How to Install Aftershock on Kodi – [Complete Guide]

Aftershock is a well-known Kodi add-on. It enables access to various content, including movies, TV shows, live sports, and more. This post will guide you on How to install Aftershock on Kodi.  It includes any prerequisite steps and troubleshooting advice.

Activate Kodi Krypton. Visit Addons. On the top left of the screen, select the Addons icon. The “Aftershock” repository must first be added to Kodi’s “Add-ons” section. Continue with the option to install from a zip file. Selecting the Aftershock add-on is possible. The installation procedure can be finished by clicking “Install.”

This article will benefit anyone wishing to enrich their Kodi experience with fresh and interesting content. The article will offer detailed directions and troubleshooting advice. Additionally, it can assist you in better understanding Kodi and how to maximize its potential.

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Various ways for installing Aftershock on Kodi

Listed below are ways to install Aftrshock on Kodi.

Kodi add-on from GitHub Repository

There are various ways to install the Aftershock Kodi add-on. One of the more popular ones is to use the add-on’s GitHub repository. The method for this is as follows:

  1. Access Kodi’s main menu by opening it.

kodi main menu2. System Settings can be chosen from the menu. Select Settings by clicking the gear symbol in the top left corner.

3. The Add-ons section is where you should activate “Unknown Sources.”

unkown sources

4. Select the File Manager option when you get back to the main menu.

file manager

5. The Add Source button should be clicked.

how to install aftershock on kodi add ons

6. Select the choice by clicking it in the “Add File Source” window.

how to install aftershock on kodi browse files

7. Click OK after entering the web address for the Aftershock Kodi add-on’s GitHub repository.

select aftershock

8. Click OK after naming the source “Aftershock.”

how to install aftershock on kodi add file source

9. Select the Add-ons option when you go back to the main menu.

10. An open box icon may be seen in the top-left corner.

how to install aftershock on kodi box icon

11. Decide to “Install from Zip File.”

install from zip file

12. Choose the earlier-added “Aftershock” source.

13. Wait for the installation to finish after choosing the file.


14. Pick “Install from Repository” as your action.

install from repository how to install aftershock on kodi

15. Decide to use “Aftershock Repo.”

kodi repos

16. Go to the Video Add-ons menu.

17. Then click Install after selecting the Aftershock add-on.

select install

18. After the installation, you can access the Aftershock add-on for Kodi by selecting Add-ons> Video Add-ons from the main menu.

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Via the Kodi add-on repository

A detailed tutorial on how to install Aftershock on Kodi via the Kodi add-on repository

  1. The settings icon is located in the upper left corner of the home screen. This is while Kodi is open.

settings how to install aftershock on kodi

2. Following choosing File Manager, you can then select “Add source.”

file manager how to install aftershock on kodi

3. Click “None” and input the URL in the “Add file source” window in its precise form.

add file source

4. Click OK after referring to the source as “Aftershock.”

ok click

5. Select Add-ons from the left sidebar on the Kodi home screen by returning there.add ons

6. At the upper left of the screen, select the package installer icon (the open box icon).

box icon how to install aftershock on kodi

7. Find and choose the “Aftershock” source you already added, then choose “Install from zip file.

install from zip file

8. Select a repository file with the name

aftershock repo

9. Await the installation of the repository.


10. Find and select the “Aftershock Add-on Repository,”. Choose “Install from repository.”


11. Click the “install” button after finding and selecting the Aftershock add-on.

aftershock add ons

12. Await the add-installation. At the top right of the screen, a message will show up.


13. On your Kodi, the Aftershock add-on has now been installed. It is accessible via the Kodi home screen’s Add-ons menu.

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Installation of Aftershock on Kodi using a Direct Link

There is a step-by-step tutorial on installing Aftershock on Kodi using a direct link.

  1. On your device, start by launching Kodi.

install kodi2. In the top left corner of the screen, select the settings icon (gear icon).

settings how to install aftershock on kodi

3. Choose File Manager as your selection.

file manager

4. The Add Source button is on the screen’s right side.

add source

5. Activate the option by clicking it in the Add File Source dialogue box.

add file source

6. Enter the aftershock repository’s direct link in the space given. You may get this connection by searching Google. Or by visiting the developer’s website.

add the link

7. Clicking the OK button will add the source.

click ok

8. Select Add-ons from the menu on the left after returning to the Kodi main screen.

add ons

9. On the screen’s upper left corner, click the package installer icon (the open box icon).

box icon

10. Choose “Install from Zip File.”

install from zip file

11. Find the Aftershock repository you added in step 6 and choose it.

12. Identify the repository.


13. Click the OK button to install the file.

aftershock repo

14. After the installation of repository, choose the Install from repository option.

install from repo pictures how to install aftershock on kodi

15. Select the Aftershock repository after finding it in the list.

select correct option

16. Find Aftershock by selecting Video add-ons and scrolling down.

video add ons

17. Selecting the Install option will allow you to install the add-on.

The Aftershock add-on can be found in Kodi’s Video add-ons section. It is now accessible, so you may access the stuff you want.

All these methods are based on how to install Aftershock on Kodi

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Without a repository, can I install Aftershock on Kodi?

You must add the Aftershock repository as a source in Kodi before you can install the Aftershock add-on. To access and set up the add-on, the repository is necessary.

Do you know of any additional Kodi repositories where I can download Aftershock?

The Aftershock add-on might be accessible for installation in various repositories. However, using the official Aftershock repository is advisable to guarantee that you are getting the most up-to-date and reliable version of the add-on.

Does installing Aftershock require a particular version of Kodi?

Kodi does not need to run on a certain version to install Aftershock. The add-on should work with the most recent Kodi release and earlier releases.

Does installing Aftershock on Kodi require any prerequisites?

Before installing Aftershock, you must have Kodi installed on your device and be able to add external sources to your Kodi configuration. Before installing Aftershock, you should change your Kodi settings to permit the installation of add-ons from unidentified sources.

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This article will assist you with How to install Aftershock on Kodi. These techniques are the simplest ways to install Aftershock on Kodi media player. You may now view movies conveniently and take in a variety of live performances from world networks.

It’s important to note that a VPN is advised when installing add-ons from unidentified sources to protect the connection and personal data.

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