If you enjoy watching Spanish-language movies and TV series, you should know how to access them on your Kodi device quickly. Put an end to your quest because we have everything covered! In 2023, this article will offer a brief lesson on how to install Latino Total on Kodi. 

These easy instructions will show you how to install Latino Total on Kodi: Set “Unknown Sources” as enabled in Kodi, Kodi’s file manager should now include the Latino complete source URL, Install Latino Total from the original repository, use the repository to install the Latino Total addon, from the Kodi add-ons menu, access Latino Total and it is done! With Latino Complete on Kodi, you can now watch a sizable selection of Spanish movies, TV series, and other media.

Thus, keep reading if you’re interested in finding out how to install Latino Total on Kodi. We can assist you with installing this well-liked add-on so you can begin taking advantage of a sizable library of Spanish content, regardless of how experienced a Kodi user you are.

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Publish Latino Total on Kodi. Basic Guide 2023

These easy steps can be used to learn how to install Latino Total on Kodi:

  1. Start Kodi on your gadget. Open settings. The “System” option should be chosen from the list of choices. Toggle to “Add-ons” by descending the page and clicking.setting
  2. The “Unknown Sources” option can be activated by clicking the toggle switch. When the warning pop-up opens, select “Yes.”unknown sources
  3. Refresh the home screen and select the “Settings” icon once more. Click “Add Source” after selecting “File Management.”system
  4. Click “None” in the “Add file source” dialogue box, then type the following URL: http://latinototal.com/Reponone
  5. Click “OK” after naming the media source (for example, “Latino Total”). Choose “Add-ons” on the home screen after returning there. Then open the open box icon.open bon add on
  6. The “Latino Complete” source you just added is selected when you choose “Install from zip file.”zip file
  7. Choose the “repository.latinototal-x.x.x.zip” file, then hold off on installing the add-on. Choose “Install from repository” from the previous menu when the installation is finished.add on
  8. Choose “Video add-ons” after selecting “Latino Complete Repository.” Click “Install” after selecting “Latino Total.”

There you have it! Latino Total has been successfully added to Kodi. Now that you know how to install Latino Total on Kodi, you may watch many Spanish-language films, TV series, and other media.

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How to Set Up an Alfa Addon Repo Using a File Source

To enhance the viewing experience, every source is available on a variety of channels, servers, and torrents. The Alfa-Addon Repository is where you can find the greatest Alfa addons for Latino Kodi.

  1. Launch Kodi with the power icon. On your home screen’s main menu, click the gear icon in the top left corner.icon
  2. Choose “File Manager” from the category list. Click None after double-clicking “Add source.”none
  3. On the keyboard, type the following URL exactly: https://alfa-addon.com/alfa/. To prevent “Unable to connect” issues brought on by a typo, you can copy and paste the URL into the location field. Press OK.type link
  4. At this point, you must cite the source. Enter “Alfa” and press OK. Choose the “System” category on the Settings Kodi screen.name the link
  5. Turn the “Unknown sources” toggle to the right under the “Add-ons” menu. On the dialogue box with the pop-up warning message, click OK.warning
  6. Return to the “Add-ons” section of the Settings interface. Choose “Install from zip file.” zip file
  7. To download and install the repo, open the “Alfa addon” media source and choose “repository.alfa-addon-x.x.x.zip.”media sorce- alfa
  8. Wait until the top-right corner indicates that the repo was successfully installed. Choose “Install from repository.” You may now download and install the Alfa Kodi add-on by going to “Alfa-Addon Repository” and selecting “Video add-ons.”alfa
  9. As soon as the installation is complete. Go to the main menu and choose “Video add-ons” under “Add-ons.” Kodi scrapers for movies and TV shows can be configured by using the Alfa Kodi addon.video add ons- run alfa

You may now browse and experiment with the Alfa Kodi addon’s functionality on your streaming devices.

Top Kodi Addons for Latinos

Here are some of the top add-on alternatives to the one mentioned above.

Adryanlist Add-on 

There are numerous popular Spanish and Latino live TV channels on Adryanlist. You can download latino total addon i.e. Adryanlist addon for Kodi

Install Adryanlist extensions

To install Latino extensions, follow the steps given below:-

  1. On Kodi, select Systems, then File Manager. From the Add Source drop-down menu, choose None.system setting
  2. You must visit this page to receive the latest instructions on installing AdryanList addons for Kodi, so type this link into the address bar. link adryanlist
  3. Provide a name for the media box as Adryanlist, then hit OK. Choose Add-ons from Kodi’s main menu once more, then choose the Box symbol.adryanlist- name the link
  4. Press install. Wait a short while for Kodi to install plugin.video.adryanlist-x.x.x.zip.adryanlist- video add ons
  5. Get a notification stating that Adryanlist add-ons are enabled after that. You can now access the add-on by selecting the Adryanlist button under Add-ons > Video add-ons.

Latino K-911 Addon for Kodi

You may browse and view hundreds of Latino IPTV channels worldwide with the K911 addon. The US, UK, German, French, and K-911 add-ons all support these TV networks.

Install K-911 Latino Pr. 

To install Kodi Latino channels like k-911 Latino Pr., follow the steps given below:-

  1. Click the Home Screen > Add-ons > Settings button to enable Unknown Sources.open bon add on
  2. File Manager > Add Source > Add-ons > Settings File manager > File manager > Add source > Home Screen > Add-ons. You’ll need to visit this page for an updated guide on installing K-911 addons on Kodi, so copy and paste the URL into the box.file manager
  3. Enter K911latinopr in the media location box, then click OK. Select add-ons. Then the symbol for a box.install from zip file addon browser
  4. When you select install from Zip File, choose K911latinopr. The installation of repository.k911latinopr.x.x.x.zip must be patiently awaited.add file source
  5. Choose the K911 Latino Pr repository under install from the repository in the drop-down option.video add-ons
  6. Choose “Video add-ons” 11 > Install from the drop-down box under Video Add-ons.

IPTV Latino Kodi addon

A well-liked add-on for Kodi called IPTV Latino gives users access to Spanish-language live television channels and other video content. An outline of the installation procedure is provided below:

  1. The IPTV Latino Kodi add-on repository must first be downloaded from a reliable web source.
  2. Choose the “Package Installer” icon from Kodi’s “Add-ons” menu.
  3. Go to where you obtained the IPTV Latino repository and choose “Install from zip file.” To install the repository file, click on it.zip file
  4. Return to the “Add-ons” menu after installing the repository and choose “Install from repository.” Look for the IPTV Latino repository in the list and click it to access it.iptv repo
  5. Choose the IPTV Latino add-on from the repository and click “Install” to install it.

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Q1. What exactly is Latino Total?

Ans. The Kodi add-on Latino Total gives users access to a significant collection of Spanish-language films, TV series, and other media.

Q2. Do I require a VPN to utilize Hispanic Total?

Ans. A VPN is unnecessary to utilize Hispanic Complete. However, it helps safeguard your security and privacy when using Kodi.

Q3. Is Latino Total compatible with all types of hardware?

Ans. Many devices that support Kodi, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, can be used to install Hispanic Complete.

Q4. What other Kodi add-ons are available in Spanish?

Ans. Other than Latino Total, you may use additional Spanish-language Kodi add-ons, such. as Alfa, Palantir, and Pelisalacarta.

Q5. Do I require a Latino Total account to use it?

Ans. No, setting up an account is unnecessary to utilize Latino Total. It is an add-on that can be accessed straight from Kodi and is free and open-source.

Q6. What should I do if Latina Total is giving me trouble?

Ans. You can restart Kodi or remove the add-on cache if Latino Total troubles you. If the issue continues, you can ask the developer community for assistance or try another add-on.

Q7. How legal is it to use Latino Total?

Ans. Depending on the region and content, Kodi and its add-ons may or may not be allowd to use.


In conclusion, this post has given you a straightforward and understandable tutorial on how to install Latino Total on Kodi in 2023. You can access a sizable library of Spanish-language media, including movies, TV shows, and more, using the steps suggested in this article. Any additional issues about installing and utilizing Hispanic Complete on Kodi should be clarified because we have already addressed some frequently asked questions. The reader’s search has likely been satisfied by this post, and we hope you enjoy utilizing Latino Total on Kodi to get your preferred Spanish-language media.

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