There are numerous alternatives to the Roku remote available. The majority of them are the same. Looking for one is tricky. But we have made this list of some of the best roku universal remote.

Universal remotes can work seamlessly with Roku. To program a Roku remote, you can find a complete list of compatible remotes and the specific codes required for programming on the Roku website.

Some alternatives include Logitech Harmony Elite, Sofabaton, GE Universal Backlit Remote, and INT422 Inteset. They have their specific pros and cons, all mentioned below. Nonetheless, some are unique and provide cutting-edge features and convenience. We have included nearly all (though not all) of the Roku remote replacements available on the market in the list below.

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Types of Roku remote

Simple – Simple remote with Infrared alone. To function correctly, you must link directly to the gadget. There is no voice support or possibility for private listening.

Most aftermarket or third-party universal Roku remotes also fall under this category and are less expensive than genuine remotes.

universal remote

Roku Mobile –  This remote control is the most excellent free Roku remote since it has the most features. In addition to supporting voice, it also allows for private listening. You can even explore content and control several devices with it.

Voice – includes a built-in voice assistance microphone. You can direct it in any direction to operate the TV.

Enhanced – includes a headphone port for quiet listening and easy voice remote features.

Gaming –  Add motion control, the A/B gaming button, and the above functions.

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How to replace a Roku remote?

Roku remotes are linked with the appropriate hardware during manufacture. However, connecting new remotes to gadgets is easy; at least one of the following techniques should work. The following list of substitute Roku TV remotes for aftermarket or third-party devices reflects this. A lot of them need the sync/pair button. Check this out if you want a remote for your Roku TV. Continue reading to learn about the best Roku universal remote.

  • Place the remote close to the TV after replacing the batteries (or after removing and replacing batteries). That ought to pair by itself.remote close to tv
  • A pair/sync button is commonly found inside the charging port of upgraded remote controls. The pairing procedure must begin with the LED paired light turning on. Holding the button down for around 5 seconds will work. The Roku TV remote can be reset using the pair/sync button.
  • Use the Roku mobile app to connect to the device. The software can assist you in pairing a Roku control once you are online. The gadget should start hunting for nearby remotes after you find it and select Locate Remote.

The best Universal Roku 

We have presented the best Roku universal remote options. These options point you in the right direction whether you need to upgrade your remote control, replace a damaged Roku TV remote, or both.

The Logitech Harmony Elite 

Logitech is the industry leader in universal Roku remote controls. And Harmony Elite does not stand out. A 2.5-inch full-color touchscreen allows one-touch navigation of most system settings and operations. logitech Also, the integrated Harmony hub provides long-range control of your devices, even if hidden behind closed cabinets. Also, anybody in your house can control the remote using the Harmony app, which is accessible across both iOS and Android devices.


  • a touchscreen
  • Simple display
  • Charging contacts for convenient USB Port 


  • Expensive
  • Although simple, setup can be arduous.

Buy: Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote

INT422 Inteset

The Inteset INT422, a Roku universal remote, is an excellent decision if you prefer remote controls with a classic appearance. About 100,000 devices, according to the business, are supported by the remote. The remote’s construction feels sturdy in hand, and it has lighted buttons. inteset remoteIts Macro capability makes it simple to integrate up to 32 instructions into a single click. Yet, putting up complex commands can be more complicated than setting up simple ones.


  • Includes codes for streaming players.
  • Affordable


  • Unacceptable appearance Bulky

Buy: Inteset Int-422 Universal Remote

GE Universal Backlit Remote

Do you need a reasonable, affordable universal remote control for your Roku TV? You may be interested in the GE Backlit Universal Remote, a Roku-compatible remote. With five different color options, this lightweight remote has a stylish universal backlit Also, it will only take a few minutes to set up, and the supplied instructions are simple to understand. Sadly, the remote can only control four devices at once.


  • Find-it function
  • ready to use on Roku devices
  • easy to set up


  • Does not function with RF streaming devices such as Fire TV Sticks, Roku Streaming Sticks, or others.

Buy: GE Universal Backlit Remote

Universal Remote Attachment with Sideclick

The Sideclick adapter for Roku will function as one of the best Roku universal remotes without requiring you to give up your official Roku remote. Eight customizable buttons are included for your favorite operations, including power on/off, voice control, channel controls, and more.sideclick remote on hand Moreover, Sideclick is not just available on Roku, which is terrific news. You only need to purchase an additional adapter clip that works with that remote if you want to use it with another streaming device.


  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Widely compatible with various devices


  • Unfit for a Roku stick
  • For built-in Roku systems, not recommended
  • The Roku player must have a line-of-sight vision to function.

Buy: Universal Remote Attachment with Sideclick

Sofabaton U1 

Look at the Sofabaton U1 if you loved the Logitech Harmony Elite’s premium features but thought the price was too high. The universal Roku remote simultaneously supports up to 15 devices and is interoperable with over 500,000 products from 6,000+ brands.sofabutan remote Also, the setup is relatively easy with the official app. Turn on one of the app’s three connection modes—IR learning mode, IR, or Bluetooth matching—to quickly pair with your devices.


  • simple setup
  • OLED display with a maximum range of 50 meters. Scroll wheel design


  • not suitable for use with Roku TV, Roku Game, or Roku Sticks
  • Having no backlit buttons

Buy: Sofabaton U1 

What is the Roku Replacement control?

A Roku replacement remote can operate your Roku streaming device instead of the standard one. These can be used as a backup or extra remote and are frequently utilized when the primary Roku remote is misplaced or damaged.two roku remote on hand Therefore, we have curated this guide for you to choose the best universal Roku remote. 

Roku replacement remotes are available for the most popular Roku TV brands. You can utilize it to select material, browse menus, and enter text. It can also be used to silence the audio or change the volume.

Programing many universal remote controls to operate various gadgets is also possible. You can buy a choice of replacement remote controls online or at your neighborhood electronics store.

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Can we work with universal remotes for Roku?

Your Roku TV may be controlled by the remote that came with your television or satellite box, depending on its programming. Roku TV compatibility is also possible with a few universal and replacement remotes.

What is the hidden menu with Roku?

You can view your Roku device's WiFi connection details via the Wireless hidden menu. You can see details like channel information and signal strength.

Can Netflix be watched on Roku for free?

The Netflix app is available for free download. Still, to access Netflix's content, you must have a Netflix membership. There are no extras.

Does Roku have monthly fees?

Both utilizing a Roku device and watching free channels are free each month. Only pay for subscription channels like Netflix, cable substitutes like Sling TV, or rental services for movies and TV shows like Apple TV.


It can be unpleasant to constantly switch between several remote controls when using Roku and other connected devices. You should pick a universal remote from the list above to control Roku more effectively. The Logitech Harmony Elite is the best remote for Roku. And it’s worth the price you pay for it.

Generally, there is a wide range of universal remotes for Roku sticks and Televisions. While some are made explicitly for TCL Roku TVs, others are more universal and may be used with various Roku devices. The user must determine which kind of remote will best meet their needs. And then, choose one from the best Roku universal remotes list.

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