Despite having Avast antivirus installed on your computer, it prevents you from accessing some websites. To avoid constantly disabling Avast, you can create exceptions. Websites confirmed to be free of malware or viruses should be given an exception. Thus the question is, “How to add an exception in Avast?” Let’s begin!

Use these procedures to exclude URLs from Avast protection.
Step 1: Go to the Avast dashboard by launching Avast on your computer.
Step 2: Select the Settings tab by clicking Menu.
Step 3: A new window will open after you click ADD EXCEPTION under this tab.
Step 4: To save the URL, click ADD EXCEPTION.

You can add websites to the Avast Exceptions/Whitelist to unblock those the Avast antivirus program has prohibited. Now add applications or websites that you believe to be reliable but which Avast detects as false positives by adding them to the Avast Exception list. By adding specific file paths, Websites, and apps to this list, you can prevent Avast from inspecting them. Continue reading to learn how to add an exception to Avast.

What does Avast’s exception list mean?

You can add restricted websites to the Avast Exception list to have the Avast antivirus program unblock them. To learn how to allow something on Avast, read the article. 

Avast Exception list, often referred to as Avast Whitelist, enables you to add applications or websites that you believe to be trustworthy but for which Avast has reported false positives. Adding an exception to the Avast feature may be used to unblock these websites, software applications, or pieces of hardware. Although Avast Firewall generally does an excellent job of blocking undesired spamming websites and services, customers have frequently complained about Avast’s blockage of particular games, Visual Studio, Utorrent, and FileZilla.exception

And what’s worse is that you are denied access to the prohibited item while knowing it is a trusted software because Avast Antivirus detected a false positive.

Adding them to the Avast Exceptions /Avast allowlist folder is the best way to unblock them if this is also happening consistently for you. You may be considering how to include programs in the list now. You are where you need to be, so don’t worry. To learn more, scroll down to add an exception in Avast.

Three Different Kinds Of Avast Exceptions

While different exceptions need different techniques to add, we must next distinguish between the various Avast exception kinds. Below is the list we have for you:

Programs, Files, and Folders Exclusion

Each package has its impressive list of programs and directories. folder exclusionFor instance, if Avast prohibits your favorite game, you may add it to the list of apps.

Websites Exclusions

Antivirus may also block websites in addition to programs and folders. folder exclusionThis kind of exception list allows you to add exclusions to Avast’s allowlist of URLs, websites, and other resources.

Particular Shield Exclusions

The shield’s exemption list covers specialist tools like anti-malware, antivirus software, cookies, cache removers, etc. particular shield exclusionsLet’s continue discussing the query, “How To Add Exceptions To Avast?”

How To Add Exceptions To Avast

Let’s discover the solution to the article’s primary question: “How to add an exception in Avast?”

For Files and Folders

Exclusions are the most excellent approach to prevent an Avast violation. Adding Avast adds file exceptions and folders that are going to exclude from the blocklist so they can access illegal material is done as follows:

  1. Open Avast to access the Avast dashboard and provide access to websites and applications on your computer. application
  2. Click the Menu, then select the Settings tab from the General Tab’s Exceptions section. menu
  3. For each Avast file exception uploaded, you must copy/paste or write out a path so that it displays as an exception from being inspected within the protective layer of this security software application.specifying path

Everyone involved has an advantage because they are exempt from the examination; therefore, you should be able to obtain a permit easily. Here is an essay on how to cancel Avast VPN trial, if you are interested in it click here.


There is a simple workaround if the blocking policies of Avast don’t satisfy you. Open Avast on the PC and navigate to the dashboard as your first step. 

Next, choose Exceptions from the Menu. Any URLs on a blocklist would be excluded from protection and allowed to browse the internet without restriction if the following actions were taken:

  1. Open Avast on the PC and navigate to the dashboard as your first step.url
  2.  Settings tab in the General section to add that exception page with the URL input field underneath it.specify url
  3. You may enter the URL of any preferred website here to visit it without limitations while being secure online. After that, you should access the URL by returning to your browser. The problem’s status will be apparent to you.

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For programs/software

Avast might exclude applications that employ this technique. Utilizing safelist shields for games, such as mail and file blocking, is also possible. Instead, if particular websites give you problems, you might use specific ones (e.g., Minecraft). Do as follows:

Step 1: Locate active protection in the Avast dashboard’s Active Protection settings to enable an exception for specific software. Under the “Shield Name” section of the options, click Personalize.softwareStep 2: Choose Web Filter or Game Exemption from the list of Shield Names to specify which applications can run without even being detained by the antivirus exemption Mail Exclusions allow you to determine whether spam mail continues to pass through even when certain filters aren’t turned on. Finally, click Apply Now to save everything. 

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Avast blocks Google Chrome for what reason?

The Avast banning websites error will appear if a given website has a history of phishing or has been added to Avast's blacklist. Avast! Web Shield has banned a hazardous webpage or file, reads the error notice.

What are sites on a whitelist?

The technique of blocking queries to dubious websites is the Website Whitelist. Using this feature, IT administrators may list websites that have already been approved and distribute that list to end-user devices. End users can only visit the pre-approved websites when this policy is implemented.

Has Avast developed a safe web browser?

Avast Secure Browser is a web browser that has privacy and security tools built to keep you safe online. You may control your privacy online, security, and private details with various tools and services in the Microsoft Security & Privacy Center.

Does Avast block IP addresses?

Avast SecureLine VPN protects and maintains the privacy of your internet connection while safeguarding and protecting your IP address.

How does the Avast Web Shield function?

Web Shield actively examines the data exchanged while surfing the internet to stop malware from downloading and running on your computer. Go to Menu > Options > Protection > Core Shields, then select the Web Shield tab underneath the Configure Shield settings option to activate and configure Web Shield.

What does IP whitelisting mean?

IT administrators can regulate who has access to company systems and resources by whitelisting IP addresses as part of cybersecurity measures. IP allows listing (allow listing) is compiling a list of reliable IP addresses, allocating them to an individual user or group of users as a distinctive identification, and allowing the IP address on the target server exclusively.

The Avast Whitelist Program: What Is It?

The major audience for the Avast file whitelisting service is software developers that want to lower the possibility of erroneous detections. Software developers using digital certificates to certify their programs can request whitelisted using their digital signature.

In Avast, where is the Virus Chest?

The Avast Antivirus application's Menu includes a link to the Avast Virus Chest. Launch the program, then go to the Menu to open the Virus Chest. Choose Virus Chest from there.


Restarting your computer is the most effective way to achieve it. After completing the procedures, continue the Avast Exclusion and any running programs. After resuming, each file will sort, and Avast antivirus will analyze your list. It will thus remove the Exclusions, and your issues will resolve now. The following time you use the games, applications, or websites, Avast won’t ban them. We hope this article on how to add an exception in Avast is clear to you. 

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