The regular scanning of your Chromebook will eventually find out any malware that can damage your saved files. It will take a small space on your hard drive, but everything is worth the value. More than 400 million customers are satisfied with the services provided by them, and the number is still growing. You can download Avast free for Chromebook and eventually get the PC protected.

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