Do you want to access the latest movies and TV shows through your Kodi setup but need help adding the popular Alluc addon? Follow these simple steps on how to add Alluc to Kodi to install it in under 5 minutes.

Open Kodi, go to Settings, access File Manager, add a source with SuperRepo URL, install repository zip file, choose install from the repository, open SuperRepo and select video addons, find and install Alluc, wait for addon enabled notice, return to the main menu, find and available Alluc under video addons to start streaming movies and TV shows.

Adding Alluc to Kodi gives you access to many streaming content through the Kodi interface. Alluc searches numerous file hosters and streaming sites to find links to watch your favorites. We’ll show you exactly how to install Alluc with just a few clicks so you can start browsing their extensive library immediately. Keep reading to know more about how to add Alluc to Kodi.

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What is Alluc?

Alluc is a streaming addon for Kodi and other media players. It allows users to easily find movies and TV shows online without searching different websites.

When you install Alluc Kodi, you can search directly from your media player interface. Alluc will search many file locker sites and link indexers at once to give you a list of streaming video links.alluc kodi addon

This saves a lot of time compared to going to different websites individually. Alluc brings all the content together in one place so you can start watching quickly.

It works by partnering with file locker hosts and maintaining a database of links. When you search, it checks which links are online and will play smoothly. Only good-quality links that are known to work are displayed.

As you explore the capabilities of Kodi, make sure to enhance your streaming options by installing the Release HUB addon. Similar to the seamless user experience offered by Alluc, Release HUB ensures a hassle-free streaming experience with direct links opening in your Player without issues. Whether you prefer browsing by genre or checking out trending shows, Release HUB, like Alluc, adds simplicity and reliability to your content discovery within the Kodi environment. This is what is Alluc Kodi addon.

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How is it Different from Other Addons?

Alluc is different because it focuses on quality, not quantity. When you search Alluc, you will find the most popular shows and movies many people want. Similarly, you can find them by installing the Latino Total addon on Kodi. You will find fewer random things like some other addons.

kodi system

Alluc searches many file locker sites like Openload and Streamango to find high-quality video links. Other addons may show links that need to be fixed or are good-quality videos. Alluc only shows links that are known to work well.

Alluc also updates links faster than others when something stops working. The developers work hard to keep it running smoothly. You can trust that what you find on Alluc will play without issues on your device.

It is reliable and popular because people enjoy the streaming experience it provides. Similarly, you can explore reliable addons like the Pyramid addon on Kodi to enhance your streaming choices.

Is it safe to use Alluc Safe?

While Alluc provides a large library of content for free, it’s important to consider some safety aspects when using such addons:

alluc addon in kodi

  • Piracy content may contain malware/viruses – Only download torrents/files from trusted sources to avoid malware risks. Use a reputed antivirus.
  • Legal/copyright issues – Streaming or sharing copyrighted content without permission can attract legal penalties in some regions.
  • Login/payment security – Alluc requires disclosing personal details. Use strong passwords and enable 2-factor authentication for logins. Avoid paying on unsafe sites.
  • Streaming/buffering glitches – Low-quality links may freeze or stall midway. Allow buffering to complete for smoother playback.
  • ISP copyright warnings – Some ISPs monitor piracy activity and send warnings. Use a VPN for increased anonymity while using such addons.

So, common-sense safety tips like using antivirus software, choosing trusted links only, and considering legal aspects are recommended for a safer Addon experience. Let us read to learn how to add Alluc to Kodi.

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How to Add Alluc to Kodi? 

Alluc is a popular addon for Kodi media players that allows users access to copyrighted content without any restrictions or limitations. While not entirely legal, it provides entertainment for many. Here are simple steps to install Alluc on various versions of Kodi:

Alluc is a popular addon for Kodi media players that allows users access to copyrighted content without any restrictions or limitations. Here are simple steps to install Alluc on various versions of Kodi.

Do note that the steps are the same for Firestick Lite, 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick, Fire TVs, Fire TV Cube, or any other Fire TV device.

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Install Alluc on Kodi 20.2 Nexus

Here are the steps in simple language to install Alluc on Kodi 20.2 Nexus or any older Kodi versions such as 19, 18, or below. It will adhere to the same steps as follows: 

    1. Launch the Kodi application on your device.kodi
    2. Click on the gear icon in the top-left corner to access the Settings.kodi settings
    3. In the Settings menu, click “File Manager.”file manager
    4. Double-click “Add Source” to open the source manager. add source
    5. Click “None” and type the URL: Name the source (e.g., “SuperRepo”), and click “OK.” You should see that your chosen name is visible on this window, and now press the back button.enter the name for media source
    6. Now return to the Settings window. If you are on another window, return to the window by clicking the cogwheel icon on the home screen. Click Addons.cog icon in kodi for settings
    7. Choose “Install from zip file” and select “SuperRepo” (or the name you assigned).install from zip file
    8. On your screen, you’ll see a zip file. Select the zip file to initiate the installation of the Super repository. Once the process concludes, you’ll receive a notification in the top right corner confirming the successful installation of the source media name for superrepo from the list
    9. Choose the option “ Install from repository” from the same screen.install from repository
    10. Open the Super repo you installed moments ago and select video addons.super repo in kodi
    11. Find Alluc and Install: Locate “Alluc” in the list, click on it, and press the “Install” alluc
    12. Wait for the “Addon Enabled” notification indicating Alluc has been installed. (just as shown in the picture, the same notification will appear when you download alluc)addon enabled notification
    13. Return to the main menu and find the Alluc addon under “Video addons.”main menu kodi
    14. Open Alluc and Enjoy. Launch the Alluc addon, and you’re ready to enjoy streaming on alluc

Follow these steps precisely, and you should have Alluc successfully installed Alluc on Kodi.

What are the Common Errors for Alluc Addon?

While Alluc is an excellent resource for TV series and movies, mistakes sometimes occur. Here are three typical issues, along with solutions:

Login Errors for Alluc

After installing the software and agreeing to the disclaimer, you can get login difficulties while attempting to visit Alluc.

login error

The error usually appears when you still need to validate your email address or your account was not correctly registered.


Visit the Alluc accounts website at to sign up, and ensure you click the confirmation link in the email to finalize registration. Most login errors are caused by an unconfirmed email.

No Results Found Error

This error message appears when looking for a show, even when no results exist.

no result found error

There may occasionally be no material available for the entered search phrase.


Check for spelling errors in your search query and try different terms. You can also visit the Alluc website at to double-check search results outside of Kodi.

Install a Dependency Failure

Installing addons from several sources may result in this common Kodi issue. The message suggests that the necessary plugin files were not downloaded.

fix dependency errors in kodi


Deactivate repositories that are no longer in use since older ones may result in installation issues. Using the Indigo addon, you can also use Kodi cache rejuvenation to fix dependency problems.

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What should you do if Alluc is not working?

Don’t panic if you discover the Alluc addon needs to load streaming sources or work correctly. You can fix the problem and get it operating again by doing a few easy actions.

  1. First, make sure your device is connected to the internet. Alluc cannot retrieve streams without an internet connection. connect to wifi
  2. Restart Kodi after that to check if it works. Sometimes, minor bugs can be fixed by restarting.restart kodi
  3. Should the issue persist, consider deleting the Kodi cache. Navigate to Player> Settings > Clear Caches. Getting rid of outdated temporary files might resolve issues.clear cache
  4. Verify that the login for your Alluc account is still active as well. To confirm, go to the Alluc website and log in. If necessary, update your API key in the Kodi addon settings. Also, there’s a chance that there are problems with the Alluc servers. Look for announcements about any outages on their website or Twitter. When everything returns to normal, wait a little and try again later.update api key
  5. Try uninstalling or upgrading the Alluc addon itself as a final resort. Occasionally, playing streams becomes problematic due to an old version. Check Addons to check if there is also an update available.uninstall alluc addon

Common Alluc issues should be solved by exercising patience and following these easy procedures gradually. Remain composed; if it’s still not working, take a break and try again later.

For further assistance or troubleshooting on “How to add Alluc to Kodi,” feel free to seek support.

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How do I put addons on my Kodi?

To install addons on your Kodi, go to the Addons section, choose 'Install from repository' or 'Install from the zip file', and select the addon package.

How do I add a repository to Kodi?

To add a repository, navigate to System > Settings > Addons> Install from the zip file. Choose the URL or local file for the repository zip package.

How do I find movies on the Kodi app?

You can search or browse movies in the Videos section of Kodi. Some add-ons like Exodus or Alluc allow you to find movies through their interface.

How do I clear my cache on Kodi?

To clear cache data, go into Settings > Player > Clear Caches. Clearing the cache can help with performance or playback issues.


Congratulations on successfully installing the Alluc addon on your Kodi system, following our brief tutorial on how to add Alluc to Kodi. Now, to enhance your streaming experience further, let’s discuss the straightforward process of installing Kodi on Windows easily.

Whether you’re a seasoned Kodi user or a beginner, having Kodi on your Windows system opens up a world of entertainment possibilities. Please get in touch with us if you encounter any issues during the installation or have questions about navigating through Kodi.

Spend less time on setup and more time enjoying your favorite TV series and films across Alluc’s vast content collection. Explore and find something exciting to watch on Alluc now!

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